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Getting my Wife Another Cock      Cuckold Story

BY: Dee's Hubby

My wife and I discussed entry of another partner or partners in our sex life for about ten years. We used to read forum letters and fantasize together. She was reluctant at first, but became more interested over time. We used to discuss about her sucking a cock while I doggy fucked her on hands and knees. I would ask her to pretend she was sucking another man’s cock while in this position. It was a real turn on for both of us. Dee is 5 feet, 120lbs with beautiful tits, lovely legs and the most beautiful brown eyes, and a lovely bird with a hooded large clit, which just fits between one’s lips, almost like a small cock. With any kind of sexual activity, Dee becomes soaking wet almost instantly. Eventually a night of pleasure occurred more accidental than anything. This was my wife’s first experience with another male, since we married young and she was a virgin when we met. I discussed the matter with a close male friend known to us both and presented the matter to my wife. She (Dee) was 37 and I was 34. We eventually were in four episodes over a six month period with Ion, who was a traveler and when he came in our area we would meet, usually in a hotel room. We moved away and has a few later experiences, but probably never as exciting as the first time.. We often talkabout the joy of the first few experiences, which they were, and find it really arouses us both. The first experience was delightful to us both. I will describe as it occurred. Our friend (Ion) was staying the night at our place. I had presented a possible threesome if my wife wanted it. I told Ion I would call him into the bedroom if my wife agreed. Anyway our friend went to bed around ten in the guest room. Dee and I had a bath together. Dee asked me why Ion was staying the night. I told her it was her chance for the threesome that we had discussed. I asked her if she was ready, but she was reluctant and said, “We shouldn’t” so I let the matter drop. We went to bed and I made her climax by oral sex which was the only way she could reach organism. She was quite excited and came quickly. Then I came in her as was usual after the oral coming. I might add we had sex daily.


We were just going to sleep, hugging each other as was our custom, when Ion knocked on our bedroom door and whispered, “Should I come in.” I opened the door in the semi darkness and he was standing there nude. I took the decision that it was now or never. “Come on’. I said. I got in bed on one side of my nude wife and he got in the other side. Dee rolled over, and hugged me tightly and whispered that we shouldn’t, but didn’t offer to get out of bed. I took this as a license to proceed. Ion put his arm over my wife’s shoulder, and his hand cupped her breast. She jumped slightly and hugged me tightly, then relaxed a little. Here body language was transmitted acutely to me and it was quiet expectation. Ian had a great hard-on which was pressing against her back and bum. I reached behind Dee and helped insert Ion’s penis into my wife’s very wet pussy. It slipped in immediately, since Dee had not washed after me coming in her about five minutes before Ion came into the room. Dee tensed and clung to me tightly, and quickly relaxed as Ian’s prick slipped into her. I whispered “is it in”. Dee started to move slightly accommodating Ion’s cock. I was excited beyond belief. With Dee clinging to me, I mentally felt her suppressed pleasure- exotic beyond belief. Her with another man's penis in her and hugging me. Looking back that moment was very exquisite for me. It’s hard to describe the feeling going through me as my wife was hugging me and another man’s penis was in her. Utter excitement, and an almost breath-taking feeling of pleasure. I was experiencing her pleasure mentally as she held on to me tightly. and her body responded gently while Ion’s cock worked her pussy. He came within about three minutes. Ion withdrew and Dee rolled over on her back. and we both sort of stroked her body between us and kissed her tits, and quietly discussed the event. Ion got hard again and mounted Dee in the missionary position. She thoroughly enjoyed this and I watched her grasping his behind with her hands and hugging and responding as she usually did with me. After Ion came again I mounted Dee and totally enjoyed the soaking wet pussy. It was incredible just how soaking wet she was with her own juices and Ion’s come in her. It was such a turn on. I came almost immediately. Now as I write this I am excited. We all went to sleep after some soothing talk with Dee lying between us, and in the morning Ion was gone before we woke up. In the morning my wife was very quiet and embarrassed looking sort of sheepish and getting breakfast we didn’t say much as I went off to work. That evening we discussed the threesome and had great sex reliving the experience. Looking back on this first time still gives me great joy. We had four experiences with Ion, the next ones being far more extensive, since we had overcome the initial shyness, all most enjoyable. We were never real swingers, just a healthy couple expanding our sexual worlds and it was all positive. Finding participants was the biggest problem; discussing partner swapping with friends has its risks. The first time threesome was probably the most exciting, since for us we were breaking new ground.



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