Sex with Husband's Cousin

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ABOUT US - My wife Tracy & I were on holidays a few weeks ago & we went to visit family in QLD. We stayed with my cousin for a few days & the talk was always centered around sex. My sexy wife is a redhead, 36dd's wet pussy & very fuckable arse.

I told my cousin i wanted to see her get fucked by another man while i watched. He was very interested to say the least. Tracy knows of my fantasy as i tell he all the time.

Well we went out to dinner & had a few drinks then came home to dink some more. My wife's not much of a drinker, but she drank a bit that night & was getting very flirty. Then after a few more drinks Tracy said she had enough & was going for a shower. After a few minutes I went up to " wash her back ". I saw her all soaped up & having a rub on her tits & clit, so I took my cock out & had a rub to. She got out of the shower & gave my cock a rub while i sucked on her nipples. She dried herself & i went back downstairs. A few minutes later she came down wearing a very sexy revealing satin blue nightie. My cock rose to the site we all saw. My cousin couldn't take his eyes off her. She sat next to me & we talked for about 10 mins & she leant over & kissed me very hard while rubbing my cock & said she was going to bed.

10 mins later my cousin said he was going to bed which left me with his big titted wife. We stayed drinking & talking some more when we 10 mins later we heard talking & laughing from up stairs. So much for going to bed I thought. This kept going on & finally I said "I have to go & spy on them( I thought this is not how i said it was to be, I had to be there to watch if anything was going on).

I very quietly went up the stairs & put my head around the corner to see tracy & my cousin laying on the bed talking. He was in boxers & no shirt, she still only had on her sexy nightie. I heard him tell her i said I wanted to see her get fucked by another man. She laughed & said i tell her all the time. Then he kept telling her how sexy she was & that she had a great set of tits. Then she said, do you realy think so, & as she said that she pulled her nightie down to show him. His cock jump out of his boxers( which was bloody huge ), my cock was in my hand at this time as well. She said "my your wife is a lucky girl isn't she".

So here they were, my cousin & wife laying on his bed, she was now wanking his cock, he was sucking on her tits & nipples & fingering her pussy. I was jealous because I was not involved, but very horny as well.


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