My Wife's Honeymoon

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My Wife's Honeymoon Without Me!:

My wife and I always had a very honest and frank relationship. We had agreed never to keep any secret from each other no matter how personal or embarrassing it could be. This was the one and only strict rule in our ten years of marriage. Several months ago, my wife confided that she was frequently in touch via email with “Tiger” (an old college boyfriend who was an avid golfer, hence the pet name she gave him). They were both involved in the preparations for their upcoming college reunion.

I told her that their frequent exchange of e-mail and daily mobile phone calls were no big deal to me. I asked her why she had to share this fact with me now. With a somewhat distress look in her face, she dropped a bombshell “Tiger is ardently courting me!” I burst out laughing thinking that it was one of her silly jokes again. After all, she has this habit of pulling my leg with corny jokes quite frequently. She quickly replied “I’m serious and you better listen. Our friendly calls to each other have quickly evolved to hot and erotic conversations. We have discovered that we still have very strong feelings for each other”.

Ok, I started seriously listening. The tone of her voice strongly suggested a certain sense of alarm and urgency.

My wife continued talking “I’m getting addicted to him. There’s not a single day that we don’t talk. We have in fact started talking very intimate things.” She went on and on with her confession that night. She confided that their conversations were so sensuous in nature that she literally got wet as they talked. They were already into heavy flirting and their jokes were peppered with sexual innuendoes. For example, he said that he wanted to score a real “hole in one” with my wife one of these days, most probably after their reunion night several weeks away. He also said he was planning to use soon his big “battering ram against her castle gates” whether the princess was ready or not. My wife said that she had the distinct impression that Tiger was prepping her up for an eventual sexual encounter and she felt so aroused, so excited thinking about such a possibility. After allowing her to bring up all her pent-up feelings about Tiger, I asked her a brutally frank question “what do you think are the chances of Tiger fucking you after your reunion night?”

Without batting an eyelash, she replied “100% if I can have it my way!”

Several weeks passed by after our talk and the big reunion night finally arrived. I made sure that I came back home early from work to watch my wife prepare for her date. Tiger was going to fetch her and was going to be her date for the night. The first thing I noticed was the wonderful smell of the sensuous perfume that permeated the whole room. I saw her spraying herself in her breasts, nipples, at the back of her ears, her neck and even in her pubic area! I also saw her putting on the red lace teddy and matching thong. It was very evident from all the preparations that my lovely wife had something naughty cooking up in her mind. I had to clear the air by asking a straight-to-the-point question “Honey. Are you going to get fucked tonight?”

She looked at me with that tempting look and said “Tiger said this morning that his courting is over and we are going on a honeymoon tonight! We are going to sneak out from the reunion as soon as possible and check in the motel. Hope, its ok with you?” I had an instant erection when I realized that they were dead serious in pursuing a sexual consummation of their budding relationship that night. I sensed that my wife was not really asking for my permission but more of a tacit ok. I said “It’s ok provided you take the necessary precautions”. I reminded her that she was off the pill for some time now. She felt so delighted and kissed me in my cheek. She said “your wife is going to be very naughty tonight and I going to give Tiger the most unforgettable evening of his life.” I told her to enjoy and also to remember all the graphic details of their lovemaking so could tell me later when she comes back. Half an hour later, Tiger’s car horn blared. And my wife was one her way with her new lover to their long evening of hot passion and raw sensual emotions.

Hours passed .I felt so anxious and restless imagining what my wife was doing at that point in time. I was probably jerking every hour on the hour. I kept listening to radio and even tried reading a book. I can tell you know that that night was probably the most excruciating and sensually agonizing night for me. I felt an amalgam of emotions - extreme jealousy, heightened sexual arousal and even sheer envy that another man was owning and possessing my wife’s body at that very moment. I can even shyly admit now that I did what I think was a very perverted masturbatory act while waiting for her return: I looked at our old wedding picture with my young wife then in a pristine white wedding gown. In living color, I was imagining that my lovely wife’s body was being defiled by her new lover on the own honeymoon night happening that very moment. I can tell you that I jacked so furiously at this sensuous thought that my cum almost hit the room’s ceiling. I kept waiting and waiting for my wife. Half of me wanted her to return already so I could hear all the juicy details. But the other part of me wanted to prolong this delirious anticipation.

At around 3:30 am, I heard a noise from a nearby car. I looked at the window and saw that it was Tiger’s car alright - kept looking and waiting for my wife to alight from the car. Ten minutes passed by and no wife was in sight. I decided to go downstairs and peeped in the window directly facing the driveway. Lo and behold, I saw two dark figures in the car furiously making out. I found it so scandalous since that bright street light was directly shining on the car. I was so worried that some nosey neighbors would notice the two new lovers furiously necking and petting right in front of our house. They looked to me like two horny teenagers with raging hormones making out in a deserted street or dark lover's lane. But these were two grown-up married adults! I was getting really irritated and agitated . I said to me “Oh boy, these two are INSATIABLE!”

