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Sex on the Beach       Cuckold Story

BY: Jim & Chris

We were both delighted when the opportunity came around to work with the people of a small island off the coast of Belize. Chris and I are missionaries and from time to time, we volunteer for short-term assignments in various locations. While there we work with field hospitals and clinics as well as schools and mission stations. Simply because we are active in our faith however does not mean that we are inhibited about sex, which we consider a great gift from God. We have been married for twenty years and enjoy a rich and fulfilling sex life with each other and very occasionally with others.

The island was difficult to reach. We had to fly into Belize and take a bus from there to the port to engage a boat to the island. It was extremely hot and Chris’ light blouse was becoming damp with perspiration. As I loaded our bags onto the little boat I couldn’t help noticing that the material had become rather transparent and that the two young men operating the boat were getting nice glances at her well shaped breasts.

“Be careful, you’re giving those boys quite an eyeful,” I teased her.

“Of course I am,” she smirked and turned, reaching up to keep her hat on and in the process thrusting forward her torso for all to see. The two you black men laughed and went about their task of guiding the skiff towards the island.

Once there we settled in pretty quickly. There was much to do. We had brought much needed medical and school supplies. These were unpacked and taken to the clinic and the school, if you could call it that. It was essentially a big lean-to with four poles holding up a thatched roof. It was on the edge of the only village on the island. My main task was to help teach the local children how to read and write in their own language, which we were learning very quickly, while Chris helped in the clinic. Soon we were being well acquainted with the hot climate, the local language and customs and were becoming endeared with the beautiful people.

Back home people think of missionaries as hellfire preachers treading into darkest Africa to bring the heathen to repentance. There is far more to it than that. We work very hard to preserve the language and the culture of the people we work with and we try very hard not to “westernize” them. At the same time we try to improve the quality of their lives however we can and enable them to read and understand the scriptures in their own tongue. Another thing people don’t understand is just how much we ourselves are changed as we work with them.

The first time we visited the village market we were in for a surprise. The native children dashed about entirely naked. The women at the tables and stalls were bare breasted wearing only a tiny cloth about their waists. They were all physically beautiful people with big toothy smiles for everyone they met. As we shopped for fruit and fish we observed that when two women who were friends met they embraced one another and kissed deeply with their breasts pressed to one another. This did not offend us in the slightest; in fact, we were embarrassed for being so overdressed in our shorts and T-shirts. Their skin tone varies somewhat depending on the mixture of Spanish, African, and French and Native Island heritage but most were a lovely golden tone with bright eyes and long silky black hair.

Once we were back in our bungalow Chris hurried to find a simple strip of cloth such as the local women wore. Tossing aside all else she wrapped it one about her shapely hips and tied a single knot so that it spread in front just enough to cover her pubis.

“There, this seems to be the standard way of dress here,” she declared,

“so anytime I’m not working, this is how I’ll dress.”

That was certainly fine with me. It was now mid afternoon and we had a little time to ourselves. I suggested a walk down to the beach where we could make love. Chris enthusiastically agreed.


“But first you have to put on one of these too,” she insisted. Then she quickly tied the piece of cloth around my hips. My erection was already asserting itself and pushing aside the cloth.

“Now that looks really fine,” she giggled.

So attired we headed towards the nearby lagoon in the warm afternoon walking nearly naked hand in hand. We chatted lightly and swapped kisses as we enjoyed the light breeze. Her long blonde hair was blowing enticingly and her deliciously shaped breasts were getting a slight sheen of perspiration that made them look even more delectable. I am very proud of my wife’s beauty and I love to show her off when I can. The lagoon however is rather isolated and there was not much chance of that, so I thought.

We reached the cove and turned to stroll along the edge of the clear blue water looking for a comfortable spot. Then I heard someone whistling. Looking ahead, I saw a young man spreading fishing nets along several posts to mend and dry them. He had his back to us and except for the loincloth, he too was naked. As we approached he looked up from his work and greeted us with a big smile. His eyes lingered on Chris, which did not offend me. We stopped and chatted for a bit. He was slender and muscular. These people do not show their age but I would guess him to be anywhere from eighteen to twenty-five. His golden colored skin set off his bright eyes and smiles perfectly.

After a pleasant pause, we went on up the beach for a short ways.

“I am sure he knows what we are doing down here,” Chris said in a low tone.

“You like him?” I asked sensing the tone in her voice. She had that glimmer in her eye she gets when she’s aroused by the prospect of doing something out of the ordinary.

“He seems a nice boy, I wouldn’t mind at all if he came on us.”

