First Time Cuckold


THE BEGINNING?       Cuckold Story

BY: Rascal

**This is MY version of the story posted by my wife "I Resisted but Not Enough"

I was going crazy thinking about my wife, Anita, making love to another man…. I knew that I really wanted the voyeuristic excitement and enjoyed the thoughts of her getting carried away with another man... I wanted desperately to watch a well hung stud lay some heavy pipe and overwhelm my wife with multiple orgasms. She was very capable of multiple orgasms and enjoyed sex with “me” very, very much! I’m not sure what causes this crazy insane desire to watch my wife except that I get so excited thinking about how excited she gets that I want to imagine that she is insatiable and somehow I can vicariously feel the same feelings that she feels..... I feel the strength of her desires, the force of her climaxes and the impact of her submission. I want her to feel those things because I can feel those very same things emitting from her.... to me!

I really want her to make it with another man, to be attracted to him, drawn to him, overwhelmed with sexual desire and drive but I don’t want to have the competition either! I want to be the number one man in her life but want to see her sexually manipulated by one or even more than one man.... I wasn’t sure how to make it happen... I know that if I just brought it up and asked her to do it she would turn me down flat and think me weird.... so I started to introduce a little make believe in our love making..... I suggested little by little about how exciting it would be to watch her with another man.... I talked her into it! Not all at once of course… but after a while of fantasizing and talking to her about it, I got her to think about “just” making out with another guy, as I watched, and then after he left we'd make love!

It all started innocently enough, I have always been somewhat of a voyeur and my wife is definitely attractive! I would love to see her make love to someone else… Well, maybe not make love to someone else, but to get fucked by someone else! But then there was always this danger sign that suddenly appeared! I wasn't sure what "HER" reaction would be! I wasn't sure whether she would prefer him over me! I wasn't sure that she would have any use for me after I pushed her into that! I wasn't sure that she would consider me an acceptable mate after that! I wasn't sure that she would be totally turned off and not only lose her attraction to me, but be repulsed!

I was sure that she would consider me strange… and I was sure that she would wonder about me…. But I was hoping that her love for me would overcome those obstacles and she would be sucked into an even greater love because I wanted it "FOR HER" so much! Or did I? I wanted to see her squirm and I wanted to see her seduced! I wanted to see her excited and breathless…. But I didn't want to see her actually make it with another guy! I WAS JEALOUS! But I didn't want to admit it! Maybe what it was, was that my thinking about her with another guy got me so excited that I wanted to see it but didn't want to realize it … does that make any sense? Or maybe it was I wanted to realize it, but didn't want to see it! …

Whatever the craze… I was definitely affected and I wanted it, something to happen. I told her one night that I wanted to see her get picked up, come back to our apartment and make out with some guy and maybe go all the way. She was very reluctant to get involved… but I pressed on and she relented. I drove her down the road a ways…. About a mile and a half and told her to walk home in the dark…. I was expecting someone to stop and offer her a ride… but no one did! When she got back home she acted a little bit relieved that she had been able to get there without being picked up. We talked about it when we made love later on… and she was excited beyond excitement! She was not wetter than she had ever been before, but she was more enthusiastic than ever before in that she was more talkative and more imaginative! She actually started to initiate thoughts into my head! She was starting to share my fantasy in that she realized that it excited me, so she was using it to further excite me! I loved it!

I decided to water down my fantasy so as to make it more palatable to her by telling her that what I wanted was for her to make out with some guy… not to make it all the way… but to make out with him and get him all excited and (her all excited) make him go home without any… and we could make love right afterwards! She found this more acceptable and her empathy made her relent to my demands as she found this as a more acceptable means of getting me excited! We could screw like bunny rabbits afterwards!

The idea was for me to hide in the closet so as to be out of sight and yet be able to see all the action! She was told that she could get as sexy as she wanted to… in fact, the sexier she got the more I'd enjoy it! but that she wasn't to go all the way! This was my way of telling her that she was only allowed to do this because I wanted to see it … that it would get me super excited and I'd love to enrapture her afterwards!