Finally, at about 3:45 am, my wife alighted from the car and Tiger’s car sped away. I opened the door and had the shock of my life! My wife had this beatific smile and looked as radiantly beautiful as ever. She still had this very horny look. I could sense that she was still in high state of arousal. But I could not believe what she was wearing—she was just dressed up in her red lace teddy, matching thong and pump high heels. No bra and panties! To compound this very horny sight was the very wet portion where the panties should have been. I could clearly see her p----! My wife quickly embraced me and shouted “your wife was a very, very bad girl tonight. I got fucked by Tiger! Ask me, ask me how many times!” Before I could even humor her with that question, she shouted “Not once, not twice, not thrice, but FOURRR!” .

Then she held my hand, pulled her teddy sideways and placed my hand right on top of her p----. She said “see and feel how wet he made me!” She then embraced and furiously kissed me .I thought she wanted to rape me right there in our living room. I told her to keep quiet since the kids might wake up. I then asked her to bend over on the couch and let me take a picture of her in that red teddy with her p---- showing, as a reminder to me for future fantasies (I have attatched this one for your blog). Then I brought her straight up to our bedroom. In our bedroom, she admitted that she was still horny because Tiger kept fondling her breasts and nipples while French kissing her in his car while parked in front of the house. He even touched her clit which he could easily do by inserting his hand in her teddy. She kept begging him to stop because she was afraid that the some curious neighbors were already watching in their windows. She said that Tiger ignored her since he was so aroused again. In fact, he was so BRAZEN that he actually attempted to fuck her in the car. They had managed to move to the backseat of the car to have more room for action. He pushed back my wife’s teddy down there and unzipped his pants. He was about to insert his d--- when my wife threatened to shout if he didn’t stop. That quickly brought him back to his senses and said sorry to my wife. She quickly gave him a peck in the cheeks, said goodbye and alighted from the car.

My wife told me that she was so aroused and was almost tempted to give in to Tiger’s attempted car fuck if not for the fact that she was sure that the neighbors could see what they were doing .She didn’t want to be the subject of the following morning’s rumor mills in our street. I had a thousand questions to ask her but uppermost in my mind was the reason why she was dressed up in just her red lace teddy. She shyly explained that when they were dressing up in the motel to go home, Tiger told her that he wanted me to see his “new bride” exactly in the same condition as she was during their "honeymoon”. My wife said it was good idea since it was surely to turn me on later. Before proceeding to interrogate her on all the graphic details of their “honeymoon”, we decided to make love first. I also had the first ever taste of her cream pie!

We then decided to sleep first since we were both tired for different reasons. I was tired from all the long waiting and unbelievable sexual rush while she was very exhausted from all the lovemaking with Tiger in the motel. She promised me that the she was going to describe in detail everything that transpired from the time she was fetched from the house to the reunion proper to ultimate stop in the motel. But she had to recover first from their grueling sexual marathon. We then decided to sleep first since we were both tired for different reasons. I was tired from all the long waiting and unbelievable sexual rush while she was very exhausted from all the lovemaking with Tiger in the motel. My wife woke up early to prepare breakfast for the kids and to see them off for school. After completing her morning chores, she rejoined me in bed and was ready to tell me her complete narrative of last night’s events with Tiger. My wife first said something that I found quite funny.” I could hardly walk straight this morning! My pussy is sore as hell. I had to put up a brave front in front of your kids during breakfast. If they only knew what their model soccer mom did last night”.

That whole statement of my wife essentially captured the fine dichotomy that she was making between her soccer mom/wife role at home and her new evolving role as a slut to her new lover, Tiger. I then told her that her ability to be a “multi-tasking juggler” was one reason why I admired her so much. I hugged her and then told her that the suspense was killing me and she better tell her story quickly. My wife said “Alright, I will try hard to recount from the time I was fetched from the house. But I’m sure that it is almost impossible to remember every detail. I really felt so giddy and, smitten like a new bride walking on air. My heart went pitter patter and my breath was shallow whenever Tiger was around”. She said that as soon as she entered the car Tiger exclaimed “my princess, my new bride”. He then kissed her in the cheeks. He was about to go for a passionate kiss in her lips when my wife told him to quickly start since there were neighbors walking nearby with their dogs.

