MiamiMark - Cuckold Husband


My name is MiamiMark - These are my remembered stories about my ex-wife Cindy and my now girlfriend Nat. Most of which involve me watching them have sex with other men and the intense turn-on it was for us both.

I've been going through my journal and sometimes can't believe some of the experiences. Since I started I haven't had hundreds of experiences - not even close. Most of them have been regular and un-impressive but I can't complain because there have been about a dozen or more which feel like they came right out of my deepest fantasies.

I have written many of them down as it is a form of reliving those intense sexual moments and I hope you all can enjoy them as well.

MiamiMark - markmonaco @

CINDY - My Ex-Wife:
Cindy's First Time Fiancee For 2 Fiancee For 3 A Night With The Guys Setting Up My Wife
My Wife's Friends My Wife's Friends 2 Car Ride Birthday Florida keys
Cindy 'n Steve Playing Hostess Taping Cindy Third Time Club Hopping
Friend in Bed My Bachelor Party

NAT - MiamiMark's Present Girlfriend (***Now an Ex):
Girlfriend Wants T Be A Little Slutty Part 1. Nat with Cindy Cruising Nat Cruising Nat II Drunk Sex


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