Our First MFM Experience


Our First MFM Experience:

Very Sexy!

Background - We're a mature couple (50 & 40 yo) who've been married and monogamous for over 20 years. I've lurked on the Cuckold Blog site forever and ever. She has enjoyed my MFM fantasies when we're in the throes of wild, animalistic passion, but after it's over she's always said that I was all she needed, fucking someone she wasn't in love with just didn't turn her on, etc., etc.

What's Changed - Over the last couple of years she's been reading some books -- The Ethical Slut, For Women Only, For Yourself: The Fulfillment of Female Sexuality -- that have made her curious and more adventurous about exploring the limits of her own sexuality. And she's discovering that those limits are much broader than she'd ever been giving herself credit for. So that now when we're in the throes of wild, animalistic passion, SHE's the one who tells me she can't wait to experience some other guy's cock in her pussy!

What's Happened - We put an ad online looking for single guys. Because she's really cute and looks 10 to 15 years younger than she is. We've gotten lots of responses. We've tried to prioritize the guys she likes in a way that we hope will ease her into The Lifestyle as quickly and pleasantly as possible while minimizing the risk of a bad experience. Our first choice for her first fuck buddy is a guy her age who, after ending a long marriage, has been very active in The Lifestyle for the better part of a decade. We've exchanged e-mails with him, had some on-line chats, and spoke with him on the phone a couple of times. He seems pleasant, easy going, and patient besides being very experienced.

What's Happening - We live in a smaller community some 100 miles north of LA, and most responses have been from guys close to LA or beyond, including the guy who's our first choice. We're scheduled to meet him in a town part way between our homes on Saturday. We've made hotel reservations, and last weekend we drove down there, checked out the hotel -- got to see one of the rooms -- found a restaurant that would be a good place to meet, and stopped at a couple of lingerie shops and bought her a bunch of new slut wear for the occasion. Then we came back home and fucked like a couple of teenagers! Boy, have we been hot and horny ever since we started acting on this for real! More hot, steamy sex than we've had in ages. And without Viagra even!

What's Next - We're gonna meet the guy on Saturday in the late afternoon. Probably have a light dinner and spend some time chatting and getting to know him better. Then, assuming he doesn't have three heads or something, we'll adjourn to the hotel and let the fun begin. I've told him and my wife that the primary purpose of this meeting is for him and her to have as much hot sex together as possible -- I'll take photos while they're going at it, then after he shoots his load I'll get to fuck my wife. After she sucks us hard again we'll probably do some 2-on-1 stuff that she wants to experience, and then we'll just play it by ear. We've joined the hotel's preferred customer club, so we don't have to check out until 2pm on Sunday -- we'd better make sure he has lots of condoms! I figure I want him to use her and pleasure her as much as possible with me just watching and playing a supporting role because this meeting will be their only chance to fuck each other silly, whereas I get to go home and fuck my honey's brains out night after night after night -- Whew! Don't know if I can take all that.

What's to Cum - If all goes well on saturady, probably we'll try and hook up with another mature experienced guy for her second lover. Then maybe we'll try a couple of mature guys who are less experienced but who live closer to our home. By then she should be ready to take on a few hot young stallions that she's been drooling over. All plans are subject to change depending on our experiences, but they'll hopefully just get hotter and hotter.

Anyhow, wish us luck, because I think it's finally, really and truly, gonna happen!!!


We spent Saturday morning hustling around doing chores, running last minute errands, preparing for our great adventure. We were busy enough that we didn't

have time to ponder what was going to happen later that afternoon or the enormity of such a life-altering event. After a light lunch A dressed in a light, summery dress with spaghetti straps and a short flair skirt. Underneath she wore only the pearl thong we'd bought a couple of weeks earlier just for this occasion. She wore her high heels -- not super-high cum-fuck-me heels, just ordinary high heels. Her shoes have very thin black straps, and when I knelt down to buckle them for her, I commented on the excellent view I had of her pearls disappearing into the folds of her totally bare, shaved pussy.

I loaded the car and, just before we were ready to leave, "A" looked at me wistfully and said, "I'm scared." I took her in my arms and we held each other tightly as we reaffirmed that no matter what happened later that day, we loved each other very, very much.

We had a 40 minute drive to the hotel along a particularly beautiful stretch of the California coast. There was a layer of thin, high clouds that filtered the sun and provided a soft, uniform lighting. A asked me again if I was still sure that I didn't want to set any limits on what she could do with C. I reassured her that I wanted her to be totally uninhibited and to do or say anything that would increase her erotic pleasure. I reminded her that I would try to interfere as little as possible. Tonight she would belong to C, not to me.