Tiger told her to listen intently to the songs in his car’s CD since he specifically selected them for her. My wife confessed that she found this a very touching and romantic gesture since these were mostly old songs of their college days with a lot of meaning to them. Tiger told her that he was “so madly in love with her”. In contrast, he said that he loved his wife because of their long history. He said he missed my wife so much all these years. My wife found it so surreal. She distinctly felt that he was deliberately laying the groundwork for the romantic fireworks later that night. Little did he know that my wife was more than willing and ready to be a victim of his seductive ways.(As my wife would always say, “it takes two to dance the sexual tango”). As they were approaching the hotel where the reunion party was being held, Tiger told her “I have big plans to pamper my new bride after the party”. My wife pouted and looked at him coyly. He just smiled and told her “I want you tonight!” She felt the perceptible sexual tension going on between the two of them. She couldn’t help it and Tiger couldn’t help it. ...

As soon as they parked the car in the hotel grounds, Tiger started hugging her and kissing her behind her ears and neck. He said that she had a very sensuous smell.IT WAS TURNING HIM ON!!! My wife was so quietly pleased that her earlier preparations in the house to spray all over the body with her expensive French perfume was paying off. She was expecting Tiger to eventually kiss those sensitive body parts during the night. She was right. Talk about correct planning even on dates! He started to fondle her breasts and kiss her so passionately. My wife told him to be careful not to crumple her dress. After all she was going to deliver the welcome speech in the reunion. Tiger said “Don’t worry, I will be careful. But it’s important for me to earn first my bragging rights before we meet our old classmates”. My wife didn’t understand what he just said. All of a sudden, Tiger blurted out “I will eat your p---- first before we enter! Let’s go to the back of the car!!!”

My wife was so aghast at what seemed to be a very brazen ORDER. Yes,it really was an order. From the tone of his voice, no ifs or buts, no excuses. She didn’t know how to react at first. She ultimately decided that the most prudent thing to do was to just go with flow. So she meekly followed him to the back of his car...

He immediately went on his knees, brought up her skirt and quickly pulled off her sexy thongs. My wife said she was got so excited by Tiger’s aggressive and dominant behavior to the point that her p---- got very wet!!! He spread her legs widely and reached for her clit and p----. Then, he very gently kissed and licked it all over. He told her how nice her p---- looked. So wet, so hot. As he continued to lick and suck her p----, my wife just closed her eyes in EXTREME EMBARASSMENT and was hoping against hope their old classmates or college friends in the nearby cars were not looking at them. She moaned and almost screamed as she felt very intense pleasure. Her climax was like no other as she experienced an amalgam of emotions: enjoyment, affection and even embarrassment at such a public display of their sexual lust. Now, she completely understood what Tiger meant by earning his bragging rights. It literally meant staking a claim on her body before the party! She was overwhelmed! She knew that at the rate that it was going she was sure to be his complete slut that night!she was going be submissive. He was going to be DOMINANT.

Tiger surprised my wife by being so aggressive and assertive, very much different from his shy personality during their college days. She said that he quickly placed his palm on the small of her back while walking into the hotel. It was such an immediate turn-on to her. It was as if he was so attracted to and proud of her. Tiger introduced my wife to others as his date for the night and as his very special friend (“my princess”). In front of their mutual friends, he would hold her hands, put his arms around her shoulders and even give her smooches in the cheek. Tiger would push her hair behind her ears, would hold her arms while walking up the stairs, and ”accidentally” brushed her wrist when she reached for her drink. Tiger felt so amorous, so possessive throughout the night. He even asked her to sit on his lap when he thought nobody was looking in the room. He would also drop jokes with friends that he found it so difficult to get her out of bed this evening (implying that they already had intimate relations). Somehow, my wife and her lover started talking with another couple about the things they do with their married partners in bed. Tiger blurted out that she, pointing to my wife, always loved her pussy being eaten! Her lover looked at her naughtily. My wife decided that the most prudent thing to was to ignore it and to keep quiet this time. Talk about instant damage control!

Thankfully, the other couple also just dismissed what they thought was Tiger’s flippant remark. They assumed that it was just a green joke on his part. When the other couple left, Tiger pulled her to a secluded corner of the room and started embracing her. He was rubbing himself and pressing his pelvis against her. My wife said that she could feel a big bulge in his pants. He stopped abruptly when he saw some friends entering the room. After midnight, they quietly sneaked out of the hotel...

