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BY: Cheating Wife

My name is Cathy and my husband encouraged me to write this. I am a 48-year-old white female, average in every way and have been married to my husband Jeff, for twenty years. It is a second marriage for both of us. We are college-educated professionals and have lived a reasonably normal life. Neither of us has had sex with anyone else since we married…. until three weeks ago.

When we first met, we used to joke that neither of us appeared to be saving ourselves for someone. We both were pretty active in the singles scene and slept with a number of people. Some were better than others, but a few were very memorable. Bob was one of those memorable guys for me. He was a few years younger than me and was truly good-looking. He was tall and muscular, had dark hair, soft brown eyes and a handsome face. Bob was not only good looking; he had a dick that was 10 inches long and about as big around as a soft drink can. He knew the difference between moans of passion and cries of pain and was a terrific lover.

When we had sex, Bob always made me cum several times. I don’t think there was ever an occasion that we did not screw at least three times. Bob came huge amounts of cum and we always made a mess of the bed during our encounters. For some reason, that really turned me on. We only dated about four months. We both knew we only used each other for convenient, no-strings-attached sex but he left a lasting impression, nonetheless.

When Jeff and I were dating, we used to tease each other during sex play by telling stories about people we had had sex with before we met. We included as much detail as possible and found it quite erotic. Jeff loves to hear stories about Bob and me. I once told him that if I ever ran into Bob again, I would be tempted to renew our friendship. Jeff told me that if it was that good, then he wouldn’t mind as long as I came home and told him all about it. It seemed like a safe enough fantasy to have since Bob had moved to the west coast shortly after we stopped dating.


As years have gone by, our fantasy talk has subsided and we have settled into a comfortable, if not predictable pattern in bed. Sex between us is good but not hot like it used to be. I guess that is what raising three kids will do for you.

Three weeks ago, I attended a conference at a local hotel. It was a boring, all day lecture session that I thought would never end. As I was returning from lunch, walking down the narrow corridor, a man exited another meeting room and almost bumped into me. I glanced to excuse myself for the near collision and was shocked to be standing face to face with Bob! He was as surprised as me and we started with the usual catch-up conversation like, what have you been doing since we last saw each other? I told him about myself and he explained that he had been married for eighteen years and had two kids. He had recently transferred back east to a town about thirty miles away and was attending a different conference at the same hotel. As we talked, I noticed how well dressed he was and that he was still as attractive as ever. At some point, I was aware that I had that familiar twitch between my legs. I found myself becoming more flirtatious and my body language suggestive. Bob was sending out signals too and while I was getting excited, I was terrified at the path I was headed down. This went on for a while and Bob finally smiled and said he could not help but think about times we had been together. I confessed that I was thinking about it too and he asked if I was interested in getting a room. Before I could think about it, I said yes.

I waited in the corridor for what seemed like hours while Bob got a room. I remember thinking that I was wearing the least sexy underwear I owned and I wished he didn’t have to see me sporting the “big panty” look. I had always dressed in my sexiest undies when we were dating and he made a point of noticing. I allowed myself to think about what it was like having sex with him and how good it was.

As we walked to the elevator, I remember thinking, I was afraid we would run into someone who knew Jeff or me. When the elevator doors closed, Bob embraced me and gave me a long wet kiss. He made me feel more relaxed. I was also aware that I was getting wet.

He opened the door to room 518 and held it for me to enter. The lock made a loud clack as the door closed behind us. I realized I was alone with Bob and about to make both my and Jeff’s fantasy come true. I was shaking and I am sure Bob noticed. He told me to relax and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me passionately. We fell onto the bed and kissed as we wallowed all over each other like a couple of teenagers. I forgot about being afraid or anything else for that matter.

Bob unbuttoned my blouse and I let my hand roam down to his crotch. His dick was as big and as hard as I remembered. I stroked him through his pants for a moment. I sat up and Bob took off my blouse. He told me to stand up and he unfastened my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I was a little embarrassed as I stood in front of him. I knew having three kids and 20 years had taken a toll on my body since he last saw me undressed. He didn’t seem to notice as he unfastened my bra and let it drop to the floor. It felt good to have my breasts free and he kissed them and sucked on my hard nipples. As he did, I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. I immediately dropped to my knees, unfastened his pants and pulled them and his underpants down at the same time. His beautiful huge penis sprang out in front of me. It looked massive just as it had the first time I saw it. I took the tip into my mouth and sucked it as I stroked the shaft. He moaned and closed his eyes as I sucked and licked his dick and rubbed his balls. I licked the tip of my finger and pushed it gently into his ass. I knew he love that.

After a couple of minutes, he pulled me to my feet and with one motion, picked me up and laid me on the bed. He hooked his fingers under the waistband of my panties and pulled them and my panty hose off together. I lay there naked with my pussy wet in anticipation as he stood over me with his hard dick swaying in front of him. I wanted it so badly but I knew he would not give it to me right away. He always gave me my first orgasm with his tongue. He called it, “taking the edge off”.


Bob used his tongue beautifully to tease my clit and probe into my tight ass and pussy. He knew where it felt best. As he massaged my clit with his tongue, he slipped his index finger into my pussy. He used it to gently rub my g-spot with a back and forth motion. It felt wonderful! After a couple of minutes of this, he inserted a second finger into me and got it wet. He then slowly pulled it from my pussy and began to insert it into my butt. His finger felt big and it made me draw a sharp breath as I momentarily tensed up against it. He did not relent and pressed his finger slowly into my ass until it was fully inside. With a finger in my pussy and my ass and him using his tongue on my clit, it was not long before I came. I was loud, not caring that anyone heard me. It was nice to be able to let go without worrying about the kids hearing me.

