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BY: Kirk & Sonny

We never met Charlie before. He was someone we found on the Internet and my girl thought he looked pretty good. After we arrived at the hotel room they both decided to get naked and take a shower. The shower was pretty large. 4 people could fit easily and there was a table. After awhile I decided to check and see how they were doing and to my surprise they had already started fucking like little rabbits. Well, maybe I wasn’t that surprised. He hadn’t cum in her yet, I told them they had to relax some so we could play around through the night. They did, finished the shower, then we all got dressed and went out on the town, drinking and dancing, etc.

Charlie worked for the airlines and flew in from Florida just to fuck her. After having some fun out and about, the three of us arrived back at the room. We were all feeling pretty loaded and soon Charlie had started removing my girls clothes. So it wasn’t long and we were all naked and fucking again. She would suck me while he was fucking her hard and deep from behind. I could just feel by the grip her lips had on my cock that he was giving her pussy a good workout. I was hard as a rock and felt like I was going to just explode down her throat. I was so excited watching another man’s cock fuck my girl that I could hardly stand it. We changed sides and I fucked her for a while as she sucked on him. Once I thought that he had cum in her mouth because she choked a little, but I guess not. She must have just put his whole cock down her throat and gagged a little. He kept fucking her mouth while I rammed her from behind. I swear she must have cum 5 times already between Charlie and I. My girl was as excited as I was; two guys had never fucked her at the same time before. Her pussy was slippery and soaking wet with juice.

We took a break for awhile, neither one of us guys had shot our loads yet and I could tell that Charlie's cock felt the same way mine did, like it needed to dump it's whole load and hard, right down to the last drop. Charlie suggested I missionary my girl and fuck her until I came inside of her while she sucked on him and after I filled her up with juice he would fuck her the rest of the way and let his juice double fill her up. I moved into position as she spread her legs for my cock and slipped inside. The warmth of her pussy around my cock felt so good. I fucked her steady and hard, she came again and I could feel my cock starting to boil down low. I knew all my cum was going to blow inside of her. I have pretty big balls so I cum quite a lot. A few strokes later my balls tightened up and instinctively I pushed as deep as I could inside and started pumping the hot jiz up my shaft and squirting, filling her with cream. She could feel me cuming inside of her and obviously heard me moaning as my cock and balls were trying to squeeze every last drop of juice out the head of my dick. The muscles in her pussy were flexing around my shaft almost as if milking it.


When there was nothing left to give I started to pull out. It was Charlie’s turn and he started to slide over, his cock still stiff as a rod, ready to release itself inside my girl's cunt. As I pulled my cock out of her pussy, I looked down and could see a stream of my cream oozing out of her pussy, making it’s way down to the crack in her ass. About the time my cock fully cleared her juicy swollen pink lips, Charlie was right there, ready to jam his hardened stiff rod inside of her dripping wet creamy cunt. Like clock work, I moved over and he slid in. My girl gasped slightly as his super hard cock thrust in all the way in to the hilt. There was nothing to stop it or slow it down, her pussy was so lubricated from my squirt that his balls probably started to pass her lips and enter her cunt. The head of his rock solid shaft must have went in up to her naval. I watched as he pulled back and started pumping her, slowly at first, just teasing her with a few inches of his cock on each stroke, then slowly, pump by pump, giving her more and more of him. He finally slid his cock all the way inside of her and started moving his hips back and forth over her clit, she was becoming more and more aroused, her hands were down on his ass cheeks as though she was trying to pull him deeper and deeper inside of her. Starting to moan as she was about to cum, Charlie's cock quickly slid about 10 strokes all the way in and all the way out. You could hear his balls slapping on her ass before he released the second load of hot cum inside of her. Her breathing was heavy and pulsing to the motion of his balls and cock as he loaded her up with even more creamy white cum.

After his balls had pumped all his juice into her cunt, Charlie slowly pulled out of her, his cock was glistening wet and he started kissing her breasts, then sliding his tongue to her belly button, moving his tongue around and slowly inching down to her cream filled juice box. I knew where he was going and wanted some of that also. I nudged him away a little and started sucking on her wet cunt; I could feel the stickiness of cum all over my lips and inside my mouth. I sucked on her clit and stuck my tongue as far inside her as I could. Of course Charlie wanted some also and it was his turn. I could hear him slurping at her juices, sucking and sucking as much as he could out of her. It was my turn again and then Charlie's turn, trading back and forth. The three of us were exhausted...we lay together side by side for a moment, then crashed.

When we woke in the morning we all fucked again. The TV was still playing the XXX videos and remembrances of the night before started getting me turned on again. I got up to get a drink of water and when I returned I could see my girl and Charlie were awake also. She sat up and I handed her the glass. When she was finished I moved to the end of the bed and looked back at her. She motioned with her eyes as if asking my approval to jump Charlie’s cock again. I smiled and nodded my head, sure.

I saw her hands move under the blanket to between Charlie’s legs and grab his bulge. Working his cock and balls, she soon had him aroused and ducked her head under the covers to start sucking his stiff rod. The covers moving up and down as she took his hardness into her mouth, then back out again.

Soon Charlie was pounding my girl from behind doggie style while she was sucking my cock. As Charlie was driving in and out of her she could feel that I was getting ready to explode and released my cock from her mouth long enough to tell me, in broken words to the motion of Charlie’s cock banging in and out of her pussy, to go ahead and cum. Her lips covered my dick again and the warmth of her mouth felt so comforting. It was shortly after that when I exploded in her mouth. She sucked hard as my juices ejaculated from the end of my cock and into her waiting mouth. I could feel my balls squeezing the juices up the shaft, squirt, then squirt again, then again and again as she swallowed all my juice. Her lips kept milking my cock and sucking out every drop, sucking all the way down the hole in my shaft and into my balls. When she finally pulled away, I rolled aside and watched as her and Charlie fucked and fucked.

He rolled her over on her back and plunged into her, driving and pushing his cock in as deep as it would go, in and out rhythmically. My girl started to moan with pleasure and soon her pelvis was twisting as her body orgasmed again. Her twisting pelvis must have been too much for Charlie's cock, a few strokes later and he was dumping another load deep inside her cunt.

Her puss really received a workout that time. I think it was the best fuck of her life, it was great, she loved it and her pussy was sore for days.

Kirk & Sonny

Charlotte NC



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