Erotic Massage


Cheryl Gets An Erotic Massage       Cuckold Story

BY: Jerry Owen

Our next door neighbor came over one night last week and told Cheryl that she had just had the most sensual massage of her life! When we asked her about it she said that Cheryl just had to experience it for herself. The man is named Larry and he has his own shop about a mile from our house, so I went over to check it out. He told me that the charge is $80 an hour at his shop but $100 an hour if he comes to our house. Naturally, I wanted to secretly tape the massage so I gave him the okay to come to our house last night.

Before he got here I set up my camcorder in the bookshelves in the family room so as to get a tape of the whole thing. Cheryl didn't know exactly what a "sensous" massage was so she was ready for anything. When the doorbell rang this tall and muscular man said he was the masseur and if my wife was ready he would bring in the table and get started. Of course we were more than ready, but while he went to his van to get the table I turned on the camcorder and helped him in with the table.

Larry set the table up in the bedroom, but I asked him to put it in the family room as the light was better and he shrugged and said it didn't matter to him, but when he saw Cheryl he said that it would probably be better in a good light. First, he asked Cheryl to take all her clothes off and get up on the table. She was just in a robe so that wasn't a problem.

When she laid down on the table she asked if he wasn't going to cover her with a towel as that was the way she normally got massages. "No," he replied," I like to be able to work without any covering unless you are uncomfortable with that." Naturally we agreed and he went to work right away. He spread warm oil all over Cheryl's back, buttocks, and legs and then began to massage the oil in from the feet up to her neck. This was interesting to watch for me as I had not seen this before. When he finished rubbing her back she said she was all tingly, and he agreed that it was a normal reaction.


Then Larry asked Cheryl to turn over and he repeated the oil on her front including her breast and her vaginal area, and then began to knead and massage her neck, shoulders, and arms before moving to her breasts which he kneaded quite a bit, at least it seemed to me. Then he went to work on the pubic area and spread the vaginal lips apart and inserted a special lubricant and worked his fingers in and out until they were shiny with the lubricant and Cheryl's natural juices. All this time I was watching and wondering what was next.

He told Chery to relax for a minute during which time he removed his clothes and with the table at just the right height he pulled Cheryl down until the tip of his penis was rubbing her pubic hair and she was squirming like she couldn't wait for him to put it in. "This is the sensous part of the massage", he said, and with that he sank his dick into Cheryl and while it wasn't the biggest she has had it was fairly long and especially wide. As she was filled up and their public bones began to mash against each other he started working on her breasts again with his hands. Cheryl likes to her her tits grabbed while screwing, but I guess he just knew that from his other clients.

After both he and Cheryl had a mind-blowing orgasm he pulled out wiped them both off with his towel and told us that the charge was $100. We had already agreed, but Cheryl insisted that we give him a $20 tip since he had relaxed her more than she had thought possible.

He left and we watched the tape, then invited our next door neighbor over to watch it again with us. Then more fun began as she told us the same thing happened to her at his shop and now she was going to schedule another right away. The three of us had a little fun then, but that is another story.

Cheryl & Jerry

Tampa, Florida



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