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OverComming Her Inhibitions       Cuckold Story

BY: Cuckold Hubby

My wife was a 19 year old virgin on our wedding day. Rasied in a very strict religion she had never been on a date until I took her out. She was very cute and we soon fell in love and I respected her wish to give herself to her husband on her wedding night. It was difficult not to pressure her to give in, but I was 26 and able to control my urges for the 3 months we were engaged.

She was totally without any sexual knowledge and had never even seen an illistration of a penis and had no idea what to do except for what her mother told her the night before the wedding. coming into her bedroom, her mother simply said "I know you dont know anything about sex but he does. All you have to do is lay there and let him do whatever he wants with you and you will get used to it. Just never tell him no."

She took her mothers advice. After 4 years of marriage and every way I could think of to get her to overcome her inhibitions, she would just lay there and let me. Never once did she initiate sex or do anything except lay there. Not that she didnt enjoy sex, when we would talk about it she said she always enjoyed it. The only way she ever had an orgasm was from oral stimulation and when she got close would thrash around and hump and moan until she came, but she would never perform oral on me. I would make her cum then jump on and get mine.

We talked a lot about her inhibitions, she always wanted to overcome them and fully participate but said for too many years she was tought that sex was not for enjoyment but it was a wife's duty to allow her husband to enjoy her. One night she said that she felt the only way she could ever overcome her inhibitions was to get enough courage to do something so daring and totally sexual that it would take her to a new level and then she could have normal sex after experiencing something beyond her inhibitions. But, she said, we have done everything we can do and the only thing I can think of is to involve another person. " If I could walk in a room and get naked in front of a guy I had never seen and would never see again and do every sex act with total abandon, then I could have normal sex with you." When I said maybe we should plan something, she said no, she would only back out if we planned something because it was really something she would be way to inhibited to actually do.

I had been buying sex magazines trying to get her to loosen up and there were a lot of letters from readers about swinging and wives who had found themselves in sexy situations with their husbands and one of his friends and ended up horny and fucking him while her husband watched. I was always turned on by these letters and the idea of watching my cute, shy inhibited wife getting fucked as I watched. I came up with an idea.

One night as she made supper I began to play around, grabbing her breast, coming up behind her and putting my hand under her dress and rubbing her pussy thru her panties. The phone rang and it was her mother, as she talked I reached up and pulled her panties down and put my foot on them so she couldnt pull them up. She tried not to laugh as she talked with her mother and then I got my finger in her pussy and she lost her concentration and stuttered on the phone and made a few ooohhh's and ssssstt sounds under her breath. After hanging up the phone I began kissing her neck and she asked what got me so frisky and I just told her "you".


After supper I told her to go get a bubble bath and I would do the dishes. I quickly did them then went into our bedroom and pulled the covers down, replaced the nightstand bulb with a red one and put a porn in the bedroom vcr with the sound down low. Then I went into the bathroom and got her out of the tub and toweled her off and led her to the bed. "ooohh", she said. "you ARE horny!" I laid her down then reached in the nightstand and pulled out a short piece of rope and tied her hands together over her head and to the top of the bed. Then I got a bottle of sexy scented body lotion and rubbed it all over her body. Then as she laid ther naked, hands tied up over her head and legs slightly parted, I told her to lay there a minute and think about what was going to happen and "when I come back I want your pussy to be nice and wet" and I walked out and closed the door.

I worked in construction and knew a couple of roofers, nice and tan and tall and lanky. I told them my plan and they were at the back door waiting when I let them in, shirtless and wearing only jeans. Quietly we walked back to the bedroom and I opened the door and walked in and there she laid, as I left her, tied naked to the bed, her pussy showing in the dim red light. About five seconds later the two guys walked in and startled her. She pulled at the ropes and before she could say anything I said "Enjoy yourself getting over your inhibitions".

The two guys were bent over taking their jeans off their feet, and when they stood up both had at least 8 or 9 inches of cock sticking out and still rising. One got on the bed and parted her legs and she didnt fight but looked frightened. He lowered his head to her pussy and began to lick it and she started to moan and pulled her legs apart a little more as he stuck his tongue into her. The other guy was on the bed on his knees and grabbed her head on pulled it to his dick and with his hand rubbed it on her face and then to her lips and into her mouth and her cheeks bulged as she took it. The other guy moved up and laid over top of her and moving his hips got his cock in lne with her pussy and in one thrust burried 9 inches of cock in her up to his balls. Her moan was muffled by the cock in her mouth and she lurched up and down the bed as the other guy fucked her. Taking turns, she got fucked in the mouth and pussy for nearly forty five minutes. She wiggled and jerked and moaned and humped against the dick in her, I think she cum at least three times before they were wore out and she was exhausted.

They pulled on their jeans and left as I climbed on top of her and gave her all I had and she fucked back, humping and moaning and when I pulled out and straddled her head, she had her mouth open and waiting when I gave it to her.

Since then I have surprised her once a month for the past year and last week led her naked from the car into a friends house where she was the entertainment for 7 guys at a bachlor party and she loves it!



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