Hot Wife Pam

Hot Wife Pam

Hot Wife Pam

Hi, my name is Pam. I would describe to you what I did with my husband several years ago. Like many of the posts here, this actually did happen.

Our first menage-a-trois occurred about 5 years into my marriage to Tim. We always had a good sex life and I was aware that Tim had a fantasy about me having sex with another man. Just prior to our marriage I had a married co-worker that wanted to get me in bed. I never did screw him because he was married, but I did give him frequent hand jobs and an occasional blow job in a storage area at work. I really enjoyed playing with has penis and making him ejaculate. I always have had a fascination with the male penis and touching them.

Anyway I had told Tim about these hand jobs and how I would have liked to have fucked him as well. Tim would become very very aroused talking about my prior sexual adventures with other men. This was surprising to me and I had told him about all my encounters that I could remember. He always wanted as much detail as possible so some times I would exaggerate. It made for very good and long intercourse sessions in our bedroom. Tim also revealed some of his encounters to me. There was one in particular that led to our first cuckold.

First a little background. Tim grew up in Hawaii as a teenager and lived on the beach. He had a neighbour, Bill, who lived across the street. He was 3 years older than Tim and was a high school athlete who surfed, water-skied and was on the swim team, he was always very friendly to Tim. One afternoon he told Tim he had some sexual pictures and Tim went over to his house to see them. They turned out to be a deck of cards with couples and three-somes in various positions. Pretty tame now, but at the time it was the most erotic photos Tim had ever seen at the young age of 14. At some point Bill exposed himself and using coconut oil, began masturbating. Tim was encourage to do the same. One thing led to another and eventually he had Tim give him a hand job. Tim could remember ever detail about this guy's cock. He said it was enormous. It was about 8 inches long, but very thick and it curved upwards like a banana with a huge flared head. After instructions on how to stroke Bill's shaft Tim made Bill cum and He had a vivid memory of huge quantities of sperm shooting into the air. After that Tim say's he avoided Bill out of embarrassment and there was never a repeat performance.

What struck me about this was how ingrained and vivid this memory was in Tim and equally striking, he said he imagined me playing with this guy's erection and feeling the pulsations when I made him cum. It turned me on to join Tim in his fantasy and as he would describe me stroking that penis, visualise fondling another man.

Twenty years later after Tim's slightly gay encounter, We had been married for 5 years and we had two children together. We went to Hawaii on vacation and to visit Tim's parents. Soon after arriving in Hawaii, Tim discovered that Bill was back living his Mom after a divorce from his second wife. I saw this guy a couple of times as he drove out of his house and he would wave to us. He was very attractive and muscular, much like Tim. But for several days that was the extent of our contact.

One afternoon, Tim and I were on the beach sitting on a towel and Bill came walking up the beach to where we were sitting. Tim introduced him and after some time passed and lots of conversation, Tim casually asked in an oddly high pitched voice, if he still had the deck of cards? He laughed and asked if I knew about that and I said I had some knowledge of it. He said he didn't have that old deck, but he had some 8x10 glossies of real people and would we like to see them? I had seen 8 mm movies, but only twice. We had also been to an erotic live sex show the evening before in Waikiki (another first). I was reluctant to look at photos, but Tim kept urging me and he had this funny quiver in his voice.

Eventually I gave in and we went to Bill's house where we sat on a couch and he produced a stack of photos. They were mostly of couples, some were of a woman and many were a lone male's penis that had a upwards arch to it. When we had seen all the photos I could tell that Bill has aroused because his swimming trunks were bulging and so were Tim's. I was a little flushed and getting quite turned on. Especially since I suspected the solo pictures were Bill. Then Tim said he recognized the penis as being Bill's. Bill casually pulled his trunks off and his erection stood straight out as he said to me, "You might as well see the real live thing!"What a bold move, I couldn't take my eyes off Bill's penis. It was exactly as Tim had told me -- large and very big around and it was just inches away swaying delightfully. I had fleeting thoughts that this could be the end of our marriage if this went any further. But Tim was smiling and suggested that I use some suntan oil to give Bill a hand job. That pushed me over the top. I did want get my hands on that glorious fat cock.

