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I Like to Watch       Cuckold Story

BY: Jerry Owen

For those of you who have read some of our earlier stories, this may not come as a surprise. I like to watch, and I believe that a large number of you out there have the same feelings. My wife Cheryl is a lovely woman of near perfect proportions, i.e., 36 24 35 and weighs 120 pounds standing 5'2" tall with light brown hair. She has colored it from time to time, but mostly it is light brown.

We have been active swingers for the past few years, something around 5 or 6, and have found a mutual love of sex with others which only enhances our love for each other. Now in my case, and to a lesser extent in Cheryl's I get as much fun out of watching Cheryl take on a big dick as dipping my wick in a good looking woman. You see, I enjoy watching Cheryl have fun so much so that sometimes I just wind up watching instead of participating.

Last week we were invited to a swinger's party and everyone knew that there would be an orgy room as the main attraction, but only I knew that my wife would be the star attraction. Cheryl and I were discussing what we would wear to the party, when she said, "what difference does it make as I'll be naked in a few minutes anyway?" Well, it's hard to argue with that logic so we went in as little as possible. I in a pair of red boxers and with a large warm coat so I didn't freeze on the way there. Cheryl went with just a pair of thongs under her winter coat.

When we got to the party and our host took our coats, she exclaimed, " Hey everyone look at Jerry and Cheryl they are already dressed for the evening." The earlier couples to arrive all came to the door and expressed their approval of our outfits.


We had a few drinks and then Mike and Bob sat on either side of Cheryl on the couch as she sipped her bloody mary drink and tried to carry on a conversation with both of them. That proved to be somewhat difficult, however, as both Bob and Mike were fondling her ample breasts and then each of them took a nipple in their mouths and began to suck and lick. This drives Cheryl over the edge all the time, and this was no exception. She began to pull down both of the guys zippers, as they were still dressed and then she let a couple of nice sized dicks out to get some air. As she held, and stroked them each they rose to their full length and they proceeded to pull Cheryl's tiny thong down to her knees, at which time they had to let her nipples free so they could get them off of her legs. I, while this was going on had my dick in my hand stroking it softly and winking at Cheryl to let her know that I was okay with whatever she had in mind.

Within seconds the three of them were completely naked and Cheryl had slipped off the couch onto her knees so she could suck on Bob while Mike got behind her and rubbed his dick up and down her labia until she was so hot and wet that she was begging for him to fuck her. Bob was enjoying the show and making sounds like he was about to shoot his load into Cheryl's warm and ready mouth as Mike sank his full length into Cheryl's pussy and began to get into a rhythm with him pounding it in and Cheryl bucking her to get more and more of him. This gave Bob a lot of action and he was soon cumming and Cheryl was swallowing all of him with no trouble.

Mike was about ready to shoot his load when Cheryl pulled away and said, " let's go to the orgy room where I can have more room and maybe Jerry can be more comfortable." With that, we adjourned to the orgy room and found that there were already two other couples there having a sex marathon and hardly noticed when we entered. So Mike laid Cheryl on her back on one of the mattresses and I knelt over her head or just to the side of it so she could suck me off while Mike re-inserted his 9" dick to the hilt and began to slide it in and out slowly, then faster, then all the way out and all the way back in and Cheryl said, " come on you stud and get me my first orgasm with that monster prick and get a move on." Mike, with that encouragement picked up Cheryl's ass and began to pound away until it sounded like a hammer hitting a pillow and water sloshing in a bucket. When Cheryl got her first orgasm she moaned," Ohhhhh I'm cumminngggg and it's good !" Meanwhile I had pulled my dick out of her mouth as she couldn't concentrate on both of us and get a super orgasm.

It was then that I saw Jill sitting naked just across from me and lightly rubbing her clit with her middle finger and motioning for me to join her. I needed no further invitation and so I tossed my shorts in the corner and the two of us laid down and started a hot 69, but in that position I couldn't see Cheryl and wasn't aware that one of the invited guests that we didn't know, a large black man with an even bigger dick than Mike had Cheryl pinned to the mattress while he was getting her ready for another royal fucking. Jill could see what was going on and she said, " If you want to see a real fuck the let's move around so you can watch Dewan fucking your wife with what looks like a black nightstick." Now Cheryl has had a black man before, but when I looked, I was shocked as his tool when erect was close to a foot long, or at least it looked that size from where I was. Now Jill wanted to get fucked so I got between her legs making sure I could see Cheryl take Dewan's tool and to my surprise he inserted that thing inch by inch until their pubic bones were smacking against each other and Cheryl looked to be in heaven. Dewan was having a great time too as he was riding bareback and told Cheryl he was going to fill her white pussy with some good black cum. Since Cheryl is on the pill, and our host always makes sure that all of those invited to the party are free of any stds it was okay with both of us.


Cheryl took all Dewan had to offer and then I noticed our host running with a towel to wipe up all of the white cum running down her thighs when I came in Jill and the four of us had to rest awhile.

Cheryl laughed on the way home and said, "I thought you just wanted to watch tonight, and yet I saw you and Jill getting it on." I had to admit that we did and that it was fun, but nothing compares to me being able to watch my lovely wife getting royally fucked two or three times in a row. Needless to say, we just went to sleep when we got home as Cheryl had met her match and this morning is a little sore, but very satisfied.

Maybe next time I'll just watch and try to take some video for us to enjoy later. Till next time.

Jerry & Cheryl

Tampa, Fl.



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