That was all the truth! I wanted her so much that I could almost taste it! Her body was like poetry in motion and the swell of her breasts over her flat stomach was enough to start my mouth watering… her nipples, when she was excited were actually bigger and stiffer than on most women and when squeezed? They seemed to actually exude their own sexuality! As my fingers would tweak her nipples, she would moan little submissive moans… and at times would even respond as though she was overwhelmed with pleasure. She would murmur little suggestive yelps while we made love and I would tweak her nipples… but when I would combine the tweaking of her nipples with deeply shoving in my cock and at the same time gently but firmly tugging on her hair… she would gutturally respond with a little higher and yet more submissive moans that more befitted the occasion. She was my "bitch" and I was her master!

Now I say that in the best sense… In my humble opinion I think that all women are submissive and they are all looking to be "LED" by a man and "TOLD" what to do! A woman is taught from birth that a man is strong and a leader, she is weak and a follower…. He is the aggressor and he is the leader! They all have this strong desire to "satisfy" their man…. If this is cultivated correctly, your wife can be just like mine! That is not to say that you should take an unbending stance on anything… what I'm saying is that most women like strong men that know what they want and GO AFTER IT! She wanted to help me with my fantasy… if fact, if we fell short she felt disappointed! That it excited me, excited her!

It was much later on that we (she) discovered that my excitement over her excitement didn't just excite her… it was HER excitement over my excitement that excited HER and me! She was just as turned on by what we thought about doing as I was! Initially she went along with what I wanted because she was trying to satisfy my desires…. But later on, her participation was urged on by her own innate basic desires. She started really enjoying the attentions she was getting… and my enjoyment of her pleasures spurred her on to further enjoyment.

As I said, it all started out with my wanting her to get picked up, make out with the guy that picked her up. Let him feel her up, but not go all the way! She was allowed to do whatever she wanted as long as she didn't go all the way! I told her that if she could get him to eat her without her actually going all the way that was OK!! I wanted to see her get really "HOT" with some guy… and get the guy really "HOT" but for her to break if off before consummation… and save the really HOT STUFF for me after he left!

THE FIRST TIME - I took her over to a bar that we never go to… we don't know anyone there and it's far enough away that we're not likely to bump into anyone there…. I didn't want to run into anyone we knew and I wanted to keep our little rendezvous, our little secret! I dropped her off and told her that I would come inside in a few moments to watch and make sure that everything would be OK. She went to the bar and ordered a drink… it wasn't but a few moments before someone started to hit on her. When I got in there she was still sitting by herself… but had several guys sitting at a table nearby talking to her. She had told them that she was waiting for a friend. One of them eventually asked her if she would like to dance? She told him that she would but only until her friend arrived!

The first guy got up and walked with her to the dance floor, which was pretty crowded…. It was a fast dance… and they danced several dances… then she came back to where she was seated at the bar and he to the table where the other guys were… Then another guy asked her to dance…. And it was a slow dance! She said ok… and they walked to the dance floor and as he pulled her to him it seemed as though he was a professional dancer as he moved so fluidly and harmonically. I could see them talking to one another as they were dancing and it seemed as though they had danced together for years! They danced several dances before coming back to their table… but this time she accompanied him back to their table rather than returning to the bar…. He was a tall rather muscular guy with broad shoulders and small waist and hips. He looked like he could handle himself in any sort of rough situation but had a big friendly smile that beguiled those rough and tumble charms and made him appear much more like a Mr. Nice guy!

She stayed and talked with Mr. Nice guy and all the others at the table and they all bought her several drinks. At one point she had 3 drinks in front of her…. She was laughing and having a good time and she was aware of me sitting in the background watching her! Her knowing that I was watching gave her a feeling of confidence and allowed her to relax a little… and just let it all happen. The drinks were having their desired effects, and she staggered and almost fell when she stood up to dance one time…. Sitting back down she said that she thought that she had, had enough! Mr. Nice guy offered to give her a ride home since her friend hadn't showed up… and she accepted! She was a little tipsy when they left and he had his arm around her to help steady her as they walked to the door. His hand gripped her waist a little stronger than "I thought" necessary… but then he was trying to get a cheap "feel" out of it too because his fingers stretched out around her stomach below her breasts and it seemed as though he was trying to hold "all of her" All this excited me very much as I could feel the anticipation build and my heart beat faster…. I knew it was going to happen tonight!