Bill produced some lotion, it was from Adam's and was a sexual lubricant not suntan oil. He put some in my hands and I began stroking his erection with it very gently; it was more a caressing of his hardened dick. It was purple at the head, very flared out and the veins on it were protruding. It felt great in my hands. I looked directly into Tim's eyes and asked if this was what He had imagined in our fantasies and in response he undid my suit top revealing my breasts and erect nipples. Bill pulled my swimsuit bottom off and began fingering me. Tim took off his swimming trunks and began stroking his own penis which was as rigid as I have seen it. I couldn't believe this was happening and Tim was as excited as I was.

For me all the restraints were off and so were all my inhibitions. I began giving Bill head and that huge mushroom head was pulling and pushing my lips in and out. I would run my tongue around the head and stroke the huge shaft with both hands to the moans of both guys. Tim fondled my breasts as Bill worked his fingers in and around my vulva. It was the hottest sexual experience of my life to have these two men at once! Bill pulled my head off his wonderful organ and turned me around and began rubbing his cock between my legs from behind and then entered me doggie style. I was going wild. I was so aroused and eager. I could see Tim watching as Bill's glistening shaft worked in and out of me! My husband was actually letting me fuck another man and was enjoying watching it. I was supporting myself on the sofa leaning over the arm and I could feel my breasts swinging back and forth with Bill's thrusts. Tim came around in front of me and I played with his raging hard on. He immediately ejaculated; I had barely touched his penis, boy was he hot!

I told Bill not to cum, I wanted to see him ejaculate, which I just love. When he said he was ready he lay on the sofa on his back. I knelt between his legs and with both hands stroked that huge banana faster and faster, then very slowly with long hard strokes and his prick began to jerk and he came. It was like Tim had said; a copious amount of sperm came gushing out. It flew out and up in an arc at least 4 inches in the air.

We rested for a while touching and stroking. Bill never completely lost his erection. I asked Tim if he was ok and he said this was the hottest sex he had had. So I began playing with Bill's cock again. It soon came to full attention. It felt so good in my hands and so big. I told Bill to lie on his back and I was going to mount him, but I didn't want Bill to use his hands. What I wanted to do was sort of re-enact the masturbation session Tim and Bill once had. I wanted to see Tim touch that enormous dick. Which he did. He actually held another man's penis and inserted it into me! That just made me all the hotter. I instructed Tim encircle Bill's shaft with his thumb and forefinger encircling his erection. I sat down fully until Tim's hand was sandwiched completely between us and Bill's penis was entirely enclosed in me. I could feel Bill's pubic hair and Tim's hand against my sex. I thrust forward and backwards, side to side and around in slow circles with my pelvis. Now and then I would lean forward and rub my breasts on Bill's chest. Tim was kneeling on the floor and had his other hand lightly on the small of my back. I was intensely aware of both men and had never been so sexually hot. I could feel every inch of that glistening shaft as Tim watched it going in and out of me. It was like Tim was fucking me with another man's penis as a dildo!

I rode him like that, undulating slowly and keeping him as deep in me as I could until Bill began to arch and thrust as he began ejaculating again. While he was still releasing deep into me, I too began spasm and came in a fantastic orgasm. Bill's tool pulsing simultaneously with my contractions. All the time Tim's hard on was waving in the air, my face was flushed and hot like I had a fever. I let Tim take a turn then and mount me, hands and knees, with my legs spread in a V. He said he could see my entire vulva and it was pink, swollen and inviting, like a flower. He entered me and there no resistance, just my hot and slippery flower. Tim came for a second time. That was it, no thrusts, just slide all the way in me and immediately he came!

We spent another couple of hours with Bill that day and in the remaining five days we were in Hawaii we had two more sessions. We tried just about every thing, with I enjoyed myself. I tried for the first time double penetration with Tim in back; Bill was too large to be there. That's really hot too; you can feel both cocks sliding in and out and they could feel each other through my vaginal wall. Oh the memories!

Since coming back home we have tried to re-enact the same scenario with bill but with limited success. We had one encounter several years back wher we met a man for drinks online and then proceeded to a hotel. That was pretty amazing and Tim took lots of pictures of me and the guy and I have attached them to this email. We met with him several more times in the years since but now he is married and we are looking for another. In the meantime we thought we'd share our cuckolding first experience knowing nothing will ever top it. Great site to see so many cuckolds having fun. - Pam

Hot Wife Pam

Hot Wife Pam

Hot Wife Pam

Hot Wife Pam

Hot Wife Pam


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