A told me that she had taken to heart a piece of advice from one of her other online suitors who told her to "just be yourself." A is a very friendly person. She can walk up to any stranger on the street and immediately engage them in a conversation, and she often does. So she decided that she would stop worrying and just be her natural, friendly self, then let the cards fall where they may.

We got to the hotel about a half hour before C was supposed to arrive. Our room was on the ninth floor and had a view that looked down the coastline toward a rustic, old pier with the ocean to our right and the city to the left. It took us three trips to haul in everything we'd brought. Strategically placing the AstroGlide and condoms. A was busy setting out aromatic candles and doing last minute adjustments on her clothing (what there was of it). At 4:20, ten minutes before he was supposed to arrive, A's cell phone rang -- it was C -- he was in the parking structure right next to our hotel. We hurriedly scrambled, not quite finishing everything we had wanted to do, and headed down to meet him.

When we exited the hotel into the adjacent beachfront plaza, C was standing there waiting for us. We recognized one another immediately from the pictures we'd shared online. C gave A a polite hug and a peck on the cheek, then shook my hand. He was about the same height as A, kind of an average looking guy. He was balding, as his pictures showed, but he seemed to have developed a bit more paunch since those pictures were taken. After bringing his overnight bag and video camera to our room, we left to take a walk along the beachfront sidewalk.

As soon as we started walking, A put her natural, friendly self into overdrive as she took the initiative and slipped her hand into C's, interlocking her fingers with his. We walked along, A and C very close together holding hands, me lugging my camera several feet to the side of them. After a short walk A suggested that we sit on one of the wooden benches facing the ocean. They sat on the bench, snuggled close together, and still holding hands. I sat on a low cement seawall facing them. They posed for a couple of pictures, then started some friendly small talk.

As I continued taking some candid snapshots, A again took the initiative -- looking directly into C's eyes she tilted her head, leaned toward him and offered her lips. He reciprocated, and they immediately engaged in a tender, yet hot, make out session. I never realized until that moment how strong an emotion I'd feel from watching my wife kiss another guy -- I mean, it's just kissing, isn't it? But their kisses were tender and gentle, then grew longer and more passionate. Soon their lips began to part and the tips of their tongues explored one another. And between kisses A opened her eyes and looked directly and deeply into C's eyes, as though exploring his soul, then closed her eyes again and gently leaned forward to go into lip-lock with him once more. They looked like a couple on their honeymoon, taking advantage of the last hour of sunlight, getting ready for a night of hot, passionate love -- which wasn't very far from the truth. A told me later that C was an excellent kisser and she very much enjoyed making out with him. I wasn't surprised to hear that, because they sure did a lot of it over the course of the next 18 hours. Watching them kiss so intimately gave me a frightened, jealous feeling in the pit of my stomach, even as my cock stiffened in response.

After a half hour or so of chatting and making out, A suggested we go find something to eat. As we headed for a nearby restaurant, I took a detour to get my jacket, which I'd forgotten in the car. I deliberately walked very slowly, allowing them a few extra minutes of privacy. We ordered only a few appetizers to share -- we didn't want any full stomachs or alcohol to impede our activities later that night. Service at the restaurant was abysmally slow, but that was probably OK, because it gave us more time to get know one another.

When we left the restaurant it was already dark, and the chill ocean air quickly convinced A that, no, she didn't want to take a moonlight stroll along the beachfront. Instead, we headed straight for our hotel room. While C was in the bathroom A asked me, "Are you still OK with this?" "Yes, how about you?" She nodded her head and said, "Yes, he does seem to be a real nice guy." We held each other close and kissed one last time.

After C reemerged, A and I freshened up, then rejoined him in the bedroom area. C was sitting on the foot of the bed. I walked past the bed, over to the window, and A sat down in the middle of the king sized bed. C turned toward her and motioned for her to come to him. She did and they again started kissing as C put his arm around my wife and drew her closer to him. Their kisses were tender, yet passionate and between kisses their faces remained very close, almost touching, as they stared deeply into one another's eyes. They hugged and, as they separated, C let his hand slip into the top of A's dress, gently brushing her nipple with the back of his fingers. He moved his hand from inside her dress and slid one strap off her shoulder, letting the front of her dress fall, fully exposing her breast. A smiled at him and put her hand on his knee as he began caressing her breast. He bent his head down and began sucking her nipple, and A responded by closing her eyes and resting her head on his shoulder. They sat up so that C could fully remove the top of A's dress, revealing both of my lovely wife's breasts. - I had to do something to distract my mind from what I was witnessing and keep my emotions under control.

