Hot Wife Jenna

Hot Wife Jenna

My Hot Wife Jenna:

My wife Jenna and I have been married 18 yrs now, and sexually it's been more than I could have ever imagined! A month before we married we swapped one night with a good friend Rob and his wife; after a great night of the four of us Fucking and Sucking I knew I had to put the ring on her finger.

My then fiance said no one had ever eaten her and fingered her at the same time like Rob had. Both of us had been married before but were greatly unfulfilled; She was married to a man with a nine inch Cock, but oblivious on how to excite a woman.

Fortunately I knew how to arouse her to the point where her juices would flow down her inner thighs; this can come in handy when you have a little 6-incher like mine that doesn't last long. I often asked if she missed her Big Cock, and she lovingly said no but she would like me to last a little longer.

To help out I've brought my friend Jim into our relationship. On many occasions, they've been known to Fuck the night away. Jim's a musician and sometimes he'll take her to the back room during his show, or to our car after the show. Recently Jim's added his friend Dave to the mix. He warned me in advance that Dave is a well-endowed lady's man and thus I would be taking a chance with my wife.

He couldn't have been more right; after a few Hotel visits I'm now dressing her and delivering her to his house. Included are some pics of Dave and my wife, as well as a threesome of Dave, Jim, and Jenna.

P.S.-She loved it when they both penetrated her Pussy at once. - Bill

Hot Wife Jenna

Hot Wife Jenna

Hot Wife Jenna

Hot Wife Jenna



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