Wife’s First Bi and Black Adventure - 2


Wife’s First Bi and Black Adventure Part 2       Cuckold Story

BY: Bonnie & Dennis

We were finally going to see Carmen and Elton again. Its been almost one month and I have been going crazy with expectation but Dennis’ schedule at his work kept us from meeting any sooner. We arrived at their house at about 7 p.m., and they helped us bring in some food and wine, which we had brought along. We all just chatted in the basement for a while and had a few drinks, but nothing much happened. I was getting a little frustrated and a little nervous. Finally, Carmen told the guys that she and I were going upstairs for a while and would return in a few minutes. The guys said o.k. and seemed to care less. I was totally confused and I asked Carmen what was wrong with the guys as we reached the top of the stairs. She replied that they were just being “guys” and needed a little nudge to get them going.

I followed Carmen into the master bedroom, where she led me into her master closet. “Here”, she said “pick one and lets see if we can jump start their cocks”. My eyes scanned several absolutely beautiful items of lingerie. I picked a light blue “babydoll” outfit with a crotch that snapped close. I was a little shy as I got undressed in front of Carmen but as she donned her white “teddy”, she reached out and cupped my breast and said “your tits look and feel very nice …I like them” . With a quick movement she lifted my tit slightly as she brought her lips to my nipple and gently kissed and then lightly bit my nipple. I was shocked, but greatly turned on as my face began to flush and gave away my excitement.

We went back down to the basement with me leading the way. I saw the look of surprise on both of the guys faces, which then very quickly turned into wide grins of expectations. I went up to Dennis and gave him a great big passionate french kiss that lasted for quite a while as our tongues intertwined with each others like two hungry snakes fighting for supremacy. Dennis helped Elton roll out a huge blanket on the floor and then Elton dimmed the lights and lit the candles. I helped Dennis out of his clothes to where he only had on his briefs. Carmen was doing likewise with Elton. I laid down on the blanket with Dennis and began to caress, and kiss each other with a passion that was growing by the second. Carmen and Elton were lying next to us and we could see her offering her tits to Elton as his hunger for her body increased. Dennis stood up towering over me and removed his briefs as I smiled when I saw his rock hard 8 inch thick cock spring into view. Dennis was now spreading my legs, as I felt his tongue start its wonderous journey to my clit and back. I felt his tongue as it imitated a cock, and he tongue- fucked my pussy. Then Dennis slowed down and just began to taste all the sweet juices that were beginning to flow from my pussy.

Carmen now was astride Elton and she pushed her pussy down on his cock as he began to thrust upward trying to reach the very depths of her pussy. I told Dennis that I couldn’t wait anymore and that I wanted him in me at that moment. With a single thrust Dennis entered me and began a steady pace with his cock. After several orgasms, I was ready for my “big one”, which I always have and when I do, my toes curl so much that they actually hurt or cramp. I wasn’t prepared for Dennis to suddenly yell out “Don’t”, and I felt him gush his male seed into my pulsating pussy. I looked down to see that Carmen was gently squeezing Dennis’ balls and that caused him to cum sooner than I would have liked as I hadn’t had my big climax yet. Carmen released Dennis’ balls and he stood up slowly stroking his cock trying to get some life back into it.

I saw Carmen quickly crawl up between my thighs and begin to clean out Dennis’ cum from my pussy with her tongue as I responded to her efforts with several more small orgasms. As I was totally transfixed by what Carmen was doing to me with her tongue, I hadn’t noticed that Elton was now kneeling beside my face slowly stroking his hard black cock. I realized his presence and I reached out for his black thick cock with my hand. I stroked his cock for a minute or so as Carmen finished her outstanding job on my pussy. I then without the slightest hesitation, I guided Elton’s cock into my mouth as again his fingers began to work their magic on my pussy. I could hear the wetness of my pussy as Elton’s fingers continued their assault on it. I watched as Carmen began to deep throat Dennis’ renewed erection.


Elton now moved between my legs and placed my heels on his broad muscular shoulders. He slowly rubbed his large cockhead up and down my slit preparing his cock and my pussy for the new feeling that I was about to experience. Elton was the same size as Dennis and about the same girth, but his cockhead was extra large and it increased the sensations as he fucked my pussy. Elton’s extremely large balls hung low in his sac and they slapped my ass with their rather hefty weight on each of his strokes into my pussy. Elton leaned forward and kissed me, my mouth opened and my tongue eagerly sought his. His hands clawed at my nipples causing a wonderful mixture of pain and pleasure, as his hips continued to drive his ebony cock deep into my increasingly wet pussy.

Elton sat upright as he continued to pound his cock into my spasming pussy. Dennis brought Carmen over to me and told her to kneel over me with her pussy right over my face. Dennis slowly entered Carmen’s pussy “doggy style”, inches from my mouth. Dennis told Carmen to lower her pussy to where I could tongue her pussy and his cock as he explored the depths of Carmen’s pussy. My heart was racing as I reached up with my arms to encircle Carmen’s ass and began to tongue my first pussy. I began to taste the “cream” that they were both generating from their heated lovemaking. Meanwhile, Elton began to really in earnest hammer my pussy with his cock. I began to taste Elton’s earlier load as it dripped out of Carmen’s pussy and coated Dennis’ balls.

I continued to tongue her pussy and clit when Elton suddenly began to pound my pussy very rapidly while grunting and saying,“here’s my big load for you Bonnie, take it all ”! I felt the warmth of his cum as it splattered deep in my pussy liberally coating the walls with his thick seed, my legs tensed and my toes curled as my “big orgasm” hit me while my pussy pulsated on Elton’s shrinking cock At that point, Dennis began to moan as he began to fill up Carmen’s pussy with my favorite man cum. Dennis pulled out before he finished and the last few streams of his cum splattered all over my face while I was underneath Carmen’s pussy. Carmen got off of my face as Elton knelt down stroking his cock for me to clean off the last few drops of his cum leaking out of his huge cockhead. My tongue eagerly lapped up the remainder of his cum. Dennis was now tasting what Elton had left in my pussy and then we (Dennis and I) shared some passionate kisses while cuddling in each others arms smiling at each other and reaffirming our deep love and trust for one another.

Bonnie and Dennis,
New Jersey



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