C started to hug her, but A smiled sweetly and said, "Would you please help me take my shoes off first?" As C moved to unbuckle the straps on her shoe, my sweet, innocent wife boldly raised her knee so that her short skirt slid up toward her waist, giving C a front row center view of her bare, shaven, pearl-filled pussy! C fumbled for several minutes at this task because, while his fingers were trying to undo the tiny straps and buckles, his eyes were squarely focused on my wife's pussy.

C got back on the bed and knelt in front of A. She again cut short his attempt to hug her as she started to unbutton his shirt. When fully unbuttoned she lay her cheek against his bare chest and smiled up at him. Then she knelt in front of him and, wrapping her arms around his neck, she pulled herself toward him and began rubbing her bare breasts and nipples against his bare chest. C responded by running his hands all over her body -- her back, her sides, sliding his hand under the back of her skirt to massage and squeeze her ass. He kept petting and caressing her bare flesh for many minutes, and A loved every second of it. She is very tactile and loves to be touched, petted, massaged, caressed everywhere and she told me later that C was very skilled in caressing, squeezing, and massaging all parts of her body.

After several minutes of this play C completely removed A's dress and tossed it aside. My wife now wore nothing but her pearl thong as she knelt in front of this man who was almost a complete stranger to us. They started talking and laughing and touching one another and A removed C's shirt. As their touches became more intimate and A's breasts caressed C's bare chest, their talking ceased, their smiles faded into looks of serious lust, C's hand drifted down to my wife's pussy, and his fingers entered her wetness. My God, I don't know how I controlled myself right then!

A closed her eyes and gasped as she felt his fingers enter her, but then she lay her head against his shoulder and spread her legs to give him better access to her soft, wet cunt. They spent many minutes with C's fingers massaging ever deeper into my wife's pussy, and they kissed -- not the soft, gentle, intimate kisses they shared earlier, but forceful, passionate kisses with their mouths open and their tongues probing deeply into each other. My wife's hips started moving, grinding her clit against C's hand until, after a short while, C removed his fingers, wrapped both arms around A and gently lowered her backward onto the bed.

My lovely wife spread her legs wide for him and smiled as he touched her breasts before lowering his face down into her crotch. He slid her pearls aside so he could replace them with his tongue, licking and sucking her tender clit. She closed her eyes and moaned softly with pleasure, raising her hips to allow C better access to her most precious treasure. She gasped once more when C reached up and began squeezing her nipple while still arousing her pussy with his tongue and lips.

He sucked and licked her for some length of time, then stopped, rose up to his knees, and slid his fingers into A's pussy. As he stroked her G-spot she closed her eyes, threw her head back, and thrust her crotch up toward him. Then he performed a trick that really turned her on. With two fingers buried in her cunt, massaging her G-spot, he placed the palm of his other hand firmly on her abdomen, just above her pelvic bone, then pressed down until he could feel his fingertips inside her pressing against his palm. This new stimulation just drove her wild. (Learning this trick alone is going to be worth the price of admission for the entire weekend.)

C continued this foreplay for a long time, alternately licking her pussy, fingering her cunt, squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples, massaging and caressing all parts of her body. And A loved every second of it, writhing and moaning in concert with his touch, grimacing and gasping now and then when something particularly excited her.

But after awhile A couldn't take it anymore -- just lying back letting her new lover pleasure her, taking and taking without giving in return. As C knelt over her with his fingers deep inside her A reached up, wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled her naked body up to meet his, kissing him passionately, arching her back and pressing her breasts against him so tightly that it looked like she was trying to melt right into him and become one with him. My heart was racing, my gut was churning, but I'd vowed not to interfere, so I held back and just watched my beautiful, naked wife ravishing this other man. They kissed and hugged and kissed some more in this position. Eventually they stopped and A sat back on the bed and just looked into C's eyes. Now they touched each other tenderly, on the cheek, on the breast, on the leg. A was breathing harder and harder and her eyes became filled with lust as they remained fixed on C's penetrating eyes.

After several minutes A moved closer to C, caressed his bare chest with her small, dainty hand, and turned her face up toward his. He leaned down to meet her lips and they engaged in another brief round of intense, open mouthed, tongue probing, lustful kissing. Keeping her face and breasts in contact with C's body, A slid down and, looking up into his eyes and smiling, she moved her hand to his crotch and started fondling his cock through the material of his pants. Quickly C pulled back and, still kneeling on the bed, started undoing his belt. He was much quicker and more efficient in unbuckling his belt than he had been earlier in unbuckling A's shoes.