I quickly walked out behind them and got my car so that I could follow them. They got into his car and sat there while it idled for a while… making out in the front seat! I watched from across the lot as they kissed and petted! Then after about 15 minutes he put the car in gear and it started to move. I followed them effortlessly and just before we got home, I passed them so that I could park and get inside before they did. When they pulled into the parking lot in front of our garden apartment I was already going in the front door to the building. Boy! I had just barely made it! I rushed up to the 2nd floor went into our apartment and got into the closet with the slotted bi-fold door ajar and waited, and waited, and waited! Heck, it seemed like forever before I decided to look out the window to see what had become of them. Well, she had decided to give me some extra time and had been making out with him in the parking lot. Then she allowed him to walk her to the door. There they kissed and made out some more before she finally said it would be OK for him to come in for a little while, but only for a little while!

My heart was pounding as I peered out of the crack in the closet door and I could see them when they came in. She turned on the tv and asked if he would like a cup of coffee… He replied that he would like anything that she fixed and followed her into the kitchen. I couldn't see what was going on in the kitchen, which made it even more exciting. I could her them rustling together and I could hear her moans and then her protests… and then her moans again. It again seemed like forever before they came out of the kitchen and when they did I could see that her blouse had been pulled out and all but two buttons had been undone! Her face was flushed and she seemed unsteady…. He walked up behind her and putting his arms around her pulled her back into him. She sighed and leaning back into him tossed her head back and kissed him. His hands ran up the inside of her blouse cupping her breasts as he pressed himself into her buttocks.

They went over and sat on the divan where they started making out some more. I could tell that Anita was definitely getting into it as she was hotter than I've seen her in a long time! She was breathing heavily and the combination of all the alcohol and all the sex…. He started pressing harder playing with her nipples…. And that's something that she can get off on, by itself! He had undone her bra and unbuttoned her blouse… she had her bra up around her neck as he licked and suckled on one nipple and then the other. He pulled her down so that she was half lying on the couch and half sitting… licking at her throat and tweaking her nipple and trying to get in her pants all at the same time!

Anita seemed overwhelmed with all the attention she was getting… or maybe it was the alcohol, but whatever it was she was permitting him more latitude than she wanted to! She was resisting but her resistance was ebbing. Mr. Nice guy was going crazy sucking on those big tits of hers and she was going crazy letting him! He kept taking her hand and putting it on his cock, which was as hard a rock making a tent out of the front of his pants. She finally gave in and started to stroke his cock on the outside of his pants. He asked her several times to go to the bed room, but she said no, that she couldn't do something like that ….. they hardly knew each other!

Progression was the order of the day and as I peered out from the safety of my closet I could see my wife succumbing to the ardent and passionate embraces of her lover of the hour. I saw the desire build in her face as she succumbed to his lovemaking. Eventually he had his cock out of his pants and she had her hand around his cock stroking it. He had his hand in her panties, she had her legs splayed and he obviously had at least two fingers in her pussy working them back and forth. They were kissing deeply and there was one point where I know it seemed like she climaxed! I was stunned when she unbuttoned her blouse the rest of the way and took it and her bra off. There she sat, breathtakingly naked from the waist up, in front of another man, letting him play with her tits. I almost gasped aloud when she pulled his head down and shoved one of her breasts into his mouth. This was more than I could take and I came off for the first time.

I had my cock out and my hand was stroking it as I watched him finger her to a climax…. And then I saw him put his hand behind her neck and start pulling her down to his cock! He wanted her to suck him off! She was aware that I could see everything and felt uncomfortable with me seeing her go down on another guy….. and decided to draw the line right there… She said, No! It's too soon, and besides it's getting too hot in here! He protested but she broke it up and said that she wanted him to go! After a few fruitless attempts to get things going again… he relented and left.

We made mad passionate love for several hours after he left! Damn, I was so excited that I had cum once in the closet making a mess of my pants… and was still hot to trot when I got out of there! We went directly to bed and made love like never before. She was even hotter than I could have gotten her by myself! Heck, with the help of this other guy… I had managed to get a wife that was definitely more sexual… more antimated… more of a "hot wife" than I could've imagined. She was definitely wetter and more excited… she actually "wanted it" which was something new! Her orgasms seemed longer and stronger, she seemed more animalistic.

