Slut Wife Goes Wild


First Time Being a Slut Wife       Cuckold Story

BY: Wendy

This happened before I met my husband Derrick. I was in college and dating this guy I met in a club that had had this huge cock at was at least 10 inches. It was really big and I fell in love with it. He was a bit of a jerk and liked to dominate me in bed and elsewhere, but I kind of liked that too. It started out with him liking me to dress real sexy. I would wear tight fitting, low cut blouses and short, short minis for him. He picked me out the tiniest bikini we could find and liked me to wear it at the beach and at the river.

It was a thong bikini that barely covered my pussy, and showed off my tits and nipples. Then at the river he would want me to flash his friends and other guys. He would get behind me and pull down my bikini top or pull over my thong to flash my pussy to them. It was always in fun though. Then he started wanting me to run around in my lingerie in front of his room mates.

We would be in his bedroom fucking really hard and loud. When we where done, he would send me out to the kitchen in my thong panties and skimpy lace bra to get some beers. He got a kick out of showing me off and part of me liked teasing the other guys and showing off myself. Anyways, this kind of stuff got pretty common and he would massage my tits in front of his room mates while we would be kicking back watching TV or something.

Then one night, he and his two room mates and me were watching TV. Me and Eric where on the couch, and he was playing with my tits. I was laying with my head in his lap and I noticed him getting hard. I looked up at him and smiled because I knew I was in for it that night. Then he asked me if I wanted to suck it. He said it pretty loud so his friends could hear too.


I figured he was up to his usual tricks and said off course I did. Then he asked me if I wanted to suck it right there. I laughed and said sure, and kind of gave it a playful bite though his jeans, laughed again and sat up ready to go to his room. But then he shocked me. He told me to get down on the floor in front of him. He told me that I was going to suck his fat cock in front while Jeff and Max watched. I kind of laughed again but say that he was serious. He stood up, unzipped his pants and pulled it out right there. I was frozen. I couldn't believe it. He said it again, kind of forceful this time. I sat there for what seemed like 10 minutes but probably was only 30 seconds and then I just slid my body to the floor in front of him. I looked up and him and that huge cock of his. Then I felt myself move forward toward his cock real slowly. I had my eyes closed now and moved my head until I felt it touch my face. Then to my own surprise, I just devoured it. It felt and tasted so good. I was hungry for it now and was licking and sucking as much of it into my mouth as I could.

I looked over at his two room mates and saw the big smiles on there faces. It made me feel so horny and dirty looking into there eyes with his fat cock in my mouth. I kept looking at them and continued to work up and down on his cock, trying to suck as much of it as I could. Then Eric reached down and pulled my blouse off me and undid my bra. I felt my tits fall free and pulled my arms down to let my bra fall off. I looked over again at Jeff and Max and they were playing with their cocks through their pants. This made me even more horny because I think at that point I knew what was really coming. Eric started talking about what a great cock sucker I was. Then he asked Jeff when the last time he had a good BJ was? Jeff said something about too long and then Eric did it. He offered me up to Jeff for me to suck his cock. Jeff got up and came over next to me. He pulled his cock out in front of me. Eric told me to suck it, saying he knew I wanted more cock.

He said, "I know you want to suck it, don't you?"

I looked up and him and said yes, I want it. That all it took. The next thing I knew Max as behind me pulling down my shorts and panties. They stood me up real quick to pull off my shorts, panties and shoes and then Eric told them to get me down on the ground doggie style. Max jumped down in front of me, kind of pulled my head up and pushed his cock into my mouth. I felt Eric or Jeff pulling and squeezing my tits and nipples real rough like. Then I felt a cock push into my pussy from behind. It was Jeff, I could tell because of how big Eric's cock was. My pussy was soaked by then and he entered me quick and started fucking me real hard. I could hear Eric telling them to fuck that little slut hard. That was the first time he or anyone else had ever called me that. At that moment though I liked it and to this day I like to be called a slut while I'm getting fucked hard like that. It makes me think of this gang bang every time I'm called that in bed.

After that it was a free for all. They just took turns fucking me over and over again. Nobody had condoms on either so they ended up cumming inside my pussy or on my face or ass or back, I'm not sure. I do know that they fucked me for about an hour straight, over and over again. When they were done with me I just lay on the floor for about twenty minutes, weak from getting fucked and full/covered with cum. I ended up walking into his room and collapsing on his bed until morning.

The next day I still had cum dripping out of my pussy, my hair stiff with cum, my pussy and jaw kind of sore. I took a shower, felt a little better and had breakfast with all of them. The smiles on their faces and them talking about it got me horny again, and I ended up having Eric fuck me again before I left. That was the only time it happened and I broke up with him about six weeks later.

Too this day though, it still gets me super horny thinking about what I did, what they did to me, all the cum and cocks and how they took me and used me and how slutty it was gets me turned on. I hope it turns you on too.

Wendy & Derrick



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