His trouser tops opened wide, falling down to his knees, and exposing his cock to my lovely wife. She tilted her head, gazed at it wistfully, and caressed it gently with her fingertips, as though it were a fragile thing that might break under too harsh a touch. Fortunately for me, C's cock was no bigger than mine, so I didn't have that additional stress to deal with. It was also fortunate for A as she was to find out the following morning.

C lay back on the bed so A could help remove his pants entirely. She tossed them aside and my gut wrenched as I stared at my naked wife on this bed with a naked stranger and his erect cock. He turned to her and, holding her gently, guided her body until she was lying back on the bed, totally exposed, in front of him. He briefly fingered her pussy, then caressed her breast and, still kneeling beside her, he leaned down and started licking her pussy. She closed her eyes, then extended her arm and reached between his legs so she could fondle his cock. They continued this way with A's little gasps reflecting C's activity between her legs, and he clearly enjoying the way my wife was stroking his rigid cock.

The scene I had been watching unfold before my eyes had me very hot and, despite my attempts to keep moving around the room, taking photos, trying to distract myself from what I was feeling, my cock knew what was going on and was standing at full attention. Since I was still fully dressed, this was not very comfortable, so I briefly, tore off all my clothes.

After continuing their activity for a while, C raised himself up and knelt beside A, who was still fondling his cock. He reached down inserting his fingers into her pussy once again. A opened her eyes, rolled onto her side facing him and, smiling devilishly, she started playing with C's rigid cock. Now, A is an absolutely outstanding cocksucker. She really and truly loves doing it. And she doesn't just suck it, she plays with it and teases it. She holds it and caresses it, licks its tip, running her tongue around its most sensitive parts. She licks its sides and sensitive underside and kisses it, then suddenly attacks it engulfing the entire cock in her mouth, moving her head up and down, first slowly, then faster and faster. Until, just as your getting really excited she stops and looks up at you and smiles as she begins the licking, teasing, kissing, fondling again. She's a masterful cock tease even as she's being an enthusiastic cocksucker!

A teased and played with C's cock, and she obviously was having a helluva lot of fun doing it, while he continued fingering her pussy. This continued for a while until C's fingers started hitting all the right spots deep inside her, and A stopped, lay back down, closed her eyes and reacted to the feelings C was generating in her body. She moaned and raised her hips to let C's fingers penetrate even deeper. C smiled, caressed her breast with his free hand, and continued this for a few minutes more.

C removed his fingers from my wife's sweet cunt, then turned and mounted her in a 69 position. He buried his head in her pussy and she held his balls in her left hand -- the one with her wedding band clearly on display -- as she swallowed his cock and continued to work it ferociously. They continued this for a long time and A was obviously enjoying it tremendously.

Finally C dismounted from my wife, then turned 180 degrees and lay on top of her again, this time in a missionary position. She wrapped her arms around him, pulling her body and his as close together as they possibly could, and they kissed, deeply and passionately. C raised his head and, with their naked bodies still pressed firmly against each other, they began whispering and smiling and they were clearly enjoying something that I was unable to hear.

C lifted his body and now I could see his cock, its head rubbing gently against A's pussy lips. And she smiled a Mona Lisa-like smile as she enjoyed the sensation of his teasing cockhead massaging her wet vulva. And I was going nuts, my guts turning inside out as I knew that any moment now C's hard cock would violate my lady's wet, willing cunt. But he tortured me as he continued to play, pressing his cock harder against her pussy, then moving his hips as though he were fucking her, but he was only teasing her, rubbing his pelvis against her clit and his cock against her lips.

C raised himself up, reached for his bottle of lubricant and applied it liberally to his cock. OMG, this was really about to happen and I was right there, looking on helplessly -- I couldn't stop it -- wouldn't stop it -- and A just stared intensely into C's eyes as he prepared to mount her and plunge his hard member into her sweet cunt, which she had spread wide open and was offering to him so willingly. And as he thrust his cock into her she gasped and raised her legs straight up in the air, her feet by C's ears, pointing at the ceiling. Her arms reached up to hold him, and she raised her head, closed her eyes and her mouth dropped open as she moaned with sounds of pure, intense sexual pleasure. My loving wife no longer belonged to only me, but she was too filled with lust for C's hard cock as he ground it round and round deep inside her that she paid no attention to me or the turmoil in my gut. My legs were shaking and I didn't know if I could hold my camera steady. But A was oblivious and totally giving herself to C and his hard cock. She raised her legs even higher to give him better access to her cunt, letting his cock plunge even deeper inside her. She ground her hips meeting his thrusts, giving herself totally to this stranger and not caring about anything but how wonderful his cock felt inside her.

