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Hot Wife Jillian

Hot Wife Jillian:

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Hi Webmaster of the cuckold site or blog. I have something to post about my wife and a question for your readers. Bear with me as I will send you email updates as I get information on my wife and you can post it all in one shot when I'm done. So how many of you guys have had to go to your wife's high school re-union and really did not want to. Well my bride of 3 years, Jillian, has been invited to her high schools ten year re-union in San Diego. The re-union is the second week of July, but her girl friend, who was her best friend in HS, has invited her to spend the month at her home as her guest. Her friend, Sarah, is divorced and she got the 4 bedroom house, so she has plenty of room for guests. Sarah has told Jillian that Jillian's old HS flame is living in town and is also divorced. Sarah told him that Jillian was coming to the re-union and he said that now it will be worth going. Due to work, I can not take that much time off. Jillian is a housewife so she can make her own schedules ( you notice I did not say she did not work- a little pc joke). Since we do not have little rug crawlers yet, I have encouraged her to go and have fun.

Recently we have been think actively about starting our family and some hot fantasies have punctuated our loving. Our biggest foreplay fantasy is her making out with her old stud. A husband can tell that his wife, still has some "old time feelings" for this guy she dated in High School. Now she has the opportunity if she goes through with it to act out some of her fantasies.

I know that her girlfriend will be sure to encourage Jillian to play around while she is on "vacation". As part of our thinking about a baby, we have done something that some people might consider strange. We have two diaphragms that fit Jillian. I took one of the diaphragms one day, and put a couple of well positioned holes with a hole punch in the material. We have put spermacide in the diaphragm, usually a lot and the holes have been clogged so far (no pregnancy yet). She will tease me at times and before we love, she will say "which diaphragm ( the damaged one or the good one) do you think I have on.

Jillian has begun packing for her trip, she will leave Saturday morning for San Diego. She suprised me by asking me to pick out which diaphragm she should pack for her trip or should she take both. I told her that she can only take one and her cream. She then said "You pick it out for me" and pack it so I can not see what you picked out until I get there". She was washing both di's out last night and I took the one with the holes and got the hole punch again and put another hole in the middle. There is now a hole the size of a quarter right in the middle of her protection. To sperm it must look like a super highway. I now have the diaphragms in two brown bags with spermacide with the good one and petrolium jelly in the bag with the damaged product. I read some hot stories on your cuckold site and while stroking myself, decided that Jillian would be taking the "damaged" diaphragm and petrolium jelly while the good one stays in her bed side drawer.

I can't wait to hear about her experiences in San Diego, this should be exciting for both her and I.

Has anyone else encouraged their spouse to play around at a re-union and at the same time risk pregnancy.

Update: All I have heard thus far, has been that she arrived safely and that her ex-BF. Brad, picked her up at the airport. I did call her cell yesterday afternoon and got her friend, Sarah. Sarah said that after Brad picked Jillian up at the airport, they went to lunch and then stopped by Sarah's apartment. Sarah said that she has been fighting a cold so she didn't want to infect Jillian. Jillian wanted a change of clothes after her flight, so she changed at Sarah's, since she was planning on staying their instead of a hotel. While going through her suitcase, she saw the bag with the damaged diaphragm and the petrolium jelly. After changing, she asked Sahara if she would mind alot if she stayed somewhere else during her trip. Sarah said that she wouldn't at all and she asked where will you be at. Jillian told her that during lunch, Brad asked her if she would like to stay at his place. Sarah told her "Go for it Girl" and she called him and asked if the offer was still open. Brad was there in about 15 minutes to pick up Jillian and her things. Jillian did leave her cell phone with Sarah. She asked her to hold it for her until she went home, so she would not be disturbed. So the only information I get now is from Sarah and that is only if Jillian talks to her about Brad. I guess my wife called Sarah this morning and told her that she is having a fantastic trip, better than she thought, and that tonight she is cooking dinner for Brad. Sarah asked her why he was imposing on her to cook for him? Jillian told her that it was definitely "not" an imposition. That was all I got so far, but I can imagine how much fucking is going on and that makes me really really hot.

Update: Sorry about the delay in posting, I have been extremely busy with overtime at the office. Have not heard much from the lovers, but Jillian's girlfriends have emailed me to warn me to call or write her because Brad is apparently getting "too comfortable" with her being "his wife" and that he might not want to let her go back. I am not ready to stop her yet, especially since I told her she can stay until she had her fun and ready to come home. I get a huge hard on knowing that Brad is probably trying to convince her to change wedding rings. I will give him more of a chance to play before I think about stopping him.

Update: The Re-Union went very well. Brad and Jillian told all their friends that she is separated from her husband back in the midwest and they have been using terms like finace and financee to describe their relationship. It is so exciting knowing that he not only wants her in bed, he wants to change her last name to his. It is very hot knowing that they both seem to want to start a family. I think it would be a very hot development if she would tell me that she would come back when "they are ready". I have been thinking alot and stroking myself, thinking about what I would be missing if she is pregnant and she stays in California with Brad during the pregnancy and the birth. I would want her or Brad to write me about all the things they are doing to prepare for "their " baby. Not asking my opinion, just telling me as they would tell any friend or other non family member.

Update: Sorry webmaster about the looong delay but it was nerve-wracking for a couple of weeks! Jillian came back yesterday night. It ends up that Jillian's feelings for Brad soared throughout the trip. She did not get pregnant but said they fucked EVERY night and sometimes twice a day. This almost made me shoot my load as I was already worked up imagining them together. She said that while being with him that she truly had feelings for him again and that she 'almost' loved him. But she loved me more for letting her experience her fantasies and wants to stay with me but fuck other men on a regular basis now. before this we had set-up 2 encounters for her. One was her alone with a guy from work which lasted 2 hours and another was her with 2 guys we met online while I took pictures. The pictures I'm sending are of that encounter which was the hottest of my life so far! I really wish that I had pictures of her and Brad. I wouldn't of minded if Sarah was there watching and taking them or anybody else but just something so I can get a visual.

We went to bed that night and she told me that I would have to wait to fuck her and that I could cum tomorrow. But she teased me so much by telling me all the little detals of their fucking, about how he penetrated her repeatedly, how he fucked her anally, how she sucked him off every night etc... It drove me wild and then she fell asleep KNOWING I was wound up. Well I didn't sleep at all and was rewarded with an orgasm in her well used pussy the next morning.

That's about it for her high school reunion. We will be doing this again sometime and I will write it! - Jim

Hot Wife Jillian

Hot Wife Jillian

Hot Wife Jillian



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