That kept me (us) satisfied for a while… but then several weeks down the road I started in on her again… she felt partially guilty since she had enjoyed it so much! And I think it was the combination of her enjoyment that made me able to talk her into it again so easily. I think she wanted to as much as I did! She was getting off on my watching! She told me that the thought of my watching seem to double her excitement! She admitted that she hadn't "ever" felt that excited. Knowing that I was but mere feet away both excited her and gave her a feeling of security in that I wasn't too far away if things got out of hand! She could relax and let things go further… and know that she could always stop them… and if she couldn't, then I was right there!

She had many, many trysts there while I watched from the closet. In fact we decided to arrange the furniture so that I had several vantage points to watch from. We even took our video camera and set it up so that we could record it and play it back! She would get excited watching herself as we played the tapes back on the TV!

She got bolder and bolder as our voyeuristic game continued and at times would go in her mini skirt without any bra or panties on! You couldn't see her pussy lips swell with excitement, but you could sure see her nipples as they clearly poked up little mounds on her blouse! She said it really got the guys excited when they found out she wasn't wearing any panties!

One time she returned home with two guys! I don't know what she was thinking of… but when she got home her hair was a mess, she was clearly inebriated. It looked like she had already been making out with one of the guys. She tried to explain to them that her roommate would surely be home soon and that it wouldn't look good if both of them were there! One of them, (Zack), had a flask and a bottle of 7up that he was using as a chaser… what surprised me is that Anita took a swig out of the flask as they came in the door! She doesn't usually drink the hard stuff… as it goes to her head too quickly! The three of them went into the kitchen and I could hear the tinkling of ice cubes…and the various sounds of drinks being mixed. They came back out into the living room where I could see them. Zack told the other guy to turn on the radio and put on some music. He tuned it in to a classic radio station that was playing mostly slow music and the Zack pulled her to him and said lets dance! I could tell that she had too much to drink as she was definitely unsteady on her feet and would stumble now and then…. Clearly she wasn't in control of the situation any more. She had wanted to bring just the one guy up and make out with him but somehow both guys had come up. She had thought that she could handle it but it was getting a little out of hand as she danced with one guy, the other guy would cut in and then she would be dancing with him. Each guy had their hands all over her buttocks and were kissing her as they danced. From time to time she would feebly say that they've got to go… but they just ignored her and in her inebriated state she didn't know what to do.

Even though she resisted, Zack pulled her down to the couch and started kissing her. Her hands were initially on his shoulders trying to push him away but as he persisted she seemed to submit to his demands and let him have his way. His hands were under her blouse almost immediately and she even seemed to encourage it a little in the way she moved. She relaxed and laid back on the couch, Zack kissed her and scooted her down a little as he did. As she scooted down her mini skirt rode up her thigh and from my vantage point I could see right up between her legs and realized that tonight was one of the nights when she didn't wear her panties! In fact…. She had only 7 articles on her body! A blouse, a mini skirt, 2 socks, 2 shoes and a pearl necklace! Not many defenses.

Zack had busy hands and they were everywhere! The other guy had gone into the kitchen and was raiding the icebox… Anita relaxed a little since the other guy was in the kitchen, they were alone in the living room but was adamant about her privacy with the other guy there…. Zack took her by the hand and said it that case, we'll go to the bedroom! And simply led her to the bedroom. She stumbled along behind him as he led her to the bed and in the privacy of her bedroom she felt a little more relaxed and so decided she could "play" a little. But Zack wasn't in the mood to be put off and his cock was out of his pants and sticking straight out from him. Zack was well endowed in that he had about 8" which looked like a giant compared to my 5 1/2" and his girth was almost twice as thick as mine! When Anita saw his rod she was clearly in awe, and stopped and stared momentarily. Zack pushed her back onto the bed and rolled over on top of her. She realized that if she didn't do something quickly…. She was going to get fucked! Our agreement was she could do anything…. But couldn't go all the way! So she pushed against his chest and told him NO! He said that he would be careful…. She said "NO" again. He nuzzled her neck and his fingers tweaked her nipple.