And C turned out to be extremely long lasting. He kept pounding my sweet wife's pussy over and over, changing his stroke, sometimes in and out, sometimes round and round, and sometimes side to side. And every time he changed his motion, my wife reacted, gasping, moaning, moving her hips to meet him, her eyes half closed in passion. C had a little curve in his cock that made his cockhead rub my wife's cunt walls differently than mine had ever done, and she reacted, reaching to grab his ass and pull him even deeper into her.

And as this heated scene played out right in front of me it suddenly flashed through my mind that, OMG, I never saw C put a condom on. He was furiously pounding away in my wife's cunt bareback! Up to now I worked hard at not intruding on their mutual pleasure, but now I had to interrupt. I said softly, "What about a condom?" A heard me and said to C, "Did you put a condom on?" He got a surprised look and began to slow down his thrusting. He didn't pull out right away, but gradually slowed down, and as he did, A also slowly came back down to Earth. And she lay there and smiled at him lovingly as he let his hard, swollen, bare cock linger in her cunt a little longer.

C finally dismounted to get a condom, but he didn't put it on right away. Instead he knelt on the floor at the side of the bed, right next to where A was lying. He put his arm around her shoulders and lifted her to him. She put her arms around his neck and pulled herself closer to him. And they smiled, and they kissed, and they whispered, and she laughed, and he caressed her breast and sucked her nipple, and they kissed yet again. Then he slid his finger into her pussy, and she closed her eyes, threw her head back and moaned with erotic pleasure. And they continued, over and over and over, with C fingering my lovely bride's pussy first gently, then deeply, then forcefully, then just the lips, then deep inside again. I could only imagine exactly what his finger was doing as I watched my wife's hot, intense, emotional reactions. And sometimes he kissed her breast, and sometimes he nibbled her neck, and sometimes he kissed her passionately on the lips, and sometimes he just held his face very, very close to hers and they stared deeply and lustfully into each others eyes, looking so intense that I thought they would be able to see into each others very soul.

They continued this for a long, long time. C was masterfully turning my wife into an erotic, sensual, lust-filled animal that wanted nothing, could think of nothing except of having his hard cock deep inside her once again. And finally he stood up, and he put on a condom, and my wife raised her legs pulling them further back than I have ever seen her do before, her feet a good twelve inches beyond the top of her head. And C drove his hard cock into her hot, wet, dripping cunt that was open wider than I have ever seen it. And he fucked her and she fucked him right back, and they fucked, and they fucked, and they fucked for a long, long time.

Finally they paused, and C, with his cock still hard and still filling my wife's pussy, lay down on top of her, pressing his flesh into hers. And they kissed, hard, passionate tongue-filled kisses. C started to slowly grind his cock inside my wife, moving his butt round and round, and A responded by raising her hips and grinding her cunt in rhythm with C's cock. Closing her eyes and throwing her head back, she bared her clenched teeth as she reached down with both her arms to grab his ass and pull him harder and deeper into her. She wrapped her legs around his body, and he started pumping harder and harder, deeper and deeper, and A grimaced and cried out loudly again and again. And they continued like this for a seemingly interminable length of time, until finally C also started to grimace and A, sensing that he was about to cum, reached up with her arms and grabbed her feet puling them higher and higher above her head, opening her cunt as wide as possible as C's cock swelled and throbbed as he deposited his load of seed deep inside her.

And I was going absolutely out of mind. My mind could not believe the scene that my eyes had just witnessed, my gut was tied in knots as fear, terror, jealousy, and anger raged through my body, and my cock was fully erect and hard as the most intense sexual high I have ever experienced raced through me, competing with all those other emotions that were tearing my guts apart. Instinctively I wanted to leap into their midst, tear them apart, and reclaim what was mine, but I couldn't do that. I forced myself to consciously think about the fact that my lovely wife was doing no more than what I told her she could do, should do, that I wanted her to do. I had told her that tonight she would belong to C, not to me, that I wanted her to be totally uninhibited, to give C the best fuck he had ever had. If she was going to be C's slut, I wanted her to be the best, hottest slut that she could be. And she had just followed my instructions far better than I ever thought she would be able to. And she was enjoying it so thoroughly -- she wasn't just letting C use her pussy, she was encouraging it, doing everything she could to make him cum harder, deeper, and longer inside her body. She really wasn't my sweet wife at that point, instead she was a sex crazed animal that wanted only to satisfy her own lust with whatever hard cock happened to be pounding her pussy.

