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I Resisted, but Not Enough!      Cuckold Husband Story

BY: Ms. Marie

I was shocked! My husband,, asked me to make love to another man right in front of him…….. and I didn't know what to say. He told me that he had always been a voyeur and that was what got him excited the most. The whole thought of making love to another man (especially in front of him) really had me thinking that he was a bit strange, or a bit queer. No matter how you looked at it, it certainly wasn't an accepted act! Not sure exactly how to react to this request and we talked about it quite a bit. I admitted that there were times when I would fantasize about other men, or men without faces. But fantasies are one thing, and actually doing it quite another. A little about us… We've been married about a year, I'm 27, and he's 35. I'm about 5'6", 125lbs with "C" breasts and a flat stomach. He's about 6'0", 190 lbs, muscular and with some sexy hair on his chest and very strong arms.

While on the one hand it did excite me a little to think about the possibilities…. Although I wouldn't tell him that I did "play" with the thought from time to time. Anyway… one day we were out drinking and dancing and I had danced a few dances with another guy who had asked me. When I went back to the table my husband leaned over and whispered…. "Would you like to make it with that guy?" I got a little red-faced and I'm sure I was blushing enough to light up the room… but I answered, "No! I don't want to go to bed with anyone but you!" He replied "I saw you up there!" (speaking of me dancing with the stranger) "and you certainly seemed to be enjoying yourself!" "AND if you had pushed up against him any harder you'd have done it right there on the dance floor!"

He was right… I had been enjoying myself and I had enough drinks in me to relax… and for a few moments there I had forgotten about him being in the audience and had just relaxed and gone with the flow. Rich, the guy I was dancing with, was an attractive man about 6 ft tall, strong and very muscular. He had curly hair and a very disarming manner. I was attracted, but the thought of going to bed with him hadn't even entered into my mind.


My husband said, "wouldn't you?" He was prodding now… and I felt as though he was trying to inject something else into it that wasn't there. I replied, "No!"

Well, that was about it that night as we went home together and I had almost forgotten all about it but when we were making love….. He asked me if I was thinking about the other guy? I told him that I hadn't been but he pressed on and we talked about it for a long time that night. I was feeling a little strange as I sorta felt that he wanted to see me do something that would cause us to break up! But then I was kind of curious as to whether he would get jealous or not. Maybe because I was secretly hoarding some sexy thoughts myself!

He assured me that he wasn't trying to get something against me or to break up… he just wanted to "watch". Then he suggested that maybe the next time we go out… I could just "make out" with another guy while he watched? We continued to talk about it with him stressing that he would stay out of sight and would only watch! And that I didn't have to do anything but make out with him, but that right after the guy would leave… we would make love! He kept stressing that watching made him super excited and that I should do it for him.

Well, after some time went by, I began thinking that there wasn't any thing wrong with making out with some guy as long as I didn’t go all the way and "we" made love afterwards. It would be like a marital aid! Besides I think that in the back of my mind I kinda wanted to experiment too! It was kind of an exciting thought. Anyway, many nights when we would make love he would whisper in my ear that "he" was watching from a closet… or behind the drapes… I found myself becoming excited with the thought.

Anyway… One night while fixing us drinks he suddenly said "Tonight's the night, Honey!" As he slid up next to me, handed me a drink and tried to nuzzle my neck.

I knew instinctively what he was talking about but had to play dumb… and said "Tonight's the night for what, Honey??" I took the drink out of his hand and took a sip.

"I wanna watch you make out with some guy tonight, get him all hot and then come back and make love to me!"

"Are you sure that you wouldn't get mad?" I took another sip of the drink he had made, as it seemed like a good thing to do to make the answer seem casual.

"Yes, Honey… I'm sure I wouldn't get mad! But I can't promise that I won't get HOT! And I know that "Shorty" will give you a standing salute!

" Shorty " was his playful name for his cock. Whenever he felt like playing… he would refer to his cock that way. "O.K. I'll go out this one night but if I can't find someone that I like to pick me up… the deal is off OK?

"All ya gotta do is enjoy yourself, dance as much as you want to with whomever you want… I don't want to push you into anything! But me and "Shorty" want to see you get "hot" with someone! And then we'll finish you off afterwards!"


He took my hand and placed in over his crotch pressing himself against me and making it obvious that he had a partial erection! I smiled and we kissed! We made love and I played with the thought of making love to a different man! The fantasy wasn't necessarily a different fantasy but now it was a possible fantasy and I found the thought very exciting! He made love to me for almost an hour. I could tell he was more excited than usual… and that in turn made me more excited. Normally I find it difficult to cum, but tonight seemed different in that not only was I wetter than I normally am, but I came in rather short order. And he, right behind me!