As they kissed, Alex slid his hands down Anita's back and started massaging her ass. Then he turned her body so that her back was to the camera. As he rubbed her ass, he pulled Anita's skirt higher up her body and her ass cheeks appeared. She wasn't wearing any underwear. Zack leaned over and, still kissing my wife, began kneading her breasts through the sheer fabric of her blouse. They continued like this for several moments before Anita turned around and sat back down next to Zack. Her skirt was hiked up pretty far and you could see her pussy pretty clearly.

Zack began unbuttoning Anita's blouse. When it hung open, he bent over to kiss my wife's breasts. He sucked one first and then the other. My wife sighed with pleasure as he fondled and kissed her breasts. She let her blouse fall to the bed behind her as Zack continued working on her tits.

I heard a low moan escape her lips as her resistance weakened but she said NO, again! I heard him mumble and ask to just make out for a little while….. This was her weak point as she was pretty hot anyway and coupled with the alcohol, thought…. Oh, what the heck, that's what I we want anyway… and started to make out with him. He unbuttoned the rest of the buttons on her blouse and her breasts sprung free. Her hands were working on his cock pumping up and down trying to bring him off. His hands were on her pussy and his fingers were working on her clit! She was beginning to squirm and I could see her wetness spreading down her legs. My hands were pumping up and down on my cock as fast as they could. My cock was so hard it seemed like it was liable to bust. My wife was lying on a bed not 10 feet away practically naked with a man who by this time had his pants down around his knees and a huge cock poised to enter her sex and to finish what they had started! She was stroking his cock with her hand and at the same time pushing it away from her vagina so that he couldn't reach his goal.

He was maneuvering his body on top of hers trying desperately to sink his huge thick cock deeply into her cunt! She was squirming trying to keep her legs together but failing miserable…. And saving the moment only by holding his cock away from her pussy… every now and then he would maneuver so that his cock head would brush against her pussy and he would thrust suddenly giving him a few brief moments of success. His cock head would pop momentarily into her cunt and she would jerk suddenly away saving the moment but at one point he had maneuvered so that one of her legs was over his shoulder with her shoulders pinned down…. His huge cock poised for the finale plunge into her soaking wet pussy! She was struggling but losing badly! Having pinned her so well she was almost helpless to prevent him from impaling her. She still had ahold of his cock and was managing to keep it out of her pussy… His hand covered her hand on top of his cock as he "helped" her guide his cock head. It hadn't pressed against her opening but very gently to gain entrance, as she was wetter than she had ever been before! He played with his cock just barely in the entrance for a while before starting to stroke it fully inside her. She wailed a little protest as he put the head in.. and In 3 strokes he had completely engulfed his cock to the hilt!

Her expression went from a defiance, to…… surprise?, to submission in just a matter of a few seconds. As he stroked it fully in for the first time… she cried out, Ohhhh! On the second full stroke I heard her expel a lot of air in a huge sigh…. And on the 3rd stroke she was completely defeated and as he continued to stroke, her legs seemed to automatically fold around his waist as she began to undulate her hips in unison with him. … She had lost to the man who was conquering her and was finally submitting and admitting it! She had carried it too far, got too hot and wanted it more than she cared to admit… and she couldn't have stopped him anyway!

I shot all over the closet door in front of me! God! I've never felt a climax as strong as that one! My cock must have pulsated a dozen times each time shooting a thick wad of cum. Watching my wife getting fucked (seduced) by another man and then her giving in to the pure pleasure of it all was almost more than I could take. My legs were shaking and I sunk down to my knees being careful not to make any noise.

I continued to watch as he slowly pumped his huge cock in and out of my lovely wife and listening to her sounds of submission and enjoyment. Her pussy lips were swollen and stretched tightly around it's girth. ….. She was drunk enough to just go with the moment, say the hell with it and just do it! His tempo picked up and he was almost violent in his sexual manner slapping their bodies together so hard that they made a very loud slapping noise. As the tempo picked up I heard her approaching her orgasm ……… Then I heard her orgasmic scream as she climaxed for the first of several times!

While watching her reach her climax my cock seemed to renew it's libido and start to get hard again. Stroking it again I watched her reach several climaxes, right in a row! His body straightened, driving his penis deep inside her. When I say deep, I mean deep. She had never been penetrated that deeply and she braced herself as he lunged in and out reaching spots that I hadn't even dreamed about. Suddenly I realized that he was fucking her without a condom and she wasn't using any protection! His huge cock so deeply embedded in her pussy was a lot more likely to get her pregnant by planting those seeds as deeply and intimately as possible…. As big as his cock was I could imagine the head of his cock not only pressed up against the opening of the cervix, but pressed up inside it so as to plant all his seeds right on her eggs!