After C shot his load into my wife, his pumping and A's thrashing subsided, and they lay quietly, C's cock still in her pussy, and they kissed and A smiled at him and caressed his face. They lay there hugging and gently petting each other for what seemed to me a very long time and, as my blood pressure slowly dropped and my emotional rage lessened, my cock, too, softened a bit. Eventually C pulled out of my wife kissed her and hugged her, then excused himself to go to the bathroom.

Since C was done using my wife, it was now my turn. I stood by the foot of the bed and motioned for her to come to me. We hugged, and we kissed deeply, and we each said, "I love you." Then I pushed her back on the bed, placed my head between her legs, and started licking and sucking and teasing her clit with my tongue and my teeth. After several minutes I stood up, put two fingers into her and massaged her G-spot. She reacted immediately, gasping and grinding her hips to allow me better access. She got really, really hot and a large volume of fluid flowed out of her pussy. After several minutes I pulled my fingers out and pressed firmly against her clit; she gasped a little as her pussy twitched involuntarily -- a small orgasm. I put my face back down on her pussy and, while I was licking her clit, C walked around to the side of the bed. A rolled her head toward him, reached out, and took his cock into her mouth. For several minutes I continued licking my wife's pussy while she sucked C's cock. Eventually I stood up, walked over to C, and said, "Now it's my turn." He moved aside and my lovely wife proceeded to give me a long, wonderful blow job. But then he fucked her again anyway (see pic).

After a few minutes of this with my cock fully erect and glistening with my wife's saliva, I pulled back and motioned for her to turn around, so she lay back with her now well used pussy facing me at the edge of the bed. Putting my hands under her ass, I pulled her toward me until her butt was hanging several inches off the side of the bed. I drove my cock into her dripping pussy, she raised her legs high in the air and spread them wide, and we started fucking. I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs open even wider, and we began talking nasty to each other. C didn't talk much when he was fucking my wife, but A and I always talk nasty and dirty to one another when we're in the heat of passion. "Did you like being a slut and letting C pound his cock into you?" "Oh, yes, I loved it!" "Do you want me to fuck you as hard as C did?" "Oh, yes, oh, yes, I want you to cum in my cunt!" And we talked like that, and I grew harder, and she grew nastier, and I pounded her harder, and she fucked me right back, and tingles ran up my spine and goose bumps all over my body, and I came and shot my pent up load of cum deep inside her. I was pleasantly surprised at how long I was able to keep going before I came. I'd been afraid that I'd shoot my load instantly, but I didn't. And all those emotions that were tearing me apart inside were released. I felt at ease, and I loved my wife very, very much, and I held her close in my arms and told her so.

C had been watching us, and had climbed on the bed to take a few photos with his camera of A and I in action. When we were done, the three of us sat around, exhausted for the moment, and chatted for a while, catching our breath and commenting on how much intense pleasure we'd all just experienced. After taking a photo of the three of us sitting on the edge of the bed with A seated between C and I, I excused myself and went to the bathroom. When I returned I found A and C still sitting next to each other where I'd left them, but now they were staring intently into one another's eyes and starting to touch and caress again. This began Round 2 out of what turned out to be four rounds of our sexual marathon. If I continued describing it in the detail I've been giving up to now, I'd wind up with report that would be just a little longer than War and Peace. So let me try and leave out some of the detail -- especially since the rest of the night and morning sort runs together into one long, unending sexual blur.

A and C continued their playing, if anything even hotter than before. Since we'd had one full round and everyone survived in an OK emotional state, I think they may have felt more relaxed and more uninhibited -- if that's even possible. Their foreplay and post play continued to be intense and much more like lovers than like fuck buddies. C mounted my wife again, and they fucked for a while. When C got tired he pulled out and they made out for a while. After remounting and going at it some more, C started to tire once more. Very surprisingly, my own cock was again standing at attention! Earlier I'd worried about how long it would take me after I first came to recover again. Silly fellow! Watching my wife making mad, passionate love with this stranger got my gut into an emotional turmoil all over again and rekindled the sexual heat that resurrected my hard on.

