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Cheryl Takes 2       Cuckold Story

BY: Cheryl

This is a true story of yesterday afternoon. I was sitting out by the pool as usual in the nude after our afternoon swim and two boys about 18 or 19 came to the screen enclosure and asked if we wanted our driveway pressure cleaned for $75.00. It sure needed cleaning as it had been about a year and the algae had started to stain.

Jerry said, " that's a lot of money and we're a little short right now." The kids had their eyeballs about out of their faces when they noticed that we were both sitting there on our chaise lounges totally nude. The older one said, "how much do you think it is worth?" and Jerry said, "how about both of you fucking my wife and doing it for free?"

That sure got their attention and they promptly agreed that the price was right. Jerry told them to clean the driveway and then come back to the pool to swim and cool off before I would pay them with a fuck. Off they went, and about an hour later they came back having cleaned the driveway and the front walk as well. They then stripped off their clothes and dove into the pool naked until they had cooled down. When they were finished with their swim and dryed off they came over and with each of them standing on the sides of my chaise they waved their dicks at my face for a little foreplay. That was allright with me as both of them were about 7" and randy as young guys can be.

I began to suck on each of their dicks in turn until they looked like they wanted to cum and only then did I learn that their names were Tim and Tom and that they were brothers working to earn money for college. I began to feel a little bad about screwing them out of college money so I gave them both blowjobs until they came all over my tits. I figured that at their ages they could get it up again and give me a ride so I could cum too. Was I ever right about that.

I went in the house and brought them each a beer and told them to relax for a few minutes and drink their beers while I freshened up for them inside. When they were ready they were just to come to the sliding door of our bedroom and knock. Meanwhile Jerry disappeared into the house to set up his video cam to record the action. We love to replay these tapes for our enjoyment later and it looked like these two guys could put on a show.

I was lying nude on my bed when Tim and Tom knocked a few minutes later and I montioned for them to come in and just laid still on the bed. Tim was a little larger than Tom and he wanted to go first and just climbed up on the bed and began to insert his dick in my pussy when I told him to slow down and enjoy the fun. Obviously these boys weren't virgins, but they weren't experienced either.


Tim started to finger my pussy while Tom was sucking on my 38C tits which always makes my pussy tingle and I started to lubricate to the point that Tim figured I was ready and he placed his dick at my pussy lips and started to rub in circles until I grabbed his ass and pulled him home. He didn't hit bottom as he was only about 7" but he buried his dick up to his pelvic bone and we were off on a fast missionary position while Tom continued to suck on my left tit. Jerry was hiding in the closet and I could see him pointing his camera and smiling at me while I worked Tim in and out and squeezed his dick with my kegel muscles until he came in a rush and leaked out on the bed. I handed him a towel and told him to clean up while I took on Tom. Now it was Tim's turn to suck on my tit while I let Tom climb aboard doggie style. I straddled Tim so he could suck my tits alternately and Tom thrust his slightly smaller dick into my well fucked and wet pussy from the rear. We took a little longer this time as I wanted to cum at least twice and at that point I hadn't even had one orgasm.

Well, Tom might have been a little smaller but he had better moves and I was soon gushing cum out of my pussy and Tom was filling me up with his cum as well. At this point Jerry came out of the closet with a couple of wash cloths and towels for the cleanup and the boys seemed to be okay with that. Lots of times when Jerry watches my lovers they have a little trouble performing. In this case, 18 or 19 year old college kids were too hip to care.

Jerry asked them to have a seat and watch a master at work. He then cleaned me up with his tongue and lifted me up by my legs and buried his 9" dick in my still wet pussy. He had me screaming with an orgasm in under 5 minutes when he lay down on his back and lifted me on to his still hard dick for a ride they likes of which these kids hadn't seen before. I came two more times and was now worn out.

We felt bad about not paying the kids so Jerry gave them $50.00 and told them to come back again soon and do the pool deck as they looked shot for the day and I sure was.

After they left Jerry and I watched the tape and had another afternoon delight and then it was time to dress and go out to dinner. What a great day that was!!!

Cheryl & Jerry

Tampa, Florida



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