It was Friday and we drove out to the outskirts of town and he dropped me off at a popular bar that we are not known at. He said he'd be in a few minutes to watch from a distance and keep track of what was going on to make sure things didn't go awry. I was to sit at the bar and order a drink…. But after the few I had already had at home… I felt that I wouldn't need too much more and should limit the drinks that I got there. I went to the bar and ordered a drink… it wasn't but a few moments before someone started to hit on me. Several guys sitting at a table nearby started talking to me. I told them that I was waiting for a friend. One of them eventually asked me if I would like to dance? I told him that I would but only until my friend arrived! We danced and talked… and he returned to the bar with me to talk.

The second guy got up and walked with me to the dance floor, which was pretty crowded…. It was a fast dance… and we danced several dances… then I came back to where I was seated at the bar and he to the table where the other guys were… Then another guy asked me to dance…. And it was a slow dance! I said ok… and we walked to the dance floor and as he pulled me to him it seemed as though he was a professional dancer as he moved so fluidly and harmonically. Then almost as a compliment to his dancing skills, he managed to whisper in my ear that he loved the way that I moved! I felt as though he had done this many times before and he knew his compliments took him to higher levels. My heard swirled as I listened to his compliments and felt his hard body come together with mine along with the tempo of the music. This time I accompanied him back to their table rather than returning to the bar…. He was a tall rather muscular guy with broad shoulders and small waist and hip s. He looked like he could handle himself in any sort of rough situation but had a big friendly smile that beguiled those rough and tumble cave man charms and made him appear much more like a Mr. Nice guy!

I found myself looking at him and wondering how good a kisser he was??? I wondered if he would make a pass or not? I wondered what he thought of me? And then dismissed those thoughts as I thought of my husband sitting at the bar…… and watching. I glanced over in his direction and saw him smiling at me.

I stayed and talked with Mr. Nice guy and all the others at the table and they all bought me several drinks. At one point I had 3 drinks in front of me. I found myself laughing and having a good time in spite of being aware of my husband sitting in the background watching me! In fact… I was beginning to enjoy this sexy little game. Maybe it was the drinks, maybe it was the sexy dancing that we'd been doing, maybe it was his intoxicating compliments, but I was definitely starting to enjoy myself.

With my husband in the background watching I felt safe, maybe too safe, but I was enjoying the moment and I just wanted to let it all happen and didn't want it to stop!

The drinks were having their desired effects, and I staggered and almost fell when I stood up to dance one time…. Sitting back down I said that I thought that I had, had enough! Mr. Nice guy offered to give me a ride home since my friend hadn't showed up… and I accepted! I was a little tipsy when we left and he had his arm around me to help steady me as we walked to the door. His hand gripped my waist a little stronger than "I thought" necessary… but then he was trying to get a cheap "feel" out of it too because his fingers stretched out around my stomach below my breasts and it seemed as though he was trying to hold "all of me" All this excited me very much as I could feel the anticipation build and my heart beat faster…. I knew it might not happen tonight but it looked as though it might!

I glanced over at my husband as we walked out the door and he started walking out at about the same time. We went our way to his car … The plan was for my husband to follow us and I would make out with him in the parking lot giving my husband a chance to get up to the apartment first.

It took only about 15 or 20 minutes to make the trip to my apartment and park in the parking lot. As my husband ran up the steps to the apartment house we were parking in the lot, I leaned my head against my dates shoulder and put my hand around his bicep. Boy! This guy had an arm on him! I almost swooned right there! He leaned down and kissed me… I kissed him back allowing his tongue to explore the dark recesses of my mouth. His left hand ran his fingers thru my hair and pulled my head back slightly and I felt the unmistakable desire to succumb to his advances right then and there! My arms went around him and pulled him to me…. The next thing I knew he had his hand up inside my blouse kneading my breast and playing with my nipple! I tried to put him off but he was very insistent…. I allowed him to feel my breasts and tweak my nipples. I was breathing so hard that even I was aware of my breathing. Then he tried to put his hand down into my panties! I was already wet! God, I felt as though I was so wet that he could "fall in" I was overwhelmed with all the attention I was getting… or maybe it was the alcohol, but whatever it was I was permitting him more latitude than I wanted to! I was resisting but my resistance was ebbing. I felt his fingers swirling around my clit and bringing me ever so close to getting off… This was advancing more quickly than I wanted… being out of practice, I found him hard to put off… and doubly so, that I didn't really want to put him off!


