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ABOUT US - Amanda, my wife, and I had been swinging for about 2 years, had discussed her trying a black man on many occasions, when we planned our first vacation to Jamaica. We reserved a 7 night stay at an all inclusive resort and when we arrived it seemed all that had been advertised to us. As we checked in I noticed several different men entering and leaving the lobby area, who looked Amanda up and down without any regard for me standing next to her.

After getting settled in our room we napped for a few hours, and then got cleaned up and dressed and went to try one of the restaurants for dinner. Amanda 5'2" and 115 lbs of her, had chosen a summer "sun" dress, A-line skirt and spag. straps, with some FM high heels to die for, and we stopped at the restaurants bar for a cocktail, before dinner. A a tall black man walked up and introduced himself, telling he represented the resot, and wondered if everything was to our expectations. We chatted briefly and I noticed Amanda looking him over carefully, until we went to dinner. After eating we decided to stop at the bar for a night-cap, and after finishing a drink we were leaving and in walked I will call him Bob, the man we had cheated with before dinner. He insisted on buying us a drink and Amanda gave him her best "flirt" smile, as we agreed to his invitation. In an hour or so, and two more rounds of Appleton Reserve, we parted way with Bob saying he looked forward to seeing us tomorrow. A little typsie, we got to our room and fucked like newly weds, because Amanda was telling me how hot she found Bob and how she had been "moist", and then soaked by the time we walked back into the bar with Bob after dinner.

The following day on the beach, it was optionally topless, Amanda and I were sitting on lounge chairs almost dozing, when up strolled Bob and said a big hello. The conversation quickly turned to why Amanda still had her bikini top on, and other generally sexual topics. After much friendly teasing Amanda removed her top showing Bob, and everyone else on the beach her firm 34B cup sized breasts. After more sexual conversation, several rounds of beer, I could tell Amanda was turned on by Bob and I could see her shaved lips protruding against the material of her bikini bottom. Well Bob ask If we would like to join him in his suite, Amanda looked at me and I said it was fine with me if she was for it. She said are you sure Hon, and I reassured her, and we gathered our beach stuff up with Amanda putting her top back on, and we walked to his suite, with the two of them finding every excuse to play feely touchy with each other. When we got to his door he ask her if she would take her top back off, standing in the hall. Amanda didn't say anything, just unsnapped her top and handed it to me and turned back to Bob and he began fondling her small breasts right there in the hall. He handed me the key and I unlocked the door and turned back to find them kissing, with her feet well off the ground, and his hand planted at the bottom of her hips. Bob carried Amanda into his suite and into his bed, where he ask if everything was still ok with me, as he helped her out of her suit bottom, and got out of his clothes, revealing his massive prick which Amanda audibly gasp at. Bob was a nice guy and slowly opened Amanda with his index finger, then two, and finally three fingers, spreading her fully. Getting between her legs he had Amanda hold his erection and she rubbed his head up and down her wet lips, until she was really excited , and he gave one short shove and got his head in side her. Her eyes went wide and she told him to stop right there while she got use to the biggest thing she had ever had in there.. After a minute or so she began moving her bottom and he gently stroked his full 11 inches inside her, which took some time with several pauses. He flipped her over on top of him and she started slowly fucking his massive back dick and was moaning and bouncing faster soon. With sweat pouring down her chest and back Amanda was saying fuck my white pussy you black stud. He told her he was about to cum and she got off of his cock and jerked it until he shot a huge load all over her face and chest. After resting for a half hour Amanda said she thought she could walk, put on her suit bottom and a towel around her neck covering her breasts, and we thanked each other and Amanda told Bob she would see him again tomorrow. When we got to our room door Amanda took off her suit bottom and said this is what I will do for you that I didn't do for Bob, and we went in the room and I fucked her recently stretched cunt, cumming way to soon because of all the excitement I had gotten watching her fuck Bob, her first black man.

We rested, got cleaned up, went to dinner, returned to our room and had sex again and fell asleep. It was around 2:30 AM when I awoke and realized Amanda was in the bathroom. A few minutes later she came out, wearing a towel rapped around her , and ask if I minded if she went to Bob's room. With mixed emotions I ask when she thought she would return, and she said at least by noon.

I was on the beach, eating a cheeseburger and beer for lunch when Bob and Amanda walked up. She was wearing a thong bikini bottom, no top, with a towel held in front of her. Bob ask If I liked the suit he had gotten her, as he took the towel from her hands. I ask her how she was and how she had been treated for the last ten or eleven hours. She said all was well, she had her cell phone to make "safe calls" and that she wanted to go with Bob for the next 24 to 36 hours and was that ok with me? I thought for a wile, ask her if she was certain that was what she wanted. She smiled lovingly at me, told me yessss and kissed me and walked away with Bob.

I was on "pins and needles" the rest of the day, had trouble sleeping, Amanda called shortly after midnight to tell me all was well and that she was experiencing the greatest fucking she had ever dreamt of, and thanked me again and again for being so understanding.

I slept poorly, tried to find things to occupy my time, and it was cocktail time before dinner when I was sitting at one of the hotel bars, when Amanda walked up to me, dressed in an outfit I had never seen that made her look like a very expensive call girl. She smiled warmly, kissed and hugged me and sat down at the stool next to me. She ordered a double Appleton, and began telly me about her last day and a half with Bob. She went on and on about being pounded by his huge cock co many times, and how he had made her beg to have him fuck her ass. As if I needed proof, she spread her legs and told me to put my fingers in both "fuck holes" as she now called them, to feel how she was "re-sized". On her second double Amanda told me she was now my slut white wife for black cock. Well this made me so excited I took her to our room and fucked both her now very stretched holes.

We flew home the next day, and the things she said to me on the plane, kept me erect all the way home. Since then Amanda and I have continued to swing, but mostly with black couples. We have just returned now from a second vacation in Jamaica, which was even more humiliating for this cuckold husband, and I will describe in a second installment.

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