Cuckold Couple

Cuckold Couple

Real Cuckold Couple Seeking Males!

Hi - Our names are Mike and Robin and we are a Cuckold Couple looking for available males to help please me (Robin) LOL.

We read this site alot (along with a couple others) and it really gets our imaginations going seeing how far other people go sexually. It kind of helped us to get to where we are now after fantasizing for so many nights. We have so far had one experience with another guy and it was great. Now we want more! Oh, before we go any further I should tell you Mike is not bi so any sexual activity is between male and female only.

We have put up an online ad here, use it quite a bit (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FREE) and so far we have had some email contact with about 5 men and met one (the one we told you about above). We also LOVE the free chat and videochat sections we discovered while surfing this site and are on them almost every night. Here is a little something I wrote in my online diary about our first encounter:

On Saturday, my fantasy came true. Mike and I waited at the hotel. His call came: He was 5 minutes away. My stomach was in knots as we awaited his arrival. When he finally came, we sat and talked for some time, and once the butterflies slowed down, Mike broke the ice and stood up to remove his clothes. It was on from that point I started to get so hot & wet! The guy was wonderful, his touch, his breath, his HUGE cock. Everything was perfect, lots & lots of oral for us all. His cock felt good inside. I cannot wait for our next encounter!

We don't mean to use this site as an ad for our sex life but if the webmaster wouldn't mind putting this up we'd be grateful and horny from seeing a picture of us (me in panties!) online for all to see. We also put it up on a couple of other sites we like and that's why we labelled each pic. Ok it's not that risky but it is our first pic online so be nice LOL. Thanks for the site and keep it going!


Robin & Mike


horny couples


Every evening laptops get turned on and the consumption of cuckold videos begins. Ravenous wives taken, cuckold husbands watching and stroking ...


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