God! I was going to get laid out in the parking lot and this guy wasn't even going to wait to get into my apartment. I told him that this was all wrong… we had just met and didn't even know each other yet. He merely pulled me down into the seat… and I felt my skirt ride up my leg. His leg was between mine and pressing strongly against my damp crotch. Mr. Nice guy was going crazy sucking on my big tits of and I was going crazy letting him! He kept taking my hand and putting it on his cock, which was as hard a rock making a tent out of the front of his pants. I finally gave in and started to stroke his cock on the outside of his pants. He reached over and unzipped his fly… so I reached in and took it out. He was much larger than my husband was… If I had to say I would say that my husband was about 6" and about an inch thick, this guy was about 8" and easily twice as thick! Soon, I had his huge cock out of his pants and was stroking the shaft. His cock was so big th at my hand just did cover it when I was stoking him. His precum was very copious and was getting all over my hands. One drop fell on my wrist and I couldn't resist tasting it. It had a bittersweet taste and tasted very good.

My heart was pounding and I was hotter n hell… I wanted to let this guy fuck me right there in the parking lot! But I knew that my husband was upstairs hiding in the apartment and he's wondering what the heck is taking us so long… and all I'm supposed to be doing is "making out" with him! I broke our kiss and told him that making out in the car is not my idea of a good time… and invited him up to my place. That way at least my husband could watch and that was what the plan was.

My heart was pounding as I opened the front door to the apartment… I peeked inside first just to make sure that Guy wasn't out where he could be seen… and then brought in my date. I couldn't see my husband peering out of the closet bi-fold door but I knew that he was there and hoped that this would go by without a hitch. I turned on the TV and asked if he would like a drink. He replied that he would like anything that I fixed and followed me into the kitchen. My husband couldn't see us in there and I tried to get my date to leave the kitchen … but he was a very insistent man and I found him difficult to control. At one point he had me backed up against the counter kissing me. His hands were everywhere! I know that Guy couldn't see what was going on in the kitchen, which made it even more exciting. He could hear us them rustling together and could hear my moans and then my protests… and then my moans again. It again seemed like forever before I could get him out of the kitchen and when I did, I realized that my blouse had been pulled out and all but two buttons had been undone! My face was flushed and I felt unsteady… he walked up behind me putting his arms around and pulling me back into him. I sighed, leaned back into him, tossed my head back and kissed him. His hands ran up inside my blouse cupping my breasts and pushing my bra up out of the way. As he pressed himself into my buttocks I became aware of his huge hard on and started pressing back into him.

We went over and sat on the divan where we started making out some more. I was breathing heavily and definitely getting into it as I was hotter than I've been in a long time as the combination of all the alcohol, sexy dancing and all the sexual pressures took effect. He started pressing harder playing with my nipples…. And that's something that can get me off, by itself! He had undone my bra and unbuttoned my blouse… He had my bra up around my neck as he licked and suckled on one nipple and then the other. He pulled me down so that I was half lying on the couch and half sitting… licking at my throat and tweaking my nipple and trying to get in my pants all at the same time! I peered up over his shoulder and could see my husband peeking out from behind the closet door… sneaking like a little kid!

All of a sudden I got this impulse to take the action into the bedroom where my husband had a much better view! Right there in the bedroom within a few feet of the closet my husband was hiding in! I knew that there was a definite danger of losing control in there… but I wanted him to see what he wanted to see! I wanted him to see that this guy had a cock almost twice as big as his! I wanted him to see that I was so very turned on too! And I knew that we would make love later after my date had left!

I told him that the bedroom was a lot more comfortable… he agreed and we got up and went into the bedroom. When we got there he almost immediately took off his pants! I said, Oops! I'm sorry, I not ready to get naked yet… just thought this would be more comfortable. He replied "This is more comfortable" and pulled me to him. I struggled a little but then gave in as my husband did want to see some action! And sooooooo, so action he would see! I still had on my skirt, panties and blouse having discarded my bra and figured that, that was as low as I would go! The next thing I knew I was on my back on the bed and he was covering me with kisses! I decided to relax and go with the flow and let it happen! But to stop at going all the way… I was already hot! And I figured that my husband was quite hot too. But he wanted to see me really tease this guy…. So I decided to be a little bolder than I initially had planned.

He pulled my head over to his and kissed me deeply while his hands wandered over my body. He was tweaking my nipples one minute and rubbing my clit the next… my hands found his cock and began stroking it … It felt so heavy and huge in my hands and I thought that this guy would make a good actor in some of those X rated movies I'd seen. His cock seemed to have a life of it's own and holding it in my hands seemed to make it all sort of surreal.

I broke the kiss with him and told him that I thought it was too early to get too familiar and I wanted to keep my panties on! He nuzzled my neck and mummered something about not going any further than I really wanted to. He just wanted me to relax and lay back and enjoy myself.

