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BY: Cheryl

Last weekend I went over to Don and Mary's house without Jerry to see just how Don wanted to be repaid for getting Bob off of my back literally. When I arrived they were having drinks on their lanai and invited me to join them. They asked about Jerry and I told them he was busy with a client but might come over later that evening. After a couple of drinks the subject of payback came up and Mary asked if she should excuse herself to give Dave and me some privacy. "Of course not", I replied. You are entitled to watch or join in if you like. It was obvious that this was the answer she was looking for and the three of us retired to the master bedroom where we all undressed as casually as if we were just going to bed for the night.

Don couldn't keep his eyes off of my breasts as I undressed and when I slipped out of my panties he came over and kissed me on my vaginal lips while lifting me up and depositing me in the middle of their king sized bed. Talk about good oral sex! Don was licking and tasting and rubbing my clitoris with a professional touch until I told him it was my turn to do something for him. With that he rolled over on his back, and that was a good thing because of his impressive size. At 6'3" and 240+ lbs he could crush me by being on top. I began to lick his tool and it started to rise up to the challenge immediately. When he was good and hard I tried to deep throat him as he is only about 8" long but pretty thick. I could get him almost in my mouth up to his balls but was having trouble breathing due to his girth. Meanwhile Mary was licking me from behind and I was sure I felt one of her vibrators humming in preparation for the next thing she had planned. This caused me to lubricate so much that my juices were running down my leg and Don was getting ready to blow his load down my throat. "Hold on big fella," I said I want to get that thick thing in my snatch and right now.

Moving over him I positioned my pussy above his rock hard dick and slowly descended down on it until I had an inch or two locked in my pusssy lips and he was thrusting up to meet me. I continued to lower my vagina until I had him wet all the way to his balls and he was in seventh heaven. I like to be on top of a really big man as it gives me a lot more control. I rode him like a bronco for several minutes until he said he was ready to shoot. "I want to cum with you Don so hold out for a minute if you can." Then I began to rock back and forth to get the maximum stimulation to my clitoris while moving up and down and clenching my kegel muscles at the same time to bring him off.


This worked so well that we came together in an explosive orgasm and I collapsed on his massive chest while catching my breath. Mary meanwhile not wanting to be left out began to use the vibrator on my ass and this is something I am not into as yet. I rolled off of Don and pulled Mary over me while I sucked her tits and then we rotated into a 69 for mutual pussy munching. It took me a few minutes to cum again, but Mary was all worked up having watched her husband take me and she came immediately. When I had my second orgasm Don was now ready for a repeat performance and he took me doggie style while I licked Mary between her legs and with every vigorous thrust Don made, caused Mary to get an extra charge to the mouth of her pussy. Soon both of them were cumming and I was again on the edge.

We all rested together on the bed until Jerry rang the bell and brought a bottle of champagne for us to celebrate with. We ended up drinking the bottle and sending Jerry out for another and it was almost dawn when Jerry and I went back home with everyone but Jerry getting off that night. However, Mary promised his turn will be next.

Bob phoned today and wants to come back this week for another visit and Jerry has promised that there will be no more tricks so we'll see what happens. Will keep you posted.

Cheryl & Jerry
Tampa, Florida



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