Black Dick White Woman Story - Part 2


Our Yardman 2       Cuckold Story

BY: Cheryl

Whew !! Leroy just left and I can now catch my breath. What an exciting time it was too.

As usual Jerry was up to his old tricks and had Leroy call early this morning to see if he could cum, (his words) early today to do the yardwork. Of course Jerry said to cum right over, ( again Jerry's words) then he asked me to get ready as he set up the camcorder and got the bed ready with all of the accoutrements, i.e. KY jelly, vibrator and assorted dildoes.

Leroy got here about 8 am which was very early as I had just finished breakfast and showered, but was still not dressed. How appropriate that turned out to be.

This time Leroy came with an assistant who actually did the yard work while Leroy concentrated on the inside job. Now as I said previously Leroy is about 6'2" and over 200 pounds with a muscular frame and an 8" dick that is bigger around than a beer can. All week long I have been practicing with a cucumber, the largest I could find, a super sized dildo and a large vibrator although none of those could match Leroy for thickness.

As I am only 5'2" and 115 pounds there is a big difference in our sizes and never having had children my pussy hasn't been stretched to accomodate such a tool. I had read about fisting but never had the courage to try it and this was going to be close to that.

Jerry had Leroy put loads of KY jelly on his dick and rubbed a generous portion on my pussy lips and inside to get me ready, then he applied the dildo, the cucumber, and the vibrator until I was ready to scream. It was only then that Jerry let Leroy try to penetrate my tight pussy.

First Leroy mounted me missionary style taking my legs and moving them as far apart as was possible, the began to rub his tool between my legs teasing me even more. I was ready for him to put it in and told him to start but go easy.

With that encouragement Leroy put the first two inches in and I had to ask him to stop as I took deep breaths and tried to relax my muscles. Then when I had resumed my normal breathing I asked for more, but slowly. At this point Leroy put another inch or two in at least that is what Jerry said as he was laying on the bed watching carefully. Again, I had to stop and do some deep breathing and relax. A couple of minutes later I said, " ok now put the whole thing in, but do it slowly as I think I can handle it now." With that Jerry slid the whole salami in and sank to its roots in my hot and horny pussy. Now I have had longer dicks in my swinging life, but never one that filled me like this one.


Now Leroy began to thrust in and out and inch or two at a time and then faster and faster until he was withdrawing almost the full length and I was ready to cum. Jerry said my inner pussy lips were so stretched that with each withdrawal of Leroy's dick my lips followed about two inches out with him. That wasn't surprising as I felt so full with every minute part of my inner vagina tingling and vibrating with his thrusts.

We must have fucked in missionary style for about 30 minutes when I had the first of several violent orgasms. Still Leroy hadn't cum. He said later that he had jacked off that morning so that he wouldn't cum too soon. He then turned me over on my stomach and raising my hips he put his monster dick in my pussy doggy style and off we went again. All this time Jerry was masturbating and the camcorder was running. I had another two or three orgasms when I felt the first of Leroy's cum splashing on the walls of my womb. He filled me with his cum like he filled me with his dick. When he withdrew with a loud plop, I collapsed on the bed exhausted but satiated as never before!

Leroy asked Jerry if he could come back again next week, and Jerry said we would have to see if I had recovered by that time as he knew I would still be sore for a few days. What a thoughtful husband, don't you think? Jerry gets so much enjoyment seeing me being fucked by a big dick that I sometime think it is more fun for him than for me.

Leroy left shortly thereafter and it is now nearly noon and I can just now sit up and type. I wanted to get this to all of you as soon as possible. Yes, it is true a pussy will stretch but I never thought it would stretch that much.

Let me know if you enjoyed this true story.

Cheryl & Jerry
Tampa, Florida



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