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My GF never let Me
By: Balazar

My gf's (33) bull took her anal virginity about a week ago. I was really jealous as I always wanted to have anal sex with her, and especially be her first. They had talked about it and decided it was time to try as her vagina was a bit sore after toys and sex earlier. She did some cleaning back there and came out and was ready to try it.

She was in a white loose sleeveless shirt and black panties and they went to her bed and she got on all fours in front of him. He grabbed her shirt with his hands and pulled it up as she sat up and lifted her arms to let him take it off and he felt up her tits before pushing her back on all fours.

He hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down and off. She arched her back and stuck her ass out, presenting herself to him. I was already hard as he had a great view of her. He got the lube and started to work some in her hole as she gently moaned. He fingered her for a bit getting her ready and was applying more lube inside her over time. He took his clothes off and told me to get him ready and to do a good job for my girl. I got down and started sucking his dick to get him hard.

He worked his way up to two fingers and told her to take over as she spun around and took him into her mouth. When he was hard enough he told her to turn around and she let out a nervous giggle. He put his cock right at her hole but could not get it in. She sucked it some more and then they tried with her bent over the bed and him standing behind her, but still couldn't get it in. She then laid face down and he kicked her legs open and got between them and laid on top of her. Eventually she let out a cry and I knew he was in.

He said "shhh" as I saw him put more of his dick in her as she let out some more cries. She later told me it felt like getting split in two. He started working the first few inches in and out and told her that it's okay. He then pinned her arms beside her head as he went deeper and she let out more cries. Soon I could tell he was all in her ass and her cries turned to more of moans. He grabbed her tits from under her and told her to reach down and rub her clit. He continued to fuck her and picked up the pace as the slaps of him humping her ass picked up.

He had her turn onto his back as he wanted to see her face. He re-inserted himself and we both watched her face contort as her eyes closed and mouth opened and started gasping as his cock slid in her ass again. She didn't let out cries this time but moaned. He took her legs onto his shoulders and continued to fuck her, picking up the pace. He then folded her as he grabbed her around her neck/cheeks and told her to look at him as he lightly choked her. They made eye contact as she was gasping and moaning with her mouth open. They fucked like that for a bit until he got up and told her to come here.

He stood by the edge of the bed and had her get on all fours again and she arched her back and stuck her ass out. He grabbed her hips and slid in easier as she moaned as he entered her again. She was now humping him back as they got into a rhythm. He grabbed her hair and pushed her head down and pulled her hair back and smacked her ass. Then he made her look at me and tell me that he fucks her better. He pulled her up and groped her tits and pulled her hair back so he could look at her face. He rubbed her clit for a bit and groped her tits with the other hand and then wrapped his hand around her neck.

He asked if she liked his cock in her ass and she said yes. He then pushed her back down on all fours and started fucking her fast and hard until he let out a big thrust and grunt as he came in her ass. He thrusted a few more times and went as deep as he could as I could hear his balls slapping her pussy. Eventually he pulled out and told me that I knew what to do as my gf laid down on her stomach panting and I cleaned his cock. It felt so dirty going ass to mouth.

He got dressed and left and I laid next to my gf and asked her how it was. She said it was intense. I asked if she enjoyed it and she said she did. She seemed a bit off and later I found out why. I asked if she wanted me to clean her and she said yes and she rolled over and I spread her cheeks. Her asshole was stretched and had cum and lube in and around it. I cleaned her by licking her asshole and got some tissues to wipe her asshole and crack with.

She went to the bathroom and got some more lube and cum out that was deeper on the toilet as I listened in. She came out and put her shirt and panties back on and we cuddled, although she still seemed a little off. I ended up jerking off as I replayed what just happened in my head.



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