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ABOUT US - Tonight I'm being cuckolded for the second time. My wife and I have been married for 15 years. She looks fantastic for her age. She is blessed with a great figure, great features and a good personality.

Last year she got in touch will an old high school boy friend that lives out of state. They emailed back and forth for awhile. They did lot of catching up, family, kids,work, etc. The topics quickly went to sexual. He joked and suggested how they should get together next time he was in town. When he planed to come into town to visit family I encouraged her to hook up with him.

When she told him they could get together, he was thrilled. She told him it was good with me, he didn't believe I knew, let alone that it was OK with me.

We talked about them meeting and what could happen. I told here that they could do anything they wanted as long as it wasn't something I couldn't or haven't done. That doesn't leave much. We discussed any effect it could have on our marriage and I told her I wanted her to see him.

They did hook up last year. When she got home she gave some of the details. They met for dinner and just hung out for awhile. They drove around for awhile, stopped at a few places, then finally got comfortable with each other. She called me to let me know she was going back to his hotel. I told her that was fine. Unfortunately I had another family issue that kept me from really enjoying the experience. I remember she smelled great when she came home, to this day when she wears that perfume I call it the "I just gut fucked perfume".

I remember when she came home we hugged and kissed then I ate her pussy. My mind was all over, and other places and I don't remember how much I really enjoyed it. We then had some great sex. Just as things were getting going though I caught an emergency call and had to leave. We had many discussions about the experience over the next several weeks when time allowed. Between it being the first time and the family issue that arose, I feel it was a blur and I just didn't get the full enjoyment of the experience.

Now almost a year later, she it out right now with same guy as i type this. I look forward to her coming home in the morning, and really hope to enjoy her this time. More to come!


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