Cuckold Walk on the Beach


A Walk on the Beach for Three       Cuckold Story

BY: Sue

My husband Tom has been one who always likes put me on the spot. He has always meant it in fun but I was always the ‘fall guy’ for his pranks. An example would be the time Eric went bowling with us and when we finished our games we stopped by the club for a few drinks. When we were ready to leave Tom asked Eric, “Want to come home with us and help me keep Sue from falling out of bed”. When these pranks occurred I would shake my head or just laugh or say something like, “In your dreams”! These were things that happened every now and then and I tell you this so that you will understand the rest of my story because I always wondered if I could ever be bold enough to let it backfire on Tom.

This past summer we went to a beach where our friend Greg has a beach house. Greg invited us to come for a week and we accepted. Greg and Patsy have been divorced for about three years now and we’ve been able to maintain friendship with both of them.

We arrived and it was about mid-week when the real action began. I don’t know how Tom did it but it all had to have been premeditated and planned out. Tom thought that he would put me to the real test of temptation. Greg suggested packing the backpack with some snack food and taking a beach blanket and that the three of us go for a twilight evening walk on the beach. That night was to be the full moon. I thought that it was a great idea.

When evening came we walked along the beach as the waves pounded the shoreline. The guys wore their bathing suits because we considered maybe a late evening swim. I wore one of my two pieces and loved them to be revealing. I love the attention and so does Tom. I even liked catching Greg glancing at me all the time. You know what I mean! The way a guy keeps checking out a girl but acts like he’s not looking.

We set up our stuff and we had the entire beach to ourselves. I was overcome by the beauty of the ocean as I walked right up to where the water just hit my feet. When I turned around I was totally flabbergasted at the sight of Greg and Tom sitting on the blanket totally naked. There was a space between them and they both made a gesture to me that the space was for me. The thoughts in my head were mixed. I thought it to be another prank but then I also thought that two stiff cocks pointing to the sky was more than a prank. So I decided within seconds that I would play Tom’s little setup.

I approached them and stood right at their feet looking down at them. Greg had an unusually thick cock which instantly aroused me. Tom’s cock has a reputation of being a pussy pleaser as well but the thickness of Greg overwhelmed me. I left no doubt in Tom’s mind that I was studying Greg’s delicious meat.


I sat down between them and reached out a hand in both their directions. Their cocks were magnetic at drawing my hands towards them. I wrapped my left hand around Tom’s rod and a split second later wrapped my right hand around Greg’s. They were both warm and throbbing. They both felt good in my hands and I began working their meat. Their bodies were responding to my touches.

After several minutes of touching and no talking I began to feel Tom nudging my side causing me to lean towards Greg. I looked at Tom and he nodded as to give approval. It pleased me because I now wanted so much to taste Greg’s meat. I let go of Tom and moved myself over onto my knees between Greg’s thighs without letting go of his cock. Greg became more and more under my control as I worked him. I had both hands wrapped around his inviting love stick and began a twisting movement and slow stroke at the same time.

Tom got up onto his knees behind me and unhooked my top. As my chest sprang open towards Greg I felt his excitement in his massive meat. It excited me more to watch him look at me. I stood up and Tom instinctively pulled down my bottoms and I kicked them away. I knelt back down, grabbed Greg’s cock, leaned forward and tried to put as much of it that I could into my mouth. Greg was squirming further stimulating me. He propped himself up onto his elbows so that he could watch me. I made deep eye contact with him and told him, “Mmmmmm how good you taste!” I then felt Tom start pushing his meat into me from behind. It felt so good that I sucked Greg uncontrollably. Even the warm late evening air seemed to be making love to us.

As Tom pumped me and I sucked Greg unconstrained, I couldn’t help thinking that I wanted also to fuck Greg’s cock. The head of his joy toy was thick and I wanted so much to feel if enter my pussy that was now well prepared. I didn’t know if this would be a one time chance or a first time event. But as we all continued our activity I began to feel Tom swell in my love hole and Greg began to swell in my mouth. I knew they were both about to spew their juices. I removed Greg’s cock from my mouth and began pumping him as he jerked and moaned. Tom continued to swell and suddenly began to erupt inside of me as I tried to quench my loud screams. At that same moment Greg’s cock began to shoot load after load of his juice straight up into the air as I continued to beat him off after which I licked off the head of his incredible love toy.

The next morning Tom quizzed me on the action which took place the night before. All I could say was, “Before we leave here you’ve got to let me ride his cock!” I made no hesitation in telling Tom that he can set it up or I can, but it was definitely going to happen. Two nights later on our last night it happened.




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