I Helped a Wife have her First Cheating Experience

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I Helped a Wife have her First Cheating Experience
By: Darren

I was working with this young woman, she was about 22 or so at the time, who was about to get married to this guy she had known for while. In the week before her wedding we, her work colleages, organised a night out to celebrate her impending nuptuals.

It was a good night and went on till around 12:30am. I didn't drink as I needed to drive home but she had a few and was a bit worse for wear, so she asked me to take her home. Once there she asked me in for coffee and said she wanted to keep the night going as she was having such a good time.

Up in her apartment we were just talking and she started on the subject of sex. Wanted to know if I'd ever had a one nighter and admitted to me she hadn't but really wondered what it was like. She'd heard mixed reports from her friends and was really curious about the subject. I talked to her about my experiences and then she just dropped it on me. She wanted to try it. In her words, not mine, she wanted me to give her a no strings attached fuck just for the experience before she got married.

I couldn't really believe it. This girl was just stunning to look at and a body to match. I asked her why me and that I didn't want to damage her relationship or our friendship. She agreed it wouldn't damage our relationship and she was not going to tell her fiance. Why me? She trusted me not to say anything and didn't want to do it with an absolute stranger.

Being a little drunk she displayed a bit of a potty mouth and admitted it was more about the feeling of just spreading her legs and being used by someone. This was apparently the core of her desire for a one nighter, Just the thrill of being slutty and wanting to know if she would feel dirty after it. She just wanted to experience it for herself.

Through our conversation, she talked about losing her virginity to some no hoper at 19 and how at 18 she and a friend, as a mutual dare, had gone skinny dipping with some boys from school. She said that the skinny dipping really made her feel sexy and that she enjoyed teasing the boys who were trying to see her pussy without being obvious. It was her sexual awakening and she told me how wet she got by lying back and giving them ocassional glimpses.

Needless to say I agreed to accommodate her request to load her up with a bit of foreign cock. How could I not. Poor girl needed to try it. So off we went.

To say the least she was even better than I imagined naked. She had the tighest body, beautiful firm breasts, and an absolutely amazing looking shaved pussy. I don't think it was really planned in advance on her part as she didn't have a condomn with her and nor did I.

We did it for about an hour, maybe a bit more before I let go the biggest load I think I have ever done. With that she said thanks, and asked me to leave.

Yes we have stayed friends and I can happily say I can recall every inch of that magnificant body. She has told me since that she remembers the feelings of being a tart that night and that the thought of being a dirty slut letting herself be used like that. She loves it and often recalls the feelings as she has sex with her husband.

Seemingly wants her husband to let her do it again, although he doesn't know about our experience. Still working on this one apparently but she's hopeful he will come around. If I get lucky and receive the call up I'll write in again.

What was really fascinating about all this was an article I read, after the event, which explored times when women are more suspectible to having a fling like this. To my amazement it said that the nervous tension in the lead up to weddings led to women doing this sort of thing and that it was not as uncommon as you expect.



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