My Wife's Sex Drive was out of Control

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She was Desperately Horny
By: L.H.

I used to be married to a sexy blonde. She was much more experienced than I was but never told me any details about her sexual past. I paid 5000 dollars to get her some beautiful fake tits. We had great sex. I could always make her cum multiple times and she learned that she was a squirter with me. I am well above average in size 8 inch length and 5 girth but she told me about her ex who was the biggest she ever had and I became obsessed with the idea of her fucking other people.

I slowly got more stories out of her about her past and it turns out she was pretty wild and had many fuck buddy's and partners some of which I had met and shook hands with having no idea they had fucked my wife before we were married.

I ended up telling her how much it turned me on to think about her being a total slut and that I now routinely jacked off to the thought of her cheating. My wife was a pool player and spent a lot of time at the bars with and without me. I would always joke and encourage her to fuck whoever she wanted as long as she told me all the details and got permission first.

She never seemed to take it seriously but never completely dismissed the idea either. Then one day she asked me what I thought about her friend on her pool team. This guy always had a thing for my wife (most men do) I said I don't know. He didn't seem overly good looking to me or impressive in any particular way but I told her if she liked idea of fucking him and the moment was right it could be hot.

So the next pool night she was out late and I was at work. She was texting me updates and telling me he was definitely interested but we decided not to tell him that I knew about it. We wanted him to think she was cheating on me. Long story short she ended up calling me and letting me listen while he fucked her relentlessly for about an hour. It was one of the hottest experiences of my life.

After that night I couldn't stop thinking about that call and my wife seemed so excited about the whole thing. We started making plans to continue the experience and she was being open about the whole thing. She was going out constantly and staying out really late while I took care of the kids or worked (I worked night shift).

She started giving me fewer and fewer details and then started denying that she was fucking him at all. But I knew be her behavior and how much she was staying out at bars that she was fucking him all the time. she stopped having sex with me and didn't seem interested in me anymore. She started staying out all night and returning the next morning. I could smell the alcohol and I would find her bra or panties in the back seat of her car. She wasn't even trying to hide it anymore.

One time she came home drunk and got in bed with me. I had been up torturing myself thinking about what she might be doing and desperately horny. I wanted to fuck her so bad but I could tell she didn't really want to. We ended up fucking. I could tell her pussy was stretched and sore.

I was getting sloppy seconds and using his cum for lube as I fucked her. It was humiliating and hot at the same time. She still wouldn't admit the truth until later.



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