My wife said that as soon as they reached Tiger’s car in the hotel’s parking lot, they locked up in a very tight embrace as if to let go of all that build-up of sexual tension. They felt completely uninhibited since they knew that almost all their friends were still inside the hotel. The night was perfect and they could see thousands of stars. Tiger whispered to her “I want my new bride to give me a blow-job right here!” He said it with an air of real urgency. My wife questioned the wisdom of what she being told to do. After all this was just their first date. She at least showed some reluctance by her facial expression. Tiger told her “I can tell you don’t usually do this sort of thing.” “You’re right. I don’t do it in public even with my husband,” my wife admitted somewhat breathlessly. “And I am very embarassed to do it with you, but . . .” she paused and then impulsively grabbed his head and kissed him . . . deeply. At that point the talking stopped. The many years of pent-up feelings for Tiger just seemed to pour out of her. Her hands ran over the tops of his shoulders and then trailed down his well muscled chest until they came to rest on his zipper. She could feel how hard he was and got all the more excited as he sharply inhaled. Her hand wrapped around his shaft as best as it could through his pants and slowly worked up and down. As she kept his tongue and lips busy with hers, her hands moved upward and unfastened his belt. Then her fingers dexterously slipped the button she found at their tips free and took hold of the zipper. When the zipper was fully lowered all my wife had to do was give one swift tug and they dropped around his ankles... She dropped to her knees all the while not breaking eye contact with Tiger.

Without the restraint of his pants, his very erect d--- was barely contained within his boxers. She slowly brought down his boxers. She slowly ran one finger up the inside of his thigh until it reached their juncture. She cupped her hand and carefully massaged his more than ample set. Tiger let out a small groan. Her other hand wrapped around the base of his shaft as she brought his d--- to her lips. His d--- almost felt like a hard rock in its full length. It didn’t take long for Tiger to explode right there in her mouth. After that very passionate BJ session in Tiger’s car in the parking lot, they drove off to a nearby drive-in motel for their “honeymoon”. In the car, Tiger showed her a 12-pack of condoms worth about $7. She laughed out and said that she hoped he would use at least half of that pack that night. Tiger replied “it all depends on you, my dear”. My wife said that upon entering the motel room, Tiger grabbed her and began to passionately kiss her. She seemed surprised, but enjoyed it. He slowly backed her to the bed and forced her down. As he grabbed her wrists, he pinned her to the bed. With a moan my wife said, “I just love to be restrained and have NO control.”

That’s all the encouragement that he needed. After removing his shoes, socks, pants and silk boxer shorts; Tiger ripped my wife’s dress, bra and thongs off. He threw her legs on the bed and pinned her hands to the bed. He put on his first condom and his d--- entered her waiting p----and rammed her harder and harder. She moaned with delight as his lips kissed her neck and ears which still had the strong whiff of her sensuous perfume. He could feel her body tense up as she had the first of many orgasms for the night. He continued to fuck her, even after she went limp. As he was about to ejaculate, he pulled out, took out the condom and came over her p----and stomach. He collapsed onto her and rolled off to her side. After a 15 minute rest, Tiger exclaimed “Let’s shower together, but I want the most erotic shower!”. Two quickly stepped into the shower. Once in the shower, my wife began to wash Tiger’s back and ass with soap. He turned around and she washed his chest and cock. Almost, instantaneously, Tiger had an erection as he played with her tits and fingered her p----. My wife continued to stroke his erection with the sudsy washcloth. At this point, my wife gently reminded him to put another condom (the second for the night). He stepped out, got one and came back and then proceeded to enter her. Grabbing her hips, he began to powerfully pull her back and forth on his erection. My wife fingered her clit as his d--- pounded her.

Before long, Tiger ejaculated inside her wet-up p----. My wife said, “Came already and the evening is still young. I hope that you have enough energy to finish the night, because I haven’t had ENOUGH orgasms yet.” “Tiger responded back “I wouldn’t worry about that, I took a V-----.” My wife laughed and said, “You know that one of the side effects is an erection that can last over four hours. And you should seek medical attention.” Jokingly Tiger said, “If that happens, the only attention I am seeking is YOU!” After shower, they cuddled for about thirty minutes. My wife again felt Tiger’s new erection. He told her, “Turn around is only fair. What do you want me to do for you?” Without hesitation my wife replied, “I was frustrated the first time. Please fuck me doggy style, let me get on all fours.” He put on again another condom (the third one) and plowed his d--- into her p----. He pounded her with an extremely fast rhythm. My wife was moaning and enjoying every thrust. He could feel that she was fingering her clit as he rammed her p-----. He couldn’t believe it, they had another orgasm together. My wife collapsed to the floor and in a short time was fast asleep. After two hours, Tiger wanted a quickie before going home. My wife agreed and let him fuck her from behind while she was lying on her side. She insisted again for him to wear another condom while fingering her aroused clit, his d--- rocked her p----. She moaned with enjoyment as Tiger slammed into her slit and his balls into the crack of her sweet ass. Tiger didn’t take long and unloaded another flow of warm cum into my wife's p----.

At the end of their “honeymoon “session, they both counted and found eight (8) unused condoms remaining in the pack. Tiger said that these were good for two more sessions with his “new bride” in the coming months. - Mitch



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