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I am the male half of a couple that has enjoyed the excitement of sex for many years. From my standpoint I have enjoyed the exhilaration from not only having sex with women outside my marriage but also the stimulation of watching my wife having sex with other men. I know that we both enjoy the sex life style now but it wasn't always this way. I would like to tell you about the night that I found out that she enjoyed it as much as I did.

Let me start by telling you a little bit about us. We were both raised in small towns in central California a few miles apart. We were married when we were both teenagers with very little sexual experience for either one of us. No matter what you hear about the sixties and the sexual revolution it wasn't alive and well in central California back in the mid-to-late sixties. When we meet she was a virgin and I had only had sex with two girls.

One of the main problems with marring so young is that there always comes a time when you start feeling like you have missed-out on something. You never had the chance to experience other sexual partners. I was no different, those thoughts starting creeping into my mind about eight years after we were married. We would go to parties and there would always be the single guys that seemed to be with a different girl at every party. I thought it was just a guy thing, but guys let me break it to you the girls have the same thoughts.

When you really love your partner even though you have those kinds of thoughts you tend to push them back in your mind and focus on the other things that make you life together so great. But for some of us no matter how hard we try to ignore those thoughts they just keep coming back. You know you don't want to cheat on your wife. Its not just about having sex with other people, its about exploring new sexual adventures.

My wet dreams have always seemed to center on my wife and I having new and exciting sexual adventures together. It wasn't just about me having sex with other women but also watching her having sex with other men. The thought of watching her in bed with another man and having his cock buried deep in her pussy always caused and instant erection for me.

I wanted so much to make my dreams of these adventures come true but I had two problems to overcome. First was how do you break this to your wife and how is she going to except the idea. Next was were do you find other people who think like you do and are interested in having this kind of sex. This, I might add was before the days of the Internet with chat room and the like.

One day I ran across a magazine with amateur photographs. I thumbed through the magazine and found that they were pictures of nude women that had been posted by or with their husbands or boyfriends approval. There was also a forum in the back of the magazine that related stories from couples about their swinging adventures. There were stories about 3-somes, 4-somes, swinging parties as well as sexual adventures between the couples alone.


That night when my wife and I were both in bed I brought the magazine out and we started reading some of the stories together. We or should I say I started with a story of a couple on an exotic vacation. Then onto stories about two couples involved in a 4-some. As we read the stories one by one I reached down between her legs and rubbed her pussy. Her panties were soaked and I was very pleased that the stories were having their desired effect on her.

After we put the magazine aside and I had my cock buried deep in her pussy I commented on how much the stories had turned her on. She denied it at first but soon confessed that indeed the stories were very stimulating. We started using these stories as a regular stimulation for our sex life. She got to the point she was looking forward to reading the stories as much as I was.

After a period of time during our after story time sex I started asking her if she would like to be involved in our own sexual adventures like the ones in the story. Her initial reply was that she wasn't interested in doing anything of the kind. I was the only man she ever wanted in her sex life. But as any good salesman will tell you, you never take no for an answer. As I persisted in my asking her she finely broke-down and said that it might be fun and she might be interested if I really wanted to. But we would have to find another couple that we enjoyed being with and they had to be from out of the area. She definitely didn't want anybody in town knowing what we were doing.

I bought a swingers magazine with adds from other couples. We meet with two couple over the next few months and I finely got to enjoy a 4-some with another couple. The sight of my wife being fucked by another man was every bit as exhilarating as I thought it would be. As was the thrill of having sex with another woman in the same bed as my wife while she was having sex with another man.

When we were with the couples we met my wife seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. She would laugh with them and always had at least two orgasms during the nights we would play. However afterwards when I would ask her if she had enjoyed herself she would always say that she had but she was only doing it because I wanted to.

As time went by it was really getting to the point that I was questioning whether we should continue in the life style or not. We had found out quite by accident that a couple that we were real close friends with also enjoyed swinging and our friendship with them had expanded into a sexual relationship. The wife seemed to enjoy our encounters with them but it seemed that every time I suggested something involving swinging to her, her answer would be "I don't care, what ever you would like to do."


Through one of the swingers publications I received I learned of a "party house" not too far from us. We had never been to a commercial party house before but the thought of it seemed enticing to me so I suggested going to my wife. The answer was the same as always "I don't care, what ever you want to do." I checked it out and gave them a called to learn more about it. They explained that there was a small cover charge at the door to cover the food and drinks and what not. They operated the parties out of a large house located in the country in a secluded location. They had three bedrooms, one was used as an orgy room and the other two bedrooms were divided off into private areas. They also had a hot tub, as well as open areas were you could mingle with the other couples.