I heard her cry out again…. His muscles tensed and he cried out and with her legs over his shoulders he plunged as deeply as he could and pumped her full of his cum. Seeing that, I orgasmed for the second time. I hadn't climaxed so much in years, but the excitement of seeing my beautiful wife get fucked by someone else, (and beyond her control), was just too much. Zack was still lying on Anita with his cock in her when she pushed him off and began to cry. Zack sat up and tried to comfort her. He started to kiss her and she put her arms around him and kissed him back. His cock was still hard and standing up between them. She knew I was watching and felt guilty that she had allowed him to go all the way with her, felt even more guilty that she had enjoyed it as much as she had… but realized that I must've enjoyed it as much as she had since I hadn't come out of my hiding place and tried to save the day.

The truth was that I felt outnumbered with two guys there… and knew that I would have been a laughing stock had I come out of the closet in the middle of the action and so decided to stay put! Besides, my cock was harder than it had been in a long time… and I wanted to see it to it's obvious conclusion.

She reached down and played with his cock while she rubbed against him and kissed him. They flopped back down on the bed and he began to finger her pussy while she stroked his shaft. I heard her say that she wanted to screw again. He rolled on top of her and slid his cock back in. They were enjoying a leisurely sexual thrash when the other guy walked in and announced…. "I'm next"! Zack wasn't phased, in fact it seemed to spur him on…. Anita was aghast! And she said…. "I'm not screwing both you guys! Get outa here!"

He paid her no mind and stepped out of his pants as he was getting undressed. Anita was pinned beneath Zack and really couldn't do much about it when the other guy laid down next to her….. She felt totally exposed as she was lying there completely naked and with this other guys cock in her… He took her head in his hands and kissed her solidly on her lips, his tongue wiggling it's way deep into her mouth. She squirmed some more and tried to scream but it only came out as a muffled squeal and as she was buffeted between the two bodies she resisted initially but again gave into her primal instincts and submitted to the onset of several male bodies squirming and pushing up against her… it wasn't but a few moments before the pulsating muscles in her cunt started clenching as she climaxed again!

Zack then moved around to her head and held it as he pushed his prick into her mouth. I had another erection by now, and pulled my prick back out of my trousers. I wanked slowly as I watched the two men take it in turns to fuck her cunt and her mouth. She had completely given in to their desires and had become their little "fuck toy". They swapped her around between the two of them, until one of them shot into her cunt. He rolled off, and the other man took his place in her cunt. The first man moved again to her head, and she wrapped her mouth around his cock, sucking off what remained of his cum and her juices. The second man now shot a load up inside her cunt, and rolled off. She moaned and wondered where I was…. What I thought about what had happened…. What I had thought about her giving in to those forbidden desires and liking it and wanting it. She had felt completely overwhelmed with desire and sexual longing and her sexual appetite had been sharpened past the point of no return! She felt completely drained of energy and totally used up.

Zack and the other man quickly got dressed and left….. Anita was lying there quietly sobbing…. Afraid of what I would think, of what I would say. I came out of my hiding place laid down beside her and put her hand on my raging hard on…. Realizing then that I had only been excited by what I saw, she stopped her sniffing and I kissed her full on the lips. My tongue snaked into her mouth and intertwined with hers. I could still taste the man that had left…. His cum was quite strong….. but I somehow thought it as quite sexy. I mounted her with gusto and as I plunged my cock into her cunt I suddenly realized that she had been stretched so much that she could hardly feel me inside of her. As I plunged my cock in and out of her pussy I was displacing their some of their cum and pumping it out of her onto the bed…. The rest of it I was probably pumping further up into her….. She hadn't used any protection and we'd just have to wait it out to see if she was pregnant or not.

That was the taking of her "real" sexual virginity. In the weeks and months following we had expanded "our" lovemaking to include many, many men…. And her enjoyment of each time increased exponentially as she realized that the more "she" enjoyed it… the more "I" would enjoy it!



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