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Learned My Lesson Well       Cuckold Story

BY: Sue

The house next to us had been on the market for sale nearly a year and just wouldn’t move. My husband Tom and I thought that the asking price was too high. It is a very nice house with many extras but just overpriced. But when the price was reduced it took only a few days for the sign in the front yard to say “Under Contract”. That was almost two months ago and since then it has been sold and we have been pleased to see who our new neighbor is.

His name is Derrick and we learned that he is 50 years old and was divorced at age 25 and had never remarried. A factory brought him to the local area to serve as their senior accountant.

We actually met him on his moving in day and Tom and I immediately took a liking to him. We have since found him to be one of those “Jacks Of All Trades” kind of guys and totally independent. He comes over a lot and shows Tom how to prune our shrubs and trees and he even helped Tom put in our new hot water tank. In return I often take over a casserole for his dinner and such things as that. Overall, he’s an unbelievable catch for a neighbor.

There were things about Derrick, however, that began to work on my mind. He was tall and muscular lean and very handsome and very polite. Almost every time we would see him during the evening or on the weekends he is just wearing a pair of jogging shorts. He has an incredible tan! I suppose so though because he has a privacy fence around his back yard and in ground swimming pool. Anyone who has all that in their back yard better have a good tan.

Recently Tom started teasing me of how he always catches Derrick looking me over. I would joke back to Tom about how Derrick was older then me by 15 years and with that gray starting to show in his hair he probably couldn’t even get it up no matter how excited he got. Tom warned me to remember that old saying of “Just because there’s snow on the roof doesn’t mean there is no fire in the furnace”.

But behind it all I was realizing how tempting it was to think about Derrick. After all, almost every guy 50 years old was showing extra baggage around the waistline and only interested in TV sports from a recliner chair! Not Derrick. He was always doing something, fixing something, building something or if nothing else just going for a swim in his pool. And always wearing those flimsy nylon jogging shorts and that’s all. I’ve even entertained the thought of sometime taking something over and after opening his gate to the privacy fence catch him skinny dipping in his pool! On one particular hot day I fantasized rubbing oil over his naked body in the sun and then giving him a hand job. Then my thoughts took me further to actually riding him.

So I began dressing a little more sexy for when ever I was in the backyard or even when I had to run over to Derrick’s house to take something over. I realized that Tom was right and that Derrick didn’t really try to hide the fact that he was looking me over. Most of all I was really liking it. Here I am 15 years younger then this guy and maybe causing him to get a little bit horny! Tom insisted that I was causing a disturbance in Derricks jogging shorts that I might have to remedy for him one day. Anytime Tom starts acting this way I know that he is in one of those moods where he gets turned on about someone making love to me. I have gotten to like it when he gets that way.

Things began to spice up last Saturday early evening when I came out of the kitchen onto our patio wearing one of Tom’s tank tops which on me looked like a short sundress. I was carrying a foil covered plate to take over for Derrick to have for his dinner. Tom was reading a magazine on the patio and he asked me if I was taking dessert over also. I told him that not this time because I didn’t have anything. Tom got out of his chair and walked over to me and knelt down on one knee and reached up under and pulled my panties down to the floor. He looked up at me and winked so I stepped out of them and headed over to Derrick’s.


From this point everything started to move quickly. I entered through Derrick’s gate and headed towards his sun patio and sliding doors to the kitchen. Derrick stepped out to greet me and I could tell by the way he looked at me that he knew the tank top was all I had on. I told him that I was setting the plate on his stove and then I returned outside. When I came back outside I easily noticed a very obvious semi hardness in his jogging shorts. He caught me looking at it and had to sense that I liked knowing that I caused it. Feeling rather bold I walked over closer to him and said, “If you would like I could take care of that for you while I’m here also.”

