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Our Yardman       Cuckold Story

BY: Cheryl

Jerry and I swim 1/2 mile a day in our backyard pool everyday and swim in the nude. In the past we have had an occasional interruption from a neighbor or a workman wandering into our backyard as we don't have a fence. However, the pool is surrounded by a screened area and a lot of shrubbery.

Our yardman normally comes on Wednesday morning except when delayed by rain. Two weeks ago he came on Thursday just after lunch and caught us in the pool naked as the day we were born. Now our yardman is about 30 years old, and quite muscular as he works out 12 months of the year in the Florida sunshine. Sometimes he has a helper, but that day he was alone and started his work by trimming the bushes right alongside our pool. Now Jerry has no modesty so he climbed out of the pool and asked Leroy to start at the front of the house so I could climb out unobserved.

Leroy agreed, but before he left the area he looked over the bushes into the pool to see what I looked like, and while I have been a swinger for a few years now I still am somewhat shocked to have someone see me naked in my pool.

Leroy said, "Sure Jerry I'll work out front, but I can work back here without disturbing you two." My eyes met Leroy's and from experience I can recognize unmitigated lust. The man was looking holes in me, or should I say was looking closely at my hole!

We got out of the pool and went in the house, but I kept an eye out to see what Leroy was doing and when he finished he came to the front door. When I answered the door fully dressed he looked disappointed. He asked if he could use our pool to cool off as he was quite hot. I asked him if he needed a towel and he said, "sure could use one Cheryl but I don't guess you have a pair of swim trunks to fit me do you?" Of course we didn't as he is a hugh man so Jerry came up behind me at that moment and volunteered to let him swim nude if he would shower off first in our pool shower. Leroy agreed and off he went with the towel.

As I said, I kept an eye on him to see just out of curiosity if he was as big everywhere as he was when dressed. What a nice surprise. When Leroy got into our pool he was flaccid, but almost as big around as a beer can.

Not too long, maybe 8 inches or so, but by far the thickest man I had ever seen. Leroy must have sensed that I was watching from the bedroom sliding door as he waved at me before he dove into the pool.

After a few laps he got out of the pool, dried off and returned the towel to me at the bedroom door before getting dressed. It was at this time that I noticed he was beginning to become aroused and spouting an erection. I looked away, taking the towel and pretending not to notice his needy dick.

Nothing more was said, and last week we were in the pool and this time he came around a day earlier than usual and once again caught us in the pool. Now it was obvious that it wasn't unintentional as he was whistling while he worked to make sure we saw him and again he was not only outside our pool screen but actually inside the screened area and trimming our plantings. He was acting like it was no big deal to him and I admit that Jerry and I were both intrigued to see just how far this would go.


After we swam our laps and dried off, (while Leroy watched) I went over and laid on the chaise lounge in the sun to get a little more exposure to the sun, (and Leroy). Jerry went on into the house and left me there while Leroy worked. Within a few minutes Leroy announced that the yard didn't need much work and that he would like to swim again if that was okay with me. I said, "sure, but I guess you need a towel and a suit again, don't you?" "No, he replied I'll just swim as I did last week but I could maybe borrow your towel, if you don't mind." As I handed him my towel he began to undress right next to my lounge and it was then that I noticed Jerry inside with the camcorder focused on us. That encouraged me to get frisky so I reached out and stroked his penis as he slid his shorts down.

That was all it took as he got a hugh erection and said he would jump into the pool to cool off. I laughed and watched as he swam back and forth and then pretended not to notice as he climbed out, toweled off and walked directly to my chair. When I looked up he had his dick within an inch or two of my face as he said, "thanks for the use of your towel and pool" Again in a teasing way I said, "sure Leroy is there anything else you need?" When I smiled and opened my mouth, he leaned forward and rested the end of his mammoth dick on my lips. I looked back at Jerry and he was waving me on to see if I would suck it and the camcorder was running. Well, I tried to get that thing in my mouth but it was just too damn big. Finally, he asked if there wasn't something I could do to help him get some release and I thought he meant a hand job.

At that moment Jerry came out and invited us both into the bedroom saying that he had set some things up for us. As we walked into the bedroom I saw that Jerry had the KY jelly out and the bed covers off. He suggested that maybe Leroy could just put the tip of his dick in my pussy to get relief. Actually, Jerry wanted to see if I could handle something that big!

As I laid on the bed, Jerry spread KY jelly all around and inside my pussy and asked Leroy to lubricate himself as well. Then when Leroy climbed on the bed and began to spread my vulva lips and rub his dick up and down my slit I began to get really hot. I tried my best to get him in but nothing worked. Then Jerry got Leroy's dick in his hand and had me spread my legs as far apart as I could while he directed the thing to my hot pussy hole. Still we could only get about the head of it in when it was just too big. Leroy was so excited that he shot off on my tits and then was embarassed and said that the same thing happens with all the women he tries to fuck.

Leroy left and Jerry took over to finish me off so the day wasn't wasted. Nevertheless, I am determined to get Leroy inside as a personal challenge and look forward to tomorrow when he is due to return. Hopefully, he won't have his helper with him and we can give it another try.

Cheryl & Jerry
Tampa, Florida



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