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Cheryl is Slowing Down       Cuckold Story

BY: Cheryl

Just have to tell you about Cheryl's last, (well not final) adventure. We are beginning to feel the heat here in Florida and even in the A/C it gets too hot for Cheryl sometimes.

Last night was a good example as we were playing cards with another couple and getting bored when Cheryl said, "let's play a little strip poker." Well, Cheryl is the world's worst strip poker player and I knew she just wanted to get poked. Don, one of our newest friends is a really large man and his wife Mary is considerably smaller. I think Cheryl described them in an earlier story.

Well, to get to the point we played a few hands and Cheryl was down to her panties, while the rest of us were almost fully dressed. It seems she was all too eager to lose the game. I looked over and saw Don eyeing Cheryl's tits and salivating and Mary just looked amused. The next hand Cheryl lost again and the panties were thrown into the corner and I said, "You're out of the game as you have nothing more to lose." When Cheryl replied, "Oh no, the winner of the next hand gets to order me to do anything he or she wishes". Now Cheryl isn't bi or at least I have never thought so and the game went on.

Mary won the next hand and told Cheryl that she had to fuck Don while she and I got to watch. That seemed to be just what Cheryl had been waiting for and she immediately laid down on the carpet and invited Don to climb on. What a mistake! Don is just too darn big in every way for him to be on top. Also, Mary complained that we couldn't see too well with him on top, all we could see was his naked ass.

Cheryl got up and Don laid down and by this time his rod was standing straight up. Oh, about 8"+ and as big around as a beer can from where I was sitting. "Honey, would you go get me the KY jelly?" Cheryl asked and off I ran to the bath to get it.


"Now would you please put some in my pussy and spread some on Don's dick for me",she asked. Well, I never, at least not that I can remember touched another man's dick, but Mary said that she wanted to see that too, so I did it! What a rod that man has. It was as hard as a baseball bat and looked as dangerous, at least to me.

Cheryl now slowly let herself slide down Don's pole until he was in about halfway and then she raised up and wanted more KY jelly applied. I think she just wanted me to touch his dick again as she laughed when she said it. Okay, one more time I spread the stuff and backed off. With that Cheryl dropped down completely and his balls were mashed against her ass as she took him in all the way and began to buck and ride him like a cowgirl. This went on for several minutes until the sweat was pouring off of her even with the A/C and the ceiling fan running full speed. Don was about to blow his load and Cheryl who normally can cum in a minute or less was having a little trouble getting off. "Honey, would you get my vibrator", she asked? Now that is a new one and I again went to get the vibrator but didn't know what for. It turned out that she needed it to stimulate her clitorus as Don was in a position that didn't rub it the right way.

Now Cheryl was cumming and begging Don to shoot when suddenly they both exploded together and collapsed on the carpet. Now I had to run again to get a couple of towels to wipe up the cum and dry them off. Hell, it looked like I was doing most of the work.

Then while Don rested Mary wanted to play and she began to lick Cheryl's pussy while her naked ass. (Yes she stripped too while all this was going on) was up in the air. Never having screwed a woman while she was being eaten, my wife now became my next goal and I slipped my smaller dick into her pussy which she accepted like she couldn't even feel it. After Don, I'm not surprised.

Anyway we all came at least twice more and the evening turned into a lot of fun, but Cheryl is sleeping in this morning and complaining that she is getting too old for all this stuff. I'll believe that when she stops initiating the action.

Cheryl & Jerry
Tampa, Florida



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