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Cuckold for a Porn Star Girlfriend       Cuckold Story

BY: Johnl

The woman of my dreams Erica turned out to be a porn star. I did not know it when I met her until the 2nd month of our courtship. As my feelings were becoming strong for her and the chemistry seemed right, I was confronted with a tough dilemma; the relationship could not proceed without a full understanding as she put it.

“John, I have not been completely honest with you. I have been in the porn industry for 3 years and as such, you need to know this and accept me for who I am and understand that I will not give up my career”. Devastated to say the least, I was crushed. We had not even had intercourse yet and she’s been fucking lord knows how many guys! My stomach was in a knot, I felt sick. Erica put her arms around me as we sat on the couch; I was on the verge of tears.

“I love you John but if I told you up front the relationship would have been based on sex with no real intimacy. I don’t love these guys I work with, it’s just a job. You are the one I love”. It felt good to hear but really did not seem to make much of a difference.

“Show me your movies Erica, I want to see them!” She looked so worried. She just sat there for half a minute then grabbed my hand and walked me to the bedroom. She opened the video cabinet told me to pick one. I was blown away; there must have been 300 movies in there. “Christ! Are all these of you?” Yes they are John, what can I say but I am in demand.

“Fine, pick out your favorite one and show me what you do best dear”. She grabbed Cumslut Queen #5. I looked at the cover; I counted 9 guys surrounding her in a circle jerk.

She put the movie in and we sat up in the bed and began watching. I was amazed. I had not even seen her naked during our courtship and she is completely nude in the first 3 minutes in the movie. I don’t know why but my cock did not get hard until I seen her take the first cock in her mouth. Erica noticed my bulge and put her hand on it. God I was getting horny. Mixed emotions of betrayal, seeing others enjoy something I have never been able to enjoy, wanting to sample it myself and the thoughts of a relationship that is hinging on this very moment.


After about 5 minutes of watching her take two guys to orgasm in her mouth I was willing to do anything to keep this relationship alive. “Tell me more about this job of yours, how do you keep clean when they don’t wear condoms and cum into your mouth and pussy?” She told me about the tight knit circle of about 19 guys who only have sex with the same people over and over, get tested each week and only use condoms for outsiders, one night stands and people they date”. Does this go for the women as well I asked. “Yes John, if we take this relationship further, you must wear a condom every time”. I was pissed to say the least. It just did not seem fair.

“I don’t want to lose you babe, I think I can get through this part of the relationship”. Erica smiled and told me to get undressed and join her under the sheets. I was happy, at least horny enough to think I was happy.

After about six months of furthering our relationship I asked for Erica to marry me. “John, I have been thinking about something for a long time and have discussed it at length with my team at work and they agree we can make a lot of money if you are willing. How about if you join us in the movies”. I said yes without hesitation. “Not so fast, you would play the role of a Cuckold husband”. I was naïve to the expression. “What the hell is a Cuckold?” Erica explains that a Cuckold husband is one who is denied sex, watches his wife have sex with other men and often uses his mouth to keep the action hot, drink their cum, clean my pussy between different guys, sucks cock and can even include taking it in the ass. “Damn, I ain’t gay woman! What the fuck makes you think I would want to do this?”

“John, you’re so uptight. In the end it is all a matter of degrees. Just how many times do I have to brush my teeth after blowing another man before it is ok to kiss you? Or how about my pussy, nine loads of cum inside me from a shoot on the set and you end up making love to me and eating my pussy later that same day. You’ve tasted cock and sperm, just the quantity and length of time between them and you is the only difference”.

I thought about it, she was right. I have often tasted their cum residue and never commented to her about it. Secretly I was turned on by it. “John, you are a good looking man and there are hardly any men out there who do these movies. We could make a killing on the profits. Why don’t you just try it once, one movie ok?”

Alright I said, but I reserve the right to stop at any time during the shoot, I told her. She picked up the phone and called her boss and told him that I would do one movie. She told me to be ready to work tomorrow with her. I had a hard time sleeping that night, I kept thinking about what lay ahead.

The next day we drive to the set, she is all smiles and seems excited beyond the usual. Me? I have butterflies like you would not believe. At the studio we all take a shower together to ensure we are clean. I am told to put my swim trunks back on because I will not be getting laid. Then I am told that as a precaution I must wear a set of special wrist cuffs that are attached to the hips of the leather belt I am wearing. I am told it is routine because some guys freak out and begin fighting. I am told that all I have to do is shout my safe word “Baby” and the action will stop. I ask why baby and I am told that if each person has a unique safe word the crew will never remember. Makes sense to me.