We started going to this party house and enjoyed the people we meet there. It was for couples only but on rare occasions a single could attend with the permission from the management. They seemed to have a regular clientele who frequented their parties but new people also seemed to be found at their parties.

We had met and partied with about three different couples during our first few trips to these parties. We were never pressured and found it a great atmosphere to have fun in. Up to this point in time we had only partied with other couples we had never had a 3-some with another male or female. All of the times we had meet and partied with another couple, whether it was at one of these parties or through correspondence with another couple was always initiated by me. My wife was always a willing participant but she would never initiate a conversation or suggest anything with any of the couples we would meet. This all changed at one of the parties we attended.

One Saturday I ask the wife if she would like to go out that night. She said it sounded fine to her and ask were I wanted to go. I told her I thought we might drive over to the party house which meet with her usual reply "OK, what ever you want to do," We dropped the kids at the sitters and arrived at the party house at about 9:00PM that night.

The crowed seemed rather small that night and none of the couple we had previously meet were there. We got a glass of wine and some munchies and mingled for a while. I asked the wife if she would like to get another glass of wine and take a hot tub. She agreed that it sounded good and we went to one of the changing rooms to remove our clothes and put on a robe.

The hot tub was located in an area that had been the garage before being closed off and made into a hot tub room now. When we got to the hot tub there were about 5 or 6 people already in it. There were two couples and a couple of guys relaxing in the warm water when we walked up to the tub. As we walked up to the tub one of the guys in the tub looked over at Mia (my wife) and said the water is great come on in.

Mia smiled at him, she removed her robe and climbed the steps and entered the warm water. As she climbed into the tub everybody in the tub got a great view of her shaved pussy and her beautiful round breast. The gentleman that had invited her in moved over a little and offered her a set. He was located on the far side of the tub from where she entered at so she wadded across the tub allowing him a great look at her breast and set-down beside him.

I removed my robe and followed her into the water. There were enough people in the tub that the only open spot available was on the far side of the tub to where Mia was setting. I introduced myself and Mia to the other people in the tub and set back enjoying the water. Mia was talking to her new friend and I started a conversation with the other two couples in the tub.

One of the girls in the tub, a very pretty young blond was located to my right. As we were chatting in the warm water she stated that she was getting too hot and climbed out and sit on the edge of the tub between her husband and me. As she was setting just a few feet from me at the edge of the tub she turned herself toward me with her legs spread just enough to show off her beautiful well trimmed pussy, I could feel my cock starting to get hard. I was thinking that I had found a couple that I would really like to party with a little later.


I looked over to see how Mia was doing. The guy that had invited her into the tub was now setting right next to her. I could tell that their legs were touching and they were engulfed in their own conversation. As I was watching I saw him turn a little toward her and saw that he reached over under the water and was rubbing either her thighs or her pussy. I then saw her reach over I knew that she was stroking his cock. As she reached over I saw a little wide-eyed expression come over her as she started stroking his cock.

Mia told me later on the drive home that they had just been talking. She was enjoying his company and he seemed like a real nice guy. She said that when he turned toward her he had reached down and started to massage her thigh. She said that he had then started to work his hand up toward her pussy. He gentile spread her legs and began to rub her pussy. She said it had felt so natural that she spread her legs wider giving him better access to her rapidly warming pussy. He then gently took her hand and placed it on his erect cock. She said it was one of the biggest cocks she had ever felt and knew she wanted to feel it deep inside her.

As I was watching Mia and her new friend I lost track of time and also of the couple I had been talking to. Another couple walked into the room and over to the couple that I had been talking to, they were friends of theirs that they had come to the party with and they left together. Mia and her friend seemed to be enjoying themselves so I told her I was going to the restroom and would be right back.

When I returned to the darkened hot tub room everybody except for Mia, her friend and one other guy had left the hot tub. Mia and her friend were kissing and I could tell that he had a finger or two working hard in her pussy as she was stroking his cock. I stood just outside the doorway watching them with my cock starting to regain its own erect status. They broke their embrace and he said something to her. I saw her nod her head yes and they stood up and started to get out of the tub.

I slipped back into the house so she wouldn't know I saw them and wait for her to tell me what was going on. I didn't have to wait too long to find out what she had in mind. Her and her friend walked out of the hot tub room and she had a glow on her face. She saw me, walked up to me in a rather fast pace grabbed my hand and said "come on lets go party." I let her lead both me and her new friend into one of the semiprivate rooms. Once inside she introduced me to her new friend John as she was removing her robe. John and I both removed the towels we had around our waists and Mia lead us over to one of the mats on the floor. John and I laid down one on each side of Mia. As we stretched out on our backs Mia looked over at me with a smile on her face and a mischievous look in her eyes.

