Kinky Cuckold Couples Who Like Games

Some cuckold couples like it kinky. They prefer a more visceral cuckold experience where either the husband or wife is tied down and feel forced to watch or to get fucked by a stranger. These couples are an active sub-culture of cuckolding who take it just a little bit further. They are a strong community and seek like-minded individuals to live out thier fantasies. many can be found online.


"My wife and I enjoy the cuckolding lifestyle whenever we get the chance. She will decide when it happens and with whom and I basically do all the groundwork and follow her lead. Sometimes she'll order me to tie her up and bring her a man we've been in contact with online. And sometimes she ties me up and forces me to watch while she is getting nailed by someone she just met. We love chatting with people in the lifestyle and are usually on most nights so join us!" - cuckld6554u


Hot Wife
"I am a hotwife with alot of needs. Because of this my husband has fallen cuckold to me and his sole purpose now is to make sure they are met. Because he isn't able to do this by himself I make him bring me other men to do the job for him. I often make him tie me up in our backyard where we have alot of land and go pick-up the male stud to fuck me. When we are done I look at him and say that it is not my fault I fucked another because I was tied up! He should have satisfied my needs! He asks forgiveness and I give it and then we do it all over again. I have started screening some of the guys we meet online because he doesn't bring enough men. He is inadequate in that sense too." - Joyfemme522

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