I am told to walk to the bed and lay down on it with my head at the edge. Erica straddles my shorts and puts her hands on my hips and say’s “Relax and go with it. Don’t think about anything except the very moment. If you begin thinking forward you will get your head messed up and begin to panic. Just concentrate on what you are told to do, no matter who say’s it”. I agree that I will try to make it all work out.

Action! Erica calls the first one forward to her and she leans forward over my head and opens her mouth to receive his cock, hell I don’t even know this guy’s name and all I can see is his nuts above my face as my girlfriend sucks his cock. My cock is dead limp; obviously this is not working out as I thought. Some saliva leaves her lips and lands near my lips. Snap! Back to reality, I am in a helpless position and watching a cock and balls gyrate about 15 inches above me. She is dry humping me, I am mesmerized by the motion of her crotch and mouth and his swinging balls. She takes it out of her mouth and he squats down as Erica places her hands on the sides of my forehead and tilts my head back, my mouth opens automatically. This seems so rehearsed I’m thinking. Oh shit, her it comes. His hands slid under my neck as his thumbs rest on my throat. “Keep those lips puffy and tight on my cock because if I feel teeth, your going to feel my thumbs!” Then it happened, his cock slid into my mouth. I fought the gagging sensation. It was so hard and seemed huge. The scent of his cock and balls was intoxicating. I felt helpless like a young whore.

And before you know it, the action became more and more deliberate with his stroking. I had a hard time breathing, especially when he would stop on the deep plunges into my mouth. After about 3 minutes which seemed like and eternity he pulled out and gave an approval. “Damn Erica, he’s a fucking natural! Where did you get this guy?”

“I always thought he was a born Cuckold, he just did not know it”. It felt weird but I actually liked the compliment. Then he moved onto the bed and entered her pussy as she backed up a little to make room for him. I thought I was done and began to roll over and up when I hear “Oh hell no, I got to have me some of this” and just like that I felt a man’s hands on my shoulders and he rolled me back over and said “use your mouth like a cunt and get me hard bitch. I want to feel your lips and tongue dance on my balls.”

Next thing I know, he is holding his semi-hard cock and he lowers his balls into my mouth. I am so confused, I feel ashamed and excited at the same time. His balls are so warm; the scent of his crotch makes my cock hard. Erica notices and tells the crowd “Look, he has a fucking hardon. I knew he would be enjoying this”. The guys all cat-call me names and then someone came over and pulled off my shorts to show everyone my average cock.

Finally after a few minutes of licking his balls and gentle sucking of his cock he was hard and he told me to get up and sit on the floor with my back to the bed on my knees so he can watch Erica fuck while I suck his cock. I do as I am told. And begin working his rod for all it is worth. Suddenly I feel his hands tightly on the back of my head and I sense he is going to explode his load of cum into my mouth. “Oh shit, I’m coming” I hear him say. All I can think is I am not ready for this. He pulls his cock back toward my lips as the first squirt rockets into the back of my mouth. My reflex is to gag but Erica tells me to focus and do not spill a drop, she wants to see it when he finishes. This guy shoots five heavy squirts, seems like a mouthful, I can hardly take it anymore. He pulls out and shouts “DAMN, THAT WAS THE BEST FUCKING BLOWJOB I HAVE EVERY HAD”. Erica tells me to turn around and tilt my head back so she can see it. I do this and she smiles and say’s “good boy, swallow it all and get ready for more”. I start swallowing but the stuff just does not want to go down. I ask for water and they tell me no way, you got to taste it all the way down.


Next thing I know, guy number three wants his cock hard fast because the first guy is about to shoot his load and he has to be ready to take his place. I open and take his limp cock in my mouth and begin working it. I hear Erica moaning in the background as the first guy unloads into her cunt. The camera men reposition to get a close-up of his cock leaving her pussy. “Help, hold my legs up!” I hear Erica say. Two guys rush over to pull her legs up so her pussy can hold the cum.

“Oh lover boy, get over here and clean up this mess right now, and you can start with cleaning his cock”. I wiggle over in my restrictive cuffs and open my mouth to receive his cock; it only takes about 30 seconds to clean it up real good. Then he pulls off and I turn around to see her pussy up in the air. Erica tells me to lay down so she can straddle my face and let it drip into my mouth. After I am in position she is assisted by two guys who lift her over me and then she puts her hand down on her pussy and manipulates it to get the good stuff out. I open my mouth and place my tongue on her open pussy. Man, this guy has the whitest and thickest cum I have ever seen. It starts out rather fast and then seems to increase in speed as it runs from her wet pussy. I work my tongue, lips and mouth naturally. Again I want to gag. She grinds into my face. “Get it all baby, get it all”.