That was all the invitation I could stand. Taking her by the hand I led her to a shady spot under a tree and started kissing and licking her breasts. She moaned loudly and took my right hand guiding it between her thighs. She was hot and very wet. I pulled away her loincloth and lay her back in the sand. As she opened her legs I lifted her ankles onto my shoulders and guided the desperate head of my cock to her ready portal. She cried out as I pierced her leaning forward on my arms. We coupled almost frantically enflamed with need. She always yells and shrieks when she comes and today was no different. Reaching down she grasped my clenching buttocks as if to pull me further into her. She came again and then I had to have my sweet release as well.

We lay together dripping with perspiration in the cool sand and almost fell asleep as the soft breeze drifted over our tingling skin. Some time later I was aroused from my nap by the soft whistling, we had heard earlier. Looking up I saw our young friend strolling along the edge of the water with his net bundles over his left shoulder. He was coming up the beach towards us and would see us in a minute.

Chris looked up to see what I was doing and smiled when she saw the boy approaching. To my surprise, she quickly tied the cloth about her loins. Not sure why I put mine back on too.

Then he saw us and waved with his right hand giving us that charming smile. I waved back and he came up towards us. When he was just a few feet in front of us he knelt in the sand and smiled again as he looked over Chris’ bosom. I had learned some of the language and we started chatting again as if we were old friends.

His name was Jo; he was twenty years old and a fisherman. He had never seen a white woman naked before and he said Chris was very beautiful. If she would come to the marketplace like that, she would be quickly accepted into the village. He said his people make love quickly and easily. Then he asked if our lovemaking just now was good.

I was translating what he was saying for Chris. As she sat she got more comfortable with the friendly youth’s eyes rooming over her body and began to extend her legs to give him a better view. This made him smile even more. When he reached with his right hand and lightly stroked her thigh neither of us made any objection.

Then he told me that among his people when two men are good friends they sometimes would share their wives with each other. If a man removes his wife’s loincloth before his friend, it means he is offering her to him to enjoy.

I laughed and told Chris what he had said. She smiled first at me and then towards him.

Then Jo told us he had a little fishing hut just up the beach, would she like to go there with him? He stood and offered her his hand. Chris took it and he helped her get to her feet. Once she was standing I got up on my knees and reaching up pulled away her loincloth with a tug. Laughing delightedly Jo took her by the hand and led her further up the beach.


Just a short distance was a small thatched hut. Jo led Chris inside. It was cool and clean, the sand covered with soft straw and grass. Jo dropped his bundle of nets and came towards her. Chris accepted his eager embrace and his insistent but gentle kiss. Already the youth had a magnificent erection that poked out around his loin -cloth, which had become pointless. She tugged at it and tossed it aside. The boy moaned at the feel of her hands fondling his cock. Then she knelt and accepted the pulsing head into her mouth. His organ was sleek, firm, and ready for action. Still he did not rush her.

She lay back and he moved over her enjoying her breasts with his tongue and lips. He had never seen breasts like these and he lingered over them savoring their feel and taste. She marveled at his self-restraint and thought that he must have been well trained. His skilled hands moved further down her flanks and explored her buttocks as his lips and tongue moved down her belly to her blonde triangle. There he feasted. His tongue danced lightly at first about her clit and her labia then more demandingly. Chris writhed in joy as he gave her waves of sensation each greater than the one before. Her fingers tangled in his hair as he made wet slurping and sucking sounds.

She was more than ready as he rose and moved over her. He took his rigid cock in his right hand and slid it along the furrow between her labia before pressing it to her opening. Still he held himself over her with straight arms, only his cock touching her just at her entrance. She whimpered and begged him to fuck her. Slowly he moved over her, easing just a little more of his organ into hers, then a little more. She was crying in ecstasy as he fully inserted himself and began long, slow deep thrusting. He lay over her and pressed his chest to her breasts as their sweating bodies slid together.

She clutched him desperately with her arms about his shoulders and her legs about his hips. It seemed as if she couldn’t stop cumming if she wanted to. One orgasm simply blended into the next as the fierce cock inside her drove her relentlessly on. The last was so intense she almost lost all sense and awareness as she felt him release his fluids within her.

Sometime later she awoke and slowly raised herself on one arm. Jo was asleep as she kissed him on the cheek and stood retrieving her loincloth. As she stepped out into the evening breeze, I was waiting for her. She smiled and kissed me. I didn’t have to ask her how it was or if she had enjoyed it. Had I not been watching just the look in her eyes would have told me all I wanted to know. Nor did I need to ask if she would like to return to this beach another day and maybe encounter our friend Jo again.

We leisurely strolled back up the beach in contented silence both of us enjoying a sense of quiet satisfaction and very deep love.

Jim & Chris

San Diego CA



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