We lay on the bed cuddling each other until I recovered. I wanted to return the favor but Bob’s dick was too big to get in my mouth far enough for a blowjob. We began to kiss and he rolled me onto my back. I saw his hard dick as he climbed between my legs. For a moment, I felt that same panicky feeling as I did the first time we screwed, wondering if he was too big, even though I knew he would fit. I drew a deep breath as he began to enter me. The head was huge and it began to feel uncomfortable almost immediately. I remember wondering how many kids I had to have before it didn’t hurt so badly! As he continued to push into me, I cried out involuntarily and I wanted it to hurry up and begin to feel good. Just when I thought I couldn’t stand it anymore, it started to feel good…real good! Bob was a master. His hips felt as though they were on a swivel as he slid his thick cock slowly in and out of my tightly stretched pussy. I was unable to control my orgasm and he made me cum quickly. He did not let up as I came and continued screwing me. We did it in several other positions but I was happy that he remembered I like to finish from behind. I could hardly wait as Bob had me kneel on the side of the bed. He stepped up behind me and pushed his big dick into my pussy. He continued until it was all the way in and I let out a little yelp to confirm it. I next felt something pressing against my anus and Bob pushed his thumb inside my butt. It felt huge pressing against his dick and it made me really excited even though it hurt. He screwed me for several more minutes until I began to cum a second time. When he realized I was cumming, Bob’s pace quickened and he screwed deeply into me. I moaned loudly as he filled me with his cum. I loved feeling his warm flood oozing inside me.

We had sex two more times before the afternoon was finished. When we decided to leave, I began to think about how to handle myself when I got home. I decided not to take a shower and got dressed. Bob and I exchanged work phone numbers for future reference and said our goodbyes. As I drove home, I felt my wet panties between my legs. I intentionally didn’t clean myself up before I left the hotel and Bob’s cum was soaking them.

When Jeff got home, I told him to come up to our room because I had a surprise for him. The kids were all gone and we had the house to ourselves. As we went into our room, I told Jeff I had run into an old friend at the hotel. His was both shocked and anxious when I told him who it was. He kind of hesitantly asked me how things went. I got the feeling he was afraid of my answer. I told him we talked for a while and then decided to get a room. Jeff’s mouth dropped open. For a moment, I thought he was going to fly into a rage. Then he gathered himself as if he had remembered our agreement. He replied, “Then, I guess you had better get undressed and tell me all about it”. I took off my clothes and as I removed my panties, saw the crotch soaked with Bob’s cum. I handed them to Jeff. He stared at the goo and said, “He sure made a mess of you!” I told him it was still running out of me and he made me lie down and spread my legs to let him look. I was a little embarrassed and at the same time turned on. He rubbed his finger through the cum that was now running down my butt and told me my pussy was standing open. I told him he would understand why if he saw what had been in there an hour ago. He stripped and jumped onto the bed with his dick sticking straight up.

I told him all about my encounter. All of the details including how good it felt when I came and when Bob came in me. I included as much detail as possible while keeping a few private memories for myself, and stroked Jeff’s hard dick as I told him. When I finished, he stood up and put his dick in my face telling me it was his turn. I took his dick into my mouth and sucked him until he came. It took all of about thirty seconds!


It wasn’t long before he was hard again and wanting to put it in me to see how much Bob had stretched me. I couldn’t say no even though I knew he wasn’t going to do me any good after Bob had finished with me. Jeff climbed on and put it in. He pumped in and out for a minute and told me he couldn’t hit the sides, laughing. He told me it turned him on to know he was getting “sloppy seconds”. Jeff got up and again presented his hard dick to my face. This time, he wanted me to suck Bob’s cum off of it. I acted as if I didn’t want to at first and then licked him clean. It really turned me on.

Since my pussy was of no use, Jeff wanted to have me in my butt. I knew he could make it feel good there so I agreed. I rolled on to my hands and knees (my favorite position). Jeff insisted that he would use Bob’s cum as lube. It was okay with me…. there was plenty to go around.

I felt the head of Jeff’s dick against my ass and shrieked when he pushed it in. He was not gentle like he usually is and my ass was a little tender from Bob’s thumb. It was as though he wanted it to hurt. I cried out in pain as he fully penetrated me. He didn’t give me time to get accustomed to his size before he began to screw it in and out and I knew I was getting ready to pay the price for my afternoon delight. Jeff fucked me hard and at first, it hurt more than it felt good. He told me to play with my clit instead of him doing it as he usually does. I was determined to not let him know how much it hurt so I buried my face in the pillow to muffle my cries as I masturbated myself. He slapped me hard on my ass and as he screwed me, it began to feel good. When I thought about the reason he was screwing me so hard and realized that I was getting ready to be cum in by a second man in the same day, I lost it and came. I was excited feeling like a slut at that moment. As I finished cumming, I collapsed onto the bed and he pinned me to the mattress as he started to squirt. He filled my butt with his sperm and lay on top of me breathing heavily. He stayed in me until his dick was soft and I used my sphincter muscles to squeeze him out. We lay on the bed cuddling for a long while. My mind reeled as I experienced emotions from the day.

Later, Jeff told me he wished he could watch me and Bob get it on. I told him I didn’t think I could do it in front of him and he said maybe that should be our next fantasy.

The next day, I sat in my office, with a sore stomach, tender pussy and ass. I got horney thinking about what I had done the day before. I took Bob’s number from my purse and placed it in my desk…..just in case we do decide to fulfill that new fantasy someday. I also decided to let Jeff see if my pussy had shrunk back to normal size when I got home.



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