She reached down with both hands and took my cock in one hand and Johns cock in the other and began to stroke us both at the same time. After a couple of minutes of that John and I took a breast apiece, massaging each and rubbing her nipples between our thumbs and fingers. Her breathing was becoming more rapid and her grip on our cocks was becoming firmer by the seconds.

I moved around just a little so I could bend down and take one of her now erect nipples in my mouth. As I licked and sucked on her nipple I reached down to feel her pussy. When I did I found John was already there. Her legs were spread wide to give him access and he had two fingers buried deep in her now flowing pussy. As John fucked two fingers in and out of her pussy I began to rub her very sensitive clit. I knew she wouldn't be able to take much more of our combined attention without cuming. Without letting go of our cocks she rolled her head back, ground her pussy into Johns probing fingers and let her first orgasm of the night race through her. The heavy petting they had done in the hot tub must have had her right on the brink when they decided to take the action to one of the rooms.

As she was enjoying the after glow of her orgasm John and I continued to stroke her body. As her breathing became more normal she smiled and said, that was great but I want to feel the real thing in my pussy. With that she rolled over on all fours with her ass pointed toward John and her head just above my cock. John got up behind her, she reached back and guided his cock into her pussy. With one stroke John slid all eight inches into her. She arched her back, rolled her head back and pushed back against the cock that was impaling her pussy.


As John began to fuck her in earnest she reached down taking my cock in her hand and lowered her mouth on it. She stroked and sucked me in rhythm with Johns cock pounding in and out of her pussy. John would slid his cock almost all the way out of her. Hesitate a second then slam it all the way back in her again. Every time he did this she would gasp with pleasure.

I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer with the sight of John fucking her from behind and her stroking and sucking my cock. I knew my breathing was getting noticeably faster and deeper. Mia looked up at me and gasp, don't cum yet I want to do something that I have always wanted to but never had a chance to. I told her that was fine with me but she had better get on with it because I couldn't hold out much longer.

She rose up to where she was standing on her knees. John had followed her lead and managed to make the position change without removing his cock from her pussy. With her legs spread as wide as she could she looked over at me and said I want you to rub my clit with your cock. I want to feel like both of you are going to have your cocks in my pussy at the same time. I am as straight as straight can be and the thought of having my cock in the same proximity as another mans cock had never entered my mind before. But as hot as I was at the time it sounded like a hell of an idea.

With Johns cock buried to the hilt in her pussy she reached down and spread the lips of her pussy exposing her clit. I slid up to her and started rubbing my cock over her clit. John held still holding his cock into her as hard as he could. He then began to slid his cock in and out of her again. At one point as he slid his cock almost all the way out at the same time I was sliding my cock down her clit my cock entered her pussy. I couldn't help myself I thrust into her I far as I could. Then John and I started to take turns sliding our cocks into her and alternating between the two of us. When I would pull out of her he would thrust into her and visa versa. When my cock wasn't in her pussy I would hold it and rub the head over her clit.

With the juices from her pussy running down the insides of her thighs and with her arms around my neck to maintain her balance Mia was in heaven. She would arch her ass back when John would thrust his cock into her and roll her hips forward to meet my cock. John was the first to start to cum, he thrust his cock into Mia, holding her by the hips he drove his cock into her as far as he could and started to cum deep in her pussy. When she felt the first jets of his cum in her pussy Mia could hold out on longer. She pulled me to her and kissed me deeply driving her tong into my mouth. I couldn't take it, with the head of my cock rubbing her clit I began stroking it for all I was worth. It didn't take long until my cum was shooting out onto her clit.

I was cuming so hard that I could hear it hitting her clit. I cant remember ever cuming that hard or that much before in my life. Mia was spent, holding onto me with her arms around my neck she let the waves of pleasure pass through her. After a few minutes she raised her head to look me in the eye and said I love you and that was great. John was still holding on to her and still had his shrinking cock in her pussy.

John cock finely softened and slid out of her pussy. When it did the cum he had deposited deep inside her started to flow down her thighs. Mia excused herself to use the restroom and clean up a little. When she stood up I could see for the first time the amount of her juices that had flowed down the insides of her thighs. She was wet almost to her knees. I reached up and stroked the wetness on the insides of her thighs and commented that she looks like she had really enjoyed herself. She just looked down at me with a smug look and said "oh yea. It was fantastic" and we WILL do it again!!!



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