Derrick reached for the bottom of my shirt with both his hands and pulled it up over my head as I raised my arms up. The air, the early evening sun, and his eyes were all touching me and it felt so good. I inserted my thumbs behind the elastic of his shorts and as I knelt down onto my knees I pulled them down. His lovestick sprang forward right in front of my face. I took my right hand and as lightly as I could handle his balls. His cock hardened more and I leaned forward so that my lips were just barely touching his knob. I let my tongue explore his shaft and take sample tastes of his manhood. I stood up to face him with my hand wrapped around his weapon of mass pleasure. He motioned me a few steps back to where a huge beach towel was spread out on the ground. I sat down and looked up at him looking down at me.

He gently eased me back so that I was lying flat on my back. I looked up at him standing naked and eager. His body was tone, lean and totally tan. He didn’t appear at all intimidated by our age difference but rather I sensed a confidence radiating from his face. His cock was hard and as honey roasted tan as the rest of him. His eyes studied me all over and I could tell he was pleased. I reached both hands down and placed them on my thighs and began to raise my knees. I spread my thighs open in an attempt to convey my invitation.

He stepped between my legs and knelt down. He leaned forward and placed his hands beside both of my shoulders and then began to lower himself as if doing a push up. Doing so his cock touched my almost totally shaven pussy. His hardness was throwing heat and was throbbing at my opening as he began touching my neck with his lips. I couldn’t hold back my gasp nor could I control the heat shivers that I was experiencing. I was ready to take his cock however he would give it.

But instead of pouncing on me for a quick ride he kept kissing my neck. He held himself up in a way that his lips and the head of his cock were the only parts of him touching me. His gentleness and obvious display of experience convinced me that he was a veteran lover!

I reached my hand to wrap my fingers around his shaft and pressed it against my opening. With my one hand I was teasing his love tool as well as my love opening at the same time. He positioned himself so that I could begin feeding his gorgeous meat into my hungry wetness. He began to slide into me with ease. Both our bodies were beginning to glow and throw heat in the open air and full sun. He slowly and ever so gently kept increasing his depth into me with soothing strokes. His style was giving me sensations that I have never had before. Somehow he maintained a position of keeping his entire body weight off of me. The only part on him touching me was his cock inside of me. He seemed to be able to read my breathing and body movements in a way that he could give himself to pleasing me to the fullest pleasure experience.


As he continued a slow stroking inside of me I could feel him begin to swell several times in a way that was driving me wild. Somehow every time that it seemed he was swelling to reach climax and cum he was able to control and delay himself which in no way disappointed me. Then he began to increase his speed and he smiled as he began to swell again inside of me again. It swelled and swelled and he stroked me faster and faster until he began to cum in eruption like throbbing that seemed to go on and on. We both breathed heavily and moaned with satisfaction.

When he finished filling me it was then for the first time that he lowered himself down onto me just enough that our bodies touched and it felt so incredibly wonderful as he began kissing my neck again and his cock remained inside of me still hard as you would expect a pro to be!

Derrick stood himself up and reached down to help me up to my feet. He took a terrycloth robe and wrapped it around me. I looked at him standing before me naked and to my amazement still hard. I grabbed my tee shirt off of the chair and I knelt down before him with my face in front of his handsome, tan cock. With my shirt I gently and deliberately wiped off his love tool and took it ever so softly into my mouth. I took as much of it as I could and then began massaging it with my tongue. He left no doubt in my mind that he enjoyed it.

I stood up, opened the robe and pressed myself against him so that our naked chests were against each other and I kissed him on his neck. So intense in my mind was the thought that maybe he will make love to me again. So much did I want to that I whispered to him, “Maybe I can slip over again. My husband Tom and I allow each other to do some fooling around now and then. He actually knows that I came over here hoping to get laid.”

Derrick looked at me and smiled and said, “You can come over and borrow a cup of sugar any time you like!”

Wow! I can handle living in this neighborhood! I turned and let myself out the gate.

I couldn’t help thinking that never again will I let a little gray in someone’s hair cause me to think that they are over the hill. Sometimes it is very much opposite to that! Did I ever learn a valuable lesson! And I don’t think that I’ll ever buy sugar again since I have a good place to go borrow some!

Tom & Sue



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