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The Rugby Players       Cuckold Story

BY: Sandy & Tom

Well, it finally happened. Not exactly the way I had imagined it playing out, but Sandy and I had our first "swing" experience. I've been trying to talk her into it for some time, but no luck. Since she has been very hesitant, to say the least, I figured if it ever happened, it would be very soft in nature, maybe same-room sex with another couple. Turns out I was wrong.

Sandy and I have been together for 12 years, and I've always known that I "married well". At 5'11" and 145 pounds, she is a stunning woman with short, light brown hair, piercing green eyes, killer smile, and a sense of humor that still catches me off guard. Her athletic-yet-feminine frame is well proportioned and beautifully formed, with perfect (in my mind) skin. After 38 years and two children, she turns the heads of any male who's over 13 and not gay or celibate. I'm considered a good-looking guy, but I often wonder what I did to deserve her.

I'm sure many men would want to lock her in the house and keep her to themselves, but I've had a long-running fantasy for us to share other lovers in a 3-some or 4-some encounter. When I have told her this, she assures me she thinks we have a great sex life (yes, I agree...). Occasionally, at the height of orgasm, Ive asked her if she wants another man inside her after me, and she has moaned "yessss", but afterward dismissed it as "sex talk". I've also asked about another woman, but she emphatically denies that idea, and is not thrilled at the thought of me with another woman. I believed her on the bi-issue, but remained convinced she would love to be with other men.

My suspicions were proven right a couple weeks ago. We got a call one evening from Rich, who, before we moved a few years ago, lived on our block in California. Sandy loved to hang out with Rich and his wife Carrie, who made a great looking couple about 10 years older than us. The four of us had spent a lot of time together and, although it was always innocent, Rich is the only guy I've ever seen my wife openly flirt with. I had fantasized about a 4-some with them many times, but now the distance was too much. My hopes came alive when I heard he was coming to visit, but then I was disappointed to hear Carrie was home in CA. He was actually in the Chicago area for a rugby tournament that his team of "old guys" had miraculously qualified for, and was hoping to stop by one day for a quick visit. But my disappointment faded when I realized how excited Sandy was about his visit.


When Rich arrived for an evening of dinner and drinks, he brought a rugby teammate, named Sean, along. Sean was the "baby" of the team, about 35, good-looking, and built like Rich, which is about 5-10 and fairly muscular. Though there was no plan beyond dinner, my mind raced with possibilities. Sandy was positively giddy during the first few minutes, and although our guests couldn't tell, I knew she was horny. Who knows, I thought, maybe the right situation will unfold. Then it happened. Rich commented that Sandy's shirt, a very tight orange and white number, was his school colors. After a few more drinks, he asked her if he could have it. Our jaws dropped when she pulled it over her head and tossed it to him, revealing a sexy white-laced bra. She whispered to me "this is ok, right?", then walked across the room, pulled him off the couch and led him down the hall. She turned to say "are you two coming or not? Sean and I followed blindly.

Once in the bedroom, Sandy's attention was all on Rich. She sat on the corner of the bed, unzipped and dropped his pants, and took his hard cock in her mouth. I fumbled to get my shorts down and stroke my hard-on as I watched my very slutty wife thoroughly enjoy this new cock. Sandy motioned for Sean, still confused, but now naked, to come over. She unhooked her bra and rubbed Rich's cock between her lovely 36D's, then turned to suck Sean. Realizing Sean was going to cum soon, she stopped, pulled off her shorts, revealing her beautiful pussy, and pulled Sean down on top of her. She grabbed his ass as he slipped right into her wet pussy, and he came inside her within a few strokes.

Turning on to all fours, she told Rich to fuck her doggie-style while she sucked my cock. I've never seen Sandy so turned on. Three cocks and she couldn't get enough. Rich fucked her pussy and I fucked her mouth for quite a while, and she shook and moaned with several orgasms, then Rich shot the second load of cum into her pussy. Sandy started to lay down, but I kept her in the same position and laid underneath her, 69, and she lowered her now very wet and sloppy cunt onto my face. Sandy went into a series of orgasms as I licked her clit and then tongued her cum-filled hole. When she knew I couldn't last any longer, she begged me to cum in her mouth.

Needless to say, our two visitors left quite satisfied. Sandy and I are looking for that next exquisite encounter.

Sandy & Tom




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