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BY: Jerry Owen

This is my first posting of a story so if I don't mention all of the details, it is because I am new at this, and also what happened last night.

To start my wife Cheryl is in her late 40's and is 5' 2" tall and weighs 110 pounds with light brown hair. Her measurements are 36 24 37. I on the other hand just turned 50 and am 5' 9" and weigh 159 pounds with balding patches and a 6" dick. We have been married 10 years this month as it is a second marriage for both of us.

Last night we had a pool party for friends, neighbors and co-workers and all went well until someone suggested a wet tee shirt contest and to my surprise all of the women agreed to participate. Cheryl was the first to pull off her bra and then put her tee shirt back on in front of everyone there. What a surprise for me as she told me she had only had sex with one other man in her life and that was her first husband.

Bill, one of Cheryl's co-workers, ran to the pool closet got a bucket and doused the front of Cheryl's shirt with water and her nipples stuck out like they were going to split the material. Bill then announced that he was going to be the master of ceremony and the judge of the contest while the other women were pulling off their tee shirts as well. In a little over 5 minutes we had over a dozen women, ( some past their prime ) standing around with their tits on display. All of the men, with me included, applauded the courage of these women and then the judging began and, as you might have guessed, Bill chose Cheryl as the winner.

Cheryl asked, " what does the winner get for a prize ?" and Bill said, "she can have public sex here with any man of her choosing". I about dropped my teeth when Cheryl said, " okay Bill drop your swimtrunks and let's get to it."

Both Bill and Cheryl moved into the family room which adjoins the pool and began to disrobe, kissing each other and winding up in a 69 position! Now, I noticed that Bill was about 8 or 9 inches long and almost as big around as a soda can and I wondered how in the world Cheryl was going to take that tool as sometimes she is tight even with me. I should have put a stop to what was happening but I was beginning to get aroused watching my wife and her co-worker on the floor going at it like two dogs in heat. When Cheryl said she was ready, she rolled over on her back and with one hand holding her cunt lips apart, Bill took his other hand and in one smooth motion sank the length of his prick all the way to the balls and with no KY jelly to help it glide in.

Suddenly Bill was fucking and thrusting like he was in a race to finish, when Cheryl asked him to slow down and pull out. I again thought that was the end of it, but she then told him to lie on his back and she mounted him very slowly so that all of us could see his entire dick sinking into her warm pussy and she was taking it all with no trouble.


When Bill shouted that he was cumming Cheryl said, "wait I'm almost there and I want to cum with you." Meanwhile I went running to get a towel to clean them up and to protect our new carpet. When I got back in the room Bill's cum was running over his balls and on to the carpet and as Cheryl raised up you could see the dripping from her wet snatch. They took the towel and asked how everyone enjoyed the show.

All of the men applauded, and the women were smiling from ear to ear. I must have had a tent pole sticking out of the front of my swim trunks, because Cheryl said, "I guess you liked watching that, didn't you Jerry?"

I had to admit to everyone there that I did in fact love it even though I was shocked and embarrassed to have been cuckoled for the first time ever.

Cheryl then proposed a new game and this one was to have all of the men drop their swim trunks and with their wives blindfolded they were to try and identify their own husbands just by a feel. Cheryl said she would be the judge of this contest, but that I had to participate as she was going to blindfold all of the women with about a dozen handkerchiefs and I was to have the men move from their original positions so that the wives wouldn't remember where each husband had been standing.

The judging went quickly with nobody calling out my name, but a couple of the women called out other men's names even when they were feeling their own husbands dicks, probably just for fun. As the game ended two of the women tied for picking their own husbands and then they wanted to know what they had won. Cheryl said, " you two can pick any man here and let's have a little 3-way in front of the group".

I fully expected the women to decline, but instead they picked me and of all times for me to go soft, I just couldn't get an erection with everyone watching me. How embarrassing, I should have taken a Viagra but there was no time for that now, and Jeff one of my buddies said he would take my place and the women agreed.

Now Jeff has the largest, at least the longest dick that I had ever seen as it must have been at least 11" or longer. The women had him lie down while one of them mounted his dick and the other woman sat on his face. When they had cum they switched places and let Jeff get his rocks off. Now this time I didn't get a towel as the carpet was already wet.

That was the end of the games and everyone went home except for Bill who said he would stay and help us clean up. Well here we were all naked vacuuming and sweeping up and picking up glasses etc. when suddenly I noticed that Cheryl and Bill were not in the room with me.

By this time I figured out they were probably in the bedroom making out and was I ever right ! I found Cheryl on her back and Bill pounding away for all he was worth. Now, I thought I should have some relief so I put my dick against Cheryl's mouth and while she tried to suck me she was bouncing so hard I kept slipping out and in the end I just gave up.

By this time Bill and Cheryl had both cum again and they went into the shower and washed each other as I sat on the edge of the toilet and watched. Bill then left to go home and Cheryl and I had our first conversation about what had happened. Cheryl told me that she was a nympho and that she and Bill had cooked up the fun and games to see how I would react and they were glad that I was such a good sport.

Cheryl and I then fucked for the next hour or so until she claimed she was getting sore and had to stop. We agreed to talk about it some more this morning but she left for work early and we didn't have time. I am now wondering if she and Bill are having a quickie in the supply room at the office, but it may just be my imagination.

I still don't know how to react to this when Cheryl gets home tonight so if any of you men or women out there have any suggestions for me please let me hear from you.

Jerry Owen

Clearwater, Florida



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