Cuckolded in Las Vegas


Belinda Shocks John in Vegas      Cuckold Story

BY: Benilda

We took a short trip to Las Vegas and had laid the ground work to have 2 different couples to meet over the weekend. One sounded a little too interested in "Ken and Barbie" types, but we chatted quite a bit before the trip and they sounded very interested in meeting us so we were to call when we got in town Friday night.

The other couple sounded a lot more down to earth. She was a cute, no make-up type, just like me. He gave the impression of being very relaxed and open to new ideas like John. Our plan was to meet up with them Saturday afternoon.

Both were interested in full swap, bi for the girls, and maybe even letting the girls take full charge. This was going to be a great weekend.

Except that none of that worked out, and we had an even better weekend than we thought we had planned.

Friday evening, we called the first couple from the car as we left the Vegas airport. No answer, so we left a message.

After we checked in at the Rio, we tried calling again. This time the phone never rang before the voice mail picked up so we knew that someone was on the phone. We left another message with both the cell number and the number to the room. After a while in the casino, we went to the business center and used a computer to sign on line and checked our e-mail. There was a message blowing us off that had been left just 5 minutes before. They didn't even show us the kindness to call either number.


That was really frustrating. We were in Vegas to swing, not gamble. But, that sent us down to the casino for the evening knowing that we still had plans with the other (kinder) couple for the next day. John was at the tables, I was playing the slots. After he lost enough, he came looking for me, and I was losing too. He played the machine next to mine and won a thousand dollars on the very first play.

Well, we celebrated that for a while, and then I gave up on my machine while his was still giving him small to medium winners so he stayed. I wandered around and tried a few machines with no luck.

Then I saw HIM. This guy was hot. Thin, strong, hair past his shoulders, and looks that were like a magnet. So I chose the machine next to him.

Every now and then he would say something to me about his machine or small win and I did the same. We eventually were talking more than playing our machines. He asked if I wanted a drink in the bar and, from out of nowhere, I came up with the guts to say that I really wanted something more, but there were a couple of problems.

First, I was married. Second, I wanted to get it on with him. Third, I wanted my husband to watch. Fourth, John and I had never been with a single guy before. Fifth, my husband didn't know what I was proposing. Sixth, we would have to go meet him and see if he was interested.

Then Sam (my hunk and slot mate) said he had a couple of problems too. Number one, he is not bi so he wanted me only, and was uncomfortable with the idea of doing a threesome. And, number two, he only had till midnight when he had to get to the airport for his flight home.

It was 9PM.

John and I had talked about threesomes before and he had seen me with guys from the couples we knew, but we had never even crossed the subject of me picking some guy up. But, before Sam and I had decided to go to talk with him, John showed up at my side to show me a second $1,000 he had won on the same machine.


We were celebrating again when Sam high-fived John, which surprised John somewhat because he was a complete stranger. Until I said, " This is Sam, we've been flirting while playing, and if it's OK with you, I want to take him up to our room and fuck him while you watch".

You should have seen his jaw drop.

You also should have seen the tent that instantly grew in his pants. It showed. There was no way to hide it. And, then to make it even better........Sam grew one too and his was so big that no one could miss it.

Seconds later I was walking through the casino with a man on each arm. And both of them had their pants tented fully which was both embarrassing and exciting for them. And, people did notice. One cocktail waitress even said "You go girl." as we went past.

Once in the room, Sam and I kissed while our hands were all over each other. John sat in a chair and pulled his pants down, put some lotion in his hand and went to town. Within minutes Sam was going down on me while I was still pulling his and my clothes off. Through his pants I had felt a huge cock.

Once I got his clothes off, I saw the biggest cock of my life. He was real thick. He had the exact same shape of dick that John had but it was twice as wide and almost twice as long. It was like John's had been blown up in a photocopier. His dick was well over 12 inches. And he wasn't all that big a guy otherwise.

Well, this just wouldn't do. I wasn't willing to waste time on the great head he was giving me if I could be filled with that monster of his. I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him up asking him to fuck me.

He did. And, he did. And, he did some more.

It did hurt just a little. But that was only at first. I am happy to report that a pussy will stretch to fit the occasion. Make that, very happy.

Of course we had condoms with us, so that wasn't a problem. He made me come hard. And loud, which was a real treat for John. And then he came in me, and came, and came.

When he rolled off me I reached for his dick and the condom broke at the first touch. There was a flood of semen on his lap and the bed. He cleaned up a little. John did too, cuz he had cum in his own lap while watching.

And then Sam explained that he hadn't cum for months. Apparently he is the only guy in the world who doesn't beat off when there is no woman in his life. He was apologizing, I was saying thank you. But that wasn't all.

He was still as hard as before he came. We did it again and he moved us from one position to another for an hour before he came again. John came twice during this time and I came more times than I ever had in a single night.

But, time was up. Sam was going to be late for his flight. We gave him a ride to the airport and he was gone from our lives.

That was one big WOW for a night that we had been blown off by a couple who were probably to uppity for us anyway. My first pick-up. Our first single guy. My biggest dick ever. The first time I had ever seen a condom break AFTER it was no longer needed.



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