Finally this load is down the hatch. Wham, I hear hands smack onto her ass and adjust her hips. I don’t know who but someone just straddled my head and plans on fucking her doggy style over my face. “Dude, I want to feel your cum soaked lips and tongue on my balls and shaft while I fuck your woman!” I did not answer. Suddenly Erica grabs my balls which are right below her and she moderately squeezes them. “Answer the man bitch!” “Yes, Yes, I will suck your balls and dick”.

And that is exactly what happened next. Her pussy resting on my nose, my tongue gliding across his shaft as it went in and out. Sometimes he would push forward so his balls would be in position and for the next five minutes all I did was provide lubrication for the two of them.

I could sense he was about to cum when I heard Erica say “Suck his balls John, he is going to cum”. I opened my mouth and tried my best to get them in my mouth. It was such a weird yet exciting emotion to feel his nuts in my mouth when he was cumming in my woman’s pussy”. I could hear his approval. He was tremendously satisfied. His nuts seemed to shrink up when he came and his movements and my mouth seemed made for each other.

“Get ready Bitch, put that tongue on my cock as it pulls out and then drink up”. He slowly pulled out and my tongue scrapped the clinging cum from his shaft. Finally it was out and right afterward was a hot, slippery, yellowish clear fluid that was a mixture of their love potion. It poured right into my mouth. Some of it missed but Erica did not seem to mind. The camera man said it was an awesome shot. My face was caked with man juice.

Erica rubbed her beaver into my face to really smear it around. Then she spun around and licked it off. She told me I was awesome and was so proud of me. Then she said something I will never forget. I want your cuffs off and your cock in me. I was delighted and the staff unhooked me and wham! I was on her. My cock plunged deep into her sloppy wet pussy. It felt so good. It was also the first time I had ever felt her pussy without a condom. I was really pounding her hard. As she lay under me she pulled my ass cheeks apart with her hands. It was exciting to feel that tension there on my out stroke. As I was getting within a couple minutes of cumming she stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes and said “I love you so much, don’t resist, and go with it. I promise I will love you forever” and then she leaned forward for me to kiss her again.

As our tongues danced in each others mouth as I felt movement on the bed behind us and much to my surprise if felt some dude playing quarterback with my ass. I started to squirm but Erica pulled my hips into her and pulled my cheeks apart as I felt someone’s hand grease up my ass. Then as his cock touched my hole, she relaxed her grip and whispered to fall into her and focus on relaxing. I tried but the tension on my ass was so strong. He was patient but after five minutes he finally got it all in. Oh what a feeling. I felt helpless and weak. As it became easier I found out that my cock was still very hard and his thrusting pushed me into Erica. All three of us were in unison. I could tell he was getting ready to cum. His thrusts were faster, the head of his cock seemed hotter, and then the most powerful sensation hit me. I felt total submission as he released his load into my ass. His balls slapping into mine. Erica was smiling the biggest grin I had ever seen, she had tears in her eyes and I felt so emotional. I was mentally exhausted. The guy who seemed to own me pulled out. And with synchronicity, another took his place. This one seemed to just slide right back in.

And there we were, right back at it with a fresh buck hitting the backside. I felt totally free. My mouth still had a strong taste of cum, I could smell it and my ass was very loose. As I was being ridden on all fours with Erica below me another guy came around and told me to suck his cock. So I did, it became real easy at this point. I was such a turn on, his cock in my mouth, another pounding my ass and Erica looking up and playing with his balls. He pulled out and began jacking off with Erica sucking his nuts. He told me to open wide and take his semen. I opened my mouth and he seemed to get more on the face than inside the mouth. Damn this guy had a load to shoot. I don’t know if it was genetics or the fact that she was sucking his nuts while he jacked off into my face but I have never seen that much cum since a Peter North movie. When he finished I swallowed and leaned forward for Erica to lick the cum off my face. As we kissed and she licked I could tell the guy behind me was getting close. His hands gripped tighter and then Wham! Four hard squirts into the ass and he collapsed and rolled over pulling out.

That was it. The shoot was over and I found out that I was more of a cum slut than my future wife. She told me how awesome I was and how this was going to make us rich. So there you have it that is how I became a Cuckold.




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