Sex with the Cable Guy 2


Cable Guy Part 2       Cuckold Story

BY: Cheryl

On November 26th. I sent you the following story which you failed to publish as of Dec 28th [editors note: Said story is "Cable Men" published on Jan. 27, 2002.] which is fine with me. However, since it was my first ever time to cheat on Jerry, I lived in mortal fear of seeing it or rather having him see it before I confessed to him.

Over the holidays while in a festive spirit I decided to fess up and get his reaction while we were involved in some hot sex with our next door neighbors. To say that he was upset would be an understatement!!

Jerry was furious with me and didn't speak to me for a couple of days while I thought he was cooling off. As it turned out he was plotting his revenge. He felt that I should never have had sex with one much less two other men without him there to protect me. I think he really just wanted to watch as that is what gets him off best lately. However, that is now beside the point.

Last night we were making up and having a nice dinner at a fine restaurant and enjoying several glasses of wine. Around 10 p.m. we headed for home and he announced to me that I owed him for my indiscretion and that he had a plan for me to make it up to him. Well, what could I say but yes, he was right and I would do it.


As we pulled into our driveway I noticed several cars parked in the street and commented that the neighbors must be having another party. With a smile on his face he said, "It's a party but it's not the neighbors who are having it. You are the party tonight baby". I then noticed that the lights were all on in our house and Jerry admitted that he had given the key to Steve and his buddies who were setting up and waiting for the guest of honor to arrive.

As we entered the house I spotted Steve, Dave, and three other men whom I didn't know in the process of moving our furniture to clear a spot in the middle of the family room and rolling out a hugh inflatable mattress while all of them were nude. This started a small fire in my pussy, but I was apprehensive about five men and only me as the lone woman.

Jerry told the group that here I was and the party was ready to begin. With that, Steve who is a really big man picked me up and deposited me in the mattress on the floor while all of the men began to undress me rather hurriedly. I asked them to wait and I would get undressed for them, but Jerry said, "shut up and let them have their way with you as you deserve all you're going to get."

In about 30 seconds they had me nude, spread eagled on the mattress while Steve was rubbing KY jelly all over his 9" dick and smearing my pussy with it as well. Normally, I would be lubricating and ready for sex, but the three strangers as well as the total number of men ready to fuck had me frightened.

Steve mounted me without any foreplay and as he sank his dick into my pussy even the KY jelly didn't prepare me adequately and it was uncomfortable to say the least. Now Steve is a nice guy, but they had all been put up to a gang bang by Jerry and all I could do was lie there and accept it. I had no choice as my arms and legs were being held firmly by the other four men. Steve pumped his dick into my pussy faster and faster until my body began to betray me and I began to lubricate until my juices ran down my legs. In about five minutes Steve shot his load into my cunt, and Dave took his place not giving me a minute to recover from my first orgasm.


Dave isn't quite as large as Steve but he put a lot of effort into his turn to fuck and I was breathing heavily and humping with him in a few minutes when he too shot his load in my cunt and was immediately replaced by one of the other men whose name I still don't know.

One by one these men fucked me until all five of them had enjoyed my pussy once and then they started over again. All the while Jerry was sitting there watching and taping the whole thing. "How do you like this gang bang Cheryl?" he said as he was getting his rocks off just watching and taping the whole thing.

My agony and ectasy went on for over three hours until I had been fucked at least a dozen times, had at least that many orgasms and I was begging for relief. At this point Jerry said to the crowd, "That's enough for now guys, lets give her a chance to recover and then we can repeat this some other time."

As the men left they all had to kiss, squeeze or twist one of my nipples to let me know they all had a great time. Meanwhile I was exhausted and just wanted to soak in a hot tub and go to sleep.

This morning Jerry is his old normal happy self and I am the one who is furious with him and not speaking. Yes, I admit I enjoyed myself last night for the most part, but it was too severe a punishment for what I had done in my opinion.

Oh by the way, I can hardly walk today much less think of sex for at least a week.

Cheryl & Jerry
Tampa, Florida



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