Since C was tired, I did the only thing a gentleman could do and offered to take his place. I had my wife move over so her pussy was right at the edge of the bed where I fingered her G-spot once again until she again got wet with another small orgasm. And then we fucked -- first with me standing and her butt hanging off the edge of the bed, then she turned over so I could mount her doggie style. When I also began to tire A told me to lay down on the bed where she proceeded to give me a long, sensuous blow job. After a while I told her that I didn't think there was any way I was going to cum again that night, so she lay down beside me, we cuddled and kissed and I fingered her pussy for a while.

By this time C was feeling energetic again so, after I left my wife's side, he lay down beside her and they started making out like crazy again. They wrapped their legs together so that their naked bodies were totally entwined and they cuddled and kissed and touched and caressed and stroked one another for -- it must have been at least a half hour. Then C got to his knees and straddled my wife's chest so that his erect cock fell right into her mouth. A began sucking and licking it with vigor until C decided to mount my wife once more.

He hadn't been in my wife very long when A asked if he'd like her to ride him for a while. He gladly accepted her offer, not yet realizing what a treat he was about to experience. C lay back and A mounted his cock. But my sweet wife has this wonderful technique in which, instead of kneeling over her partner, she squats over him with both her feet flat on the bed then, using her strong quads (I knew there was a reason for all her bicycling) she rises up until his cock is almost completely out of her, then lowers herself abruptly, plunging his cock deep into her cunt. Because she is squatting rather than kneeling, her pussy is fantastically, unbelievably tight. I can never let her do this to me for very long because I'll just explode inside her prematurely every time. C's eyes widened and his face was more expressive than it had ever been as A rode him and rode him and rode him. He commented several times during our marathon about how "fantastically tight" A's pussy is. And A continued to ride him until her quads couldn't take it any more -- she told me the following day that her pussy felt fine, but her quads were sore. Watching this action from behind, with my wife's tight pussy lips being drawn out by the friction with C's cock as she raised upward, exposing his rigid cock glistening with her pussy juices, my cock again became fully erect from the sexual heat they were generating.

By the time she dismounted C's cock, he had recovered somewhat and was ready for more action. He had A move over to the edge of the bed and offer him her butt, then he mounted her doggie style. This is A's favorite position and, in some of her flirty email during the previous week, she'd told him how she liked to be held firmly by her hips and used for a guy's pleasure. C remembered her instructions, and use her he did. Grabbing her by the hips, thrusting his cock hard into her, forcing her cunt to pleasure his cock by moving to meet his every thrust. And my wife writhed and grimaced and moaned and cried out in unbelievable sexual pleasure. She was being thoroughly used and enjoying every second of it. And I was going out of my mind all over again. Watching the intensity of my wife's reaction to another man's cock and the mindless, animalistic way she was moving her ass to fuck him right back, my own cock rose to the occasion.

At one point during their doggie style session, C paused and said he needed to go pee. When he dismounted I took his place, telling him, "Here, I'll keep her warmed up for you" as I thrust my cock into A's pussy. I continued until C returned and put on a new condom, whereupon he began fucking my wife once again. When C began to tire again, he had A lay down, and he mounted my wife once again as she raised her legs high to allow him full access. And they fucked for a while longer until C, in one final burst of energy, shot his load once more into my wife. C was exhausted. I mounted my wife again, and we fucked for another short while, but I too was too tired to continue. After more than five consecutive hours of non-stop sex, only my hot little wife had any energy left.

So we all cleaned up and crawled in bed. A cuddled close to C on one side and I lay by myself on the other side. C promptly fell asleep. I had some trouble drifting off, but I eventually did. A apparently couldn't sleep at all. At about 3am I woke up and went to the bathroom. A was also awake, and she got up and sat in the easy chair by the window. When I returned I sat beside her and we hugged and we cuddled and we held each other very close. And, while gazing out at the city lights below us, we whispered and told one another how very much we loved each other. We sat there for quite a while, and I ended our tryst by getting on my knees, gently licking my wife's pussy, and fingering her G-spot until she had another little micro-orgasm. We returned to bed, she cuddling next to C and me by myself again.

