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Problems with Bob       Cuckold Story

BY: Cheryl

The weekend has just passed and Jerry and I have some serious talking to do in the next few days. For those of you who have read our earlier true stories you will remember Bob, an old friend who has visited us frequently over the past three years. This weekend was another such visit.

Friday evening just after dinner Jerry and I were sitting down to watch TV and the phone rang. Yes, it was Bob calling from the airport and he wanted to come see us and spend the weekend. We have become accustomed to such requests over the years as Bob is very impulsive and rarely gives us any advance notice. We said, "sure" but with some trepidation as the last visit posed what would become the start of a possible problem for us in our friendship and sexual relationship.

Within the hour Bob had pulled into our driveway and was ringing our doorbell. Of course, we were glad to see him as it had been several months since his last visit, but we were just a little less enthusiastic this time in our hugs and greetings. "Is there something wrong here?" Bob said. "No, nothing at all we were just a little surprised that you didn't tell us you were coming for the weekend", I said. "Well, that is because I may be here more than just the weekend this time", Bob replied.

As it turned out over a couple of drinks we discovered that Bob had sold his home in North Carolina and his furniture was already on its way by truck to Tampa where he had rented a home sight unseen. That is because he wasn't planning to spend much time in that house, but most of it with us.

He fully expected me to be sexually available to him at any time of the day or night as I had been on his previous visits. Now Jerry and I have a good marriage and while we swing fairly often and Jerry gets off watching and taking videos, we still maintain a fairly monogomous relationship at all other times.

Bob's announcement just about knocked us over and we didn't know what to say at first. Then Bob leaned over and kissed me in a very passionate way and asked Jerry if he minded the two of us going to bed right away. "Wait a minute, I may have something to say about that" I said, even though I could feel my panties getting moist from his kiss. Jerry in his normal mild manner said, " It's entirely up to Cheryl". With that taken as approval Bob picked me up in his arms and carried me to the master bedroom where he deposited me in the center of my bed and began to undress me without further discussion.

As I was dressed casually, it didn't take long to pull off my T-shirt and shorts, but my bra and panties took a little longer as he wanted to suck and lick all over my breasts and around my pussy until he was sure I was ready for him. He seemed to have forgotten my shoes until he had all of his clothes off and was ready to initiate some serious sexual intercourse. I kicked my shoes off and noticed that Jerry was already sitting in a chair by the bed, nude and stroking himself without bothering to set up the camcorder.

"Wait just a darn minute," I said as I reached for the KY jelly. Even though I was starting to lubricate freely I knew that Bob's 9+" dick was going to take some juice to get him in fully. As I spread the KY jelly all around my vagina making sure to coat the inner and outer labia completely, Bob just couldn't wait and tried to mount me and stick that monster home. Up and down, back and forth he worked his dick around the mouth of my pussy, but couldn't get even the head inside. Jerry then grabbed the KY jelly and surprise! took Bob's dick and lubed him up for me. Withing seconds Bob had the head of his monster dick in and was rolling it around and around driving me to distraction wanting all of it in me. Inch by inch he shoved it home until he had his balls slapping against my ass and we were both moaning and tossing with the excitement.


Apparently, it had been a long time for Bob as he shot his load too early for me and then he wilted with his dick still in my pussy and I hadn't had an orgasm yet. What a disappointment! That had never happened before so Jerry moved Bob aside and said that he would satisfy me while Bob got it up again. Jerry took me in his normal kind and loving way and put his 6" dick in easily as I was already full of Bob's cum and there was no problem and unfortunately for Jerry not as much friction as he normally gets. With that, Jerry took a little longer than usual as he fucked me doggie style until he was sure I had my first orgasm, the he released his load and montioned to Bob that it was his turn again.

This time Bob had lots of staying power and we fucked about three or four different ways until he told me he was ready to cum again. Now this time I was ready again as well, so we both starting cumming together until I thought we would never stop.

We were all so sleepy that the three of us just laid side by side in our bed and all went to sleep. Bob wanted to sleep spoon fashion with his big dong in my pussy, but I can't sleep that way so we all went to sleep side by side. Sometime during the night Bob woke me with his dick rubbing between my legs and asked for another screw. Half-asleep I agreed and off we went again until our frantic screwing motions woke Jerry and he mumbled to himself as he went to a guest bedroom to get some sleep.

The next day we got up early, showered and had breakfast when Bob sprung his next surprise on us. He wanted to have his furniture in his rented home, but he planned to live with us and to share me with Jerry on an every other night basis. Neither Jerry nor I were pleased with that and told him so. We are happily married and are into swinging but not wife sharing everyday. Bob took this badly and stormed out of the house in a huff.

Toward midnight Saturday Bob returned about half-drunk and in a bad mood. "Come on Cheryl my little fuck buddy and let's get it on," he said. I refused him even though my pussy was dying for another treat of that moster cock that filled me so well. Then Bob tore out of the house again and this time went to a motel for the rest of the night.

Sunday morning the three of us sat down and talked about the suggestion in a calm and rational manner. Jerry and I said that there would be no way we could do such a thing, and once again Bob was offended. The balance of the day was pure torture as the three of us went around the house acting like nothing had happened but all of us had our minds on nothing else.

Today is Monday and Bob and Jerry are out playing golf and I am sitting here trying to decide what to do. What do you think?

Cheryl & Jerry
Tampa, Florida



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