Interracial Cuckold Stories


My First Black Cock      Interracial Story

BY: Ms. Slut

This is my true non-fiction account stories of one of my first black cock experience! It is something that I have craved for MANY years and now thankfully will be a regular fun part of my lives! I hope you enjoy this account and the photos and videos of it! Love Cuckold! Black cocks, this has been a thought, that for as long as I could remember, got me turned on. What was it about them?

Well to me it wasn't ever the "taboo" stigma of years ago that intrigued me. Also, surprisingly, it wasn't the size either, although that certainly is a wonderful perk LOL, I think honestly that it was something more simple, it has always been to me something so basic...Side by side....a white cock and black cock.....I just think that a cock that is black....looks the best! Now it's not that white cocks look bad at all, they are amazing and I love them and they have wonderfully feed my insatiable desire for cocks all my life! , but to me the perfect color of a cock is black! I have always fantasized about being used and ME being a true kinky slut to blacks.

It seems proper to have my white tits and ass being used for what ever my black studs like! Yes I am a totally black cock slut in every word. Black cocks open my legs, mouth, and asshole like an automatic door opener...FAST and WIDE, not to mention FULLY OPEN! LOL. So now to finally have my black cock arranged for me was a dream cum true. We had met cuckold some time ago through a mutual friend and like most people we swing with, we really had a lot in common with him and really enjoyed his company. He was cool, fun and had an amazing body and a curvy black ass that saturated my cunt!

Now for a white guy , cuckold has an amazing ass, it really is a white "black" ass LOL, but these dark gods are naturally curvy and firm. cuckold was so cool, after several times together and talking we found out that he had many kink experiences himself with people who love BDSM, kink, D/S the whole fetish spectrum, so it was very easy and natural for me to disclose to him our lifestyle reality that cuckold is a true slave for me and that this makes automatically makes his white ass then a slave for cuckold! When we talked about having sex fun, cuckold was excited to be my first and also was thrilled at the idea of a black male fucking a white wife my white husband being used by not only me but himself as well. This whole scene was coming together perfect!

So we agreed on a time that would work when it would just be the 3 of us in the house! When the day was approaching I was having trouble sleeping, all I could think about was getting that heavenly black cock into my mouth and never wanting to let it out of my lips. Finally the time was here and everything was right, I had a long shower and got my cunt shaved perfectly smooth. I wanted my white body perfect for my black dream stud!


Cuckold was properly prepared and was in his collar with his leash on. It was great that cuckold totally was cool and had experienced some of this kink in life prior with others, for now cuckold could just be himself.

When he arrived and cuckold let him in, we sat back and chatted for awhile, as cuckold got us a couple of teas. Now with cuckold at our feet, to break the ice, I invited cuckold to put his feet up on cuckold to get used to using him for "proper" things. He chuckled how well trained I really had my husband as he placed his feet up on his back. Now this was a dream sight for me. Finally a hot black stud boyfriend, with his feet up on my hubby! (who was naked and collared and on all 4's on the floor!) I'm sorry to smile so much, but that sight to me really is the proper use of my husband!! LOL With my slave hubby collared and naked at my black boyfriends feet,

I talked to cuckold and encouraged my black stud to firmly use and abuse my hubby as not only his personal servent, but also for whipping and puniushing not only his ass, but his cock and especially his BALLS!!! . I told cuckold the more other men humiliated and punish my slave husband........ the wetter I get! cuckold grinned widely. You could tell, he like most men, actually love the thought of fucking a wife and being able to fully use her hubby a servent and slave. I also told cuckold that as a slave hubby, cuckold clearly uderstands my rules of our marriage and slavery in that...... other men's cocks have priority and are given total preference over his slave cock for receiving pleasure in my cunt, mouth and asshole.



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