He kissed me again and I relaxed…. He was quite a good kisser and I found this whole thing to be quite stimulating. He pulled me back into a reclining position and showered me with kisses. I felt my dress up around my hips as he started to work my panties down. I grabbed his hand with my hand and told him that I was going to keep my panties on! He kissed me deeply and as his tongue invaded my mouth he took my hand and put it back on that huge cock. He returned to my crotch and started massaging me on the outside of my panties. I was hotter than hell and wetter than Niagara Falls at this point and his finger found it's way past the crotch of my panties and into my cunt. I told him no! but he didn't stop! I started to tell him again and he interrupted me and pleaded "just for a little while?"

God it felt so good that I didn’t' want him to stop but I didn't want it to go any further either! I told him "You'll have to stop when I say. I want to keep my panties on!" He told me "OK" and showered my neck with wet kisses while he swirled his finger around my clit and massaged my breast while tweaking my nipple. God this guy was good! I felt overwhelmed with desire and was hotter than a firecracker. He had stirred feelings that I hadn't felt in ages. I closed my eyes, laid my head back dreamily and tried to imagine how good it would be to let this great seducer of women have his way with me. If my husband hadn't been in the closet watching, I might have given in right then.

His manipulation of my clit was driving me up the wall. I was getting very close to orgasm but it seemed that there was a barrier there. A hurdle to be cleared. His hand now sticking down inside the front of my panties massaging me while the other hand worked at the elastic sides trying to work my panties off. My hands again went to his indicating that I didn't want him to take my panties off…. That's when he slowly started working his tongue magic.


He started at my neck licking and lightly sucking… then on to each breast in turn giving particular attention to my nipples…. Then as he massaged and tweaked my nipples with his fingers he slid slowly down licking my breasts and then tonguing slowly down to my belly button then to my lower abdomen and on to between my legs where he began to lick first my thighs. God he was going to eat me! And then his mouth found it's way around the crotch of my panties to my clit… I was in heaven! I drew my legs up in submission as his tongue slurped up my juices and he pulled the crotch of my panties aside and sucked my clit in and out of his mouth! His arms pushed my legs back and up even further, I felt as though I was spread further than I had ever been before. He relentlessly tongued and sucked at my cunt alternately flicking my clit with his tongue and sucking it up inside his mouth! I could feel the unmistakable urgings of my climax starting to build. My hands found the back of his head and I tried to guide him so as to help find my release. My other hand twisted the blankets as I cried out with one of the biggest orgasms I have ever had! I had never cum with a man going down on me before!

At the same time I felt him tugging at the elastic again only while in the throes of a climax it wasn't hard to over look and with my legs in the air I relented and melted like butter as his hands pulled gently on the elastic of my panties … My bottom was even lifted which allowed him to raise my panties… but not take them off! They were pulled up to my knees with him between my legs still sucking at my cunt! As my climax subsided I felt him moving up kissing each little area as he went, lingering at my breasts to tease my nipples back to attention. As our lips joined in a very sexy french kiss I felt pressure against my vagina that I suddenly realized was his cock which was pushing insistently against my vagina to gain admittance. He had crawled up between my legs and in-between my panties so that my legs were "locked" around him and he was poised above me with a rock hard cock in a perfect position to thrust deeply into me! Hey! The head was already in! He was entering my cunt and I couldn't stop it! I couldn't do anything! I was in the wrong position to try to do anything! He was between my legs sprayed wide around him with my panties around my knees. My legs were back almost to my shoulders as he was poised above me with a rock hard cock which had already slipped, now, 1/2 way up inside me! I moaned as he slowly pushed in the rest of his cock…. Deep, deep, deep inside me! My protests came out as muffled cries not very distinguishable from normal lovemaking sounds as we kissed. God! There was nothing that I could do. He started pumping and I could feel him thrusting ever so deep inside me. Displacing more area than I was used to and giving me a "full" feeling that was very pleasurable. I felt so tight as he stroked in and out…. I could feel the sides of my pussy pulling and sucking on his cock as it ever so slowly slid in and out, deeper and deeper … I was overwhelmed with another orgasm just moments later … and then I felt h im speed up holding my legs very high to maximize his deep thrusts and slamming into me, over and over and over I felt his pubic bone battering into my clit! His hands strongly gripping my buttocks and could feel his tension as he started cumming…. He held my legs high and stayed just as deep as he could. I could tell that he was trying to breed me as I came yet again!

I glanced over to the closet door and while I couldn't see my husband stroking his own cock inside the closet, I did know that he was either in his own heaven or I'd never hear the end of it! … And while I worried a little excessively about that initially… I was quickly forgiven for having given in so easily… and I'm now his "HOT WIFE" and love it! I now go out on regular dates! ?

I owe it all to that first date. If I hadn't met a guy that was as experienced as that guy was and who was as hard to put off as he was… and who was so sneaky about getting his huge cock into me, I might never have discovered the joys of being a HOT WIFE! But now there is no turning back!

Ms. Marie

N. Virginia



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