Hot Wife Elaine

Hot Wife Elaine

My Hot Wife Elaine:

My wife Elaine has always liked to flirt and play even before we were married. We have been married 30 years and she has been a hotwife and enjoyed lifestyle activities with other guys for over 26yrs. She has met with other guys without me only a couple of times when she has been out of town for a yearly dental convention in Las Vegas. She has never made plans to meet a guy alone before and has never met a guy during the day before until just last week.

We have known Ken for almost two years now. He answered an ad we had on AFF as we were looking for someone to flirt and play with her on a steady basis. We meet him at a local strip bar in Reno for the first time. Elaine was dressed in her black stockings, a short skirt and had on her nicest “button down” blouse. They got along real well and Ken ordered a round of drinks for us. I left them alone to get aquatinted and took a chair at the edge of the stage. I was there for a dancer or two and looked back to our table. It was so hot seeing that she had moved closer to him and his arm was around her. When I returned to the table Elaine left and went to the restroom.. When she returned her blouse was unbuttoned more and she sat back down next to Ken. He was getting a good look at her 42dd straining to get out of her black lacey bra. She smiled at me and winked, her signal to let me know she really liked him. I suggested we leave and go to another bar that Elaine liked. We all went in our car with Ken and Elaine in the back. It didn’t take long before they were kissing. We arrived to our lifestyles bar and took Ken inside. They allowed single guys in on Fri nights. We took a table with them sitting next to each other and it didn’t take long before they were kissing again and his hand was feeling her stockings. Soon she took us back to the party room and within a minute or two of heavy petting his cock was in her mouth. We have gone out about once a month since then with him to parties and to motel rooms. She really enjoys sex with him.

He went on vacation in September and was gone for about 3 weeks. When he got back we had planned to hook up the next weekend, but they were busy at work and he had to fill in for another guy that Saturday night. We had plans the next two weekends and had to go out of town so it would be another three weeks before we could get together. Elaine and Ken were both so horny for each other. He knows she usually has Fridays off but she is usually busy caring for her elderly mother. He wrote her an email on Wednesday and told her that he was so horny and needed to see her sooner. He asked if there was anyway she could meet him at a motel on Friday about noon and asked her to call him that night. She called about 9pm and explained she had a doctor’s appointment on Friday but did tell him that her boss was out of town on Thursday and that maybe she could take a long lunch. I was sitting at my desk while she was talking and noticed how flushed her face was and saw how hard her nipples were getting. She told him she would call him about 10:45 the next morning. She hung up the phone and told me to go get the shaving cream and a razor because she had a lunch date with Ken and he wanted her to shave her pussy.

I shaved her completely smooth and she told me how nasty she felt making the date without even asking me. She also had me shave her legs for her so she would be really smooth for him. As I finished with her I put baby oil on her and started playing with her a little. She said it was too late to play and that we had to go to bed and get up early for work. She got up earlier than I did, took a shower and came back to the bedroom. She got her body lotion and rubbed it all over. She went in her lingerie box and took out her stirrup stockings, her black lacey bra and panties. I almost came watching her get dressed then she but her work clothes over her lingerie. She kissed me and told me “I don’t believe I’m doing this” and left for work. I was hard for me to work in the morning thinking about what was going to happen. This would be their first time alone together. I couldn’t wait and called her about 10:55. She said she was just driving up to the motel and told me how nasty and slutty she was feeling. She told me she had to go now and told me how wet her pussy was.

I talked to her about 2pm from work and asked her if she had fun. She said yes and would tell me all about it later, but now she had to pick up our son from school. I got home and had a hard time waiting to talk to her because she was cooking dinner and talking to the kids. She kept smiling at me and told me she would talk to me later. About 9:30 we finally went to bed and she told me again how slutty she felt going to the room and knocking on the door. She said he offered her a drink but as soon as the door closed they started kissing. It was full on lust and she told me he had her clothes off in less than 30 seconds. They got on the bed and kissed some more. He felt her pussy and told her she was soaked. She said when he touched her she started cumming. She told him loudly to fuck her. He willing did. Later he told me that was the nastiest he had ever seen her act. She was telling him to fuck her harder and harder. He was on top of her and unloaded in her. They rested for a minute or two, had some water then she sucked him hard again and this time she got on top. He told me she was like an animal and told him to suck her tits. They kept going and he made her cum several more times before cumming in her again. He told me after another short rest and some talk that she started rubbing him again, then got on her knees and started sucking him again. When he got real hard again he got behind her and did her doggie one more time. He told me that they fucked for over an hour pretty much straight. In bed she showed me her swollen red pussy, the two hickies he left on her tits and the red marks from his hands on her shoulders . She said he wanted me to know that for that afternoon she was all “his girl” and had given it all to him. She said, “I can’t believe what a horny slut I was for Ken” smiled at me and told me to lick her sore pussy and to be gentle.

Here are some pics of her in the same motel earlier this year. I took the pictures. Hope you like them.


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Hot Wife Elaine

Hot Wife Elaine

Hot Wife Elaine

Hot Wife Elaine



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