We slept, and when I awoke I could see from the light entering the room that it must be just sunrise. I lay there quietly, and A was still cuddled with C. After some period of time I felt them start to move and I heard the little noises they made as they kissed and caressed one another's face and touched all over each other's body. This went on for a long time, then I heard my wife gasp and I thought that C must have just slid his fingers into her pussy. She began moaning and her hips started moving in a circular grinding motion and I knew she was helping C get better access to the innermost folds of her cunt. And this went on for a long while until C sat up and reached for another condom. As he positioned himself above my wife he said something to her that I couldn't quite hear, but she raised her legs high in the air with her pussy wide open and said, "Oh, yes! Use me! I want you to just use me!" And with that C drove his cock hard into my wife's cunt, and she wrapped her arms and her legs completely around him, drawing him deeper into her pussy. And they fucked each other hard as C's cock pounded in and out of my sweet wife. And he pounded and he pounded and he pounded her, and she threw her head back and closed her eyes and bared her clenched teeth as she made gasping, groaning noises from the intense, animalistic, sexual pleasure. And then he came hard and deep inside my wife's cunt and their groins moved together, as if one, as he slowly ground his cock round and round inside her. Then they lay there for a long, long time.

I was going out of my mind again, and my gut was churning, and my cock was hard and ready to pounce. But A and C lay there, completely entwined in each other's arms, kissing and petting as their bodies calmed down in their post-orgasmic release. Finally, after too long a time, C got up and went to clean up. And although my cock had softened a bit while waiting for them to disentangle themselves, I was still raging inside. I pulled my wife over to the edge of the bed, I attacked her pussy and her G-spot until she got very wet with another small orgasm, and I pounded my cock into her. And she and I fucked hard, and C got onto the bed and caressed A's breast and licked her nipple. And all the time I was fucking her, and they kissed, and I got tingles all over, and I exploded in my wife's pussy!

C and I were again very tired and definitely needed some recovery time. The three of us lay on the bed and we touched A and petted her, and fingered her pussy, but it was all very gentle and relaxing. C drifted off to sleep again, and my wife and I lay there together, touching and loving one another. And after a while, as we kissed and hugged and whispered loving words to one another, I surprised myself again as my cock became turgid once more. And while C still slept, my wife and I moved once again to the edge of the bed where I stood and gently slid my cock back into her. And we made love as we fucked slowly and softly and gently. After a while our motions woke C up and he moved over next to us. Having an audience suddenly made us both feel much hotter, and we began fucking more seriously. And as A got more excited, C held her wrists down pressing them into the bed so she felt like she was bound, which excited her even more. And I grabbed her hips and I used her, driving my cock harder and harder into her cunt. And she was extremely excited now. And I was pounding away and pounding away -- and I was getting tired and exhausted. I knew I couldn't keep up that pace, so I slowed down and I looked at C and asked him if he was ready for another round. He smiled and said, "Oh, yes!" I bent over and kissed my wife as I once again surrendered her body to C.

C had her again move into position so he could mount her doggie style. But instead of mounting her immediately, he started fingering her pussy -- or so I thought. It turned out instead that he was fingering my wife's asshole. Using lots of lube he slowly and gently started penetrating her ass, first with one finger, then two. And he took his time, very patiently lubing her up and slowly increasing the depth of penetration of his fingers and the number of fingers. A loves anal play when I do it to her. We've tried a few times to have full anal sex, but some combination of her tightness and my softness has always frustrated our attempts. But C was a highly skilled and experienced, and he took enough time and got A to relax enough that her sphincter yielded to his ministrations as he replaced his fingers with his cock and slowly penetrated my wife's ass. And first he penetrated her only with the head of his cock, but he slowly increased the depth of his stroke, until he was plunging his entire cock into her ass. And as my wife grew more and more frantic with pleasure, he pounded her harder and harder, and I was getting hotter and hotter watching my wife become a totally uninhibited, lustful, sexual animal once more. And as just as I thought she couldn't become any more frantic then she was, C told me to put my fingers in her pussy. And I did, reaching under the two of them, shoving two fingers into her cunt, and massaging her G-spot as hard as I could. And she cried out and she bucked her ass harder against C's cock and she was totally out her mind with pure sexual pleasure. And we continued like this for several minutes until my wife exploded in one final orgasmic burst.

And then we were done. We had fucked and sucked continuously for five full hours the night before. We had fucked and sucked continuously for another four straight hours that morning. C and I were ready to collapse in a heap. A, though, was ready continue, if only she could've found just one more hard cock. We sat around discussing the night's events. C told A once more that she had a fantastically tight pussy, and he looked her straight in the eye and said, "You're an awesome fuck!" He suggested she might make a good candidate for a gang bang. My wife just blushed and looked at him with her sweet, innocent smile. Then we cleaned up and packed up and all left for home.

Our first MFM was wonderfully exciting and outrageously intense. It probably had too much emphasis on sequential, individual MF's and not enough on real MFM couplings. The next time we'll spend a lot more time with both guys pleasuring A together. That'll also help keep my emotions under better control too. - Sexy Couple


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