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Cuckold Fantasies:

My girlfriend and I have been exploring with several different aspects of our sexuality. First we got into BDSM, and now swinging, but just a little bit. It's great for our sex lives and we're both loving it. But I've almost always been the dominant one in our D/s play and our overall sexual relationship, and that's made it hard for us to pursue my cuckold fantasies. I think we -- her, mostly -- have been worried that it would undermine our play where she is submissive to me.

But I've been hoping we could explore the cuckold world a little bit, and after last night I feel closer to making it happen. My gf has a friend, "David", who knows a little about our lifestyle. They flirted a fair bit at a party awhile back, and he was kind of demanding of her -- telling her to get him drinks, etc. She really liked that a lot.

Lately we've been talking a lot during sex about inviting David for a threesome. Usually we talk about it in terms of me "making" her serve him, and the two of us taking turns using her and treating her like a total slut, which is really hot. But I also fantasize about it turning out a different way, and I've been reluctant to tell her about it.

Last night when we were watching TV, she jokingly said, "I think you should give David rights to use me for awhile." I made a face, but she was laying on top of me and she noticed something. She said, "Did that make your cock hard, honey?" I had to admit that it had.

We went to bed, but even though we were both pretty turned on she didn't want to have sex because she was feeling sick from something she ate at dinner. So I started to masturbate next to her, and she snuggled up to me and asked me to tell her what I was thinking about. I was absolutely thrilled that she did that, because it's an incredible turn on to talk to her about these fantasies, and I felt like she was receptive.

I told her some things that were consistent with our "typical" lifestyle with me in control, and her submissive to me. But I hesitated and said there were some other things I was thinking about too. She coaxed it out of me, telling me she really wanted to hear about them.

I explained that I fantasize about getting together with David at a bar, flirting before our threesome, and pretty soon things take an unexpected turn, and sort of get away from me. I'm trying to control the situation, and explain to David what I want him to do and not do. He listens for awhile, but then he starts to assert himself -- maybe he tells me to go get drinks while he and my gf stay in their seats, and when I come back he's fingering her pussy under the table.

When we get home I start to set some ground rules when David interrupts me. He explains that he's going to fuck and use my gf however he wants to, and I can leave or stay and watch -- it doesn't matter to him. He's not overly mean or aggressive about it, he's just firm and straightforward and doesn't care that this wasn't what I had in mind.

For her part, my gf by this point is totally worked up... she doesn't want to disobey me and side with David, but she really, really wants his cock and she can't bring herself to put a stop to things. So she's just kind of matter-of-fact: "You'd better be a good boy and do what David says now, okay? He's going to take what he wants from me, and there isn't anything you or I can do to stop him." She's sweet and sexy and slutty the whole time. Maybe she's a little sympathetic that he took her away from me right in front of my eyes, but she's not going to try and stop it and she knows I won't either. She's just accepted what's happening and is focusing on being a good, dirty little slut for her new lover. Maybe David sends me into the kitchen to make drinks, and tells me I'd better hurry if I want to see what he's going to do to my girl.

Last night, when she encouraged me to tell her about my fantasies, my gf told me it was totally hot, and she loved what I was describing. She told me she had similar fantasies, and her ideas made me cum all over myself. She said that maybe David will use her how he wants and then just leave. Or maybe he'll fuck her and then tell me to clean her up and get her ready for more -- I prefer this idea! We both liked the idea of him "permitting" me to fuck her in between times he's having his way with her. This is definitely important to me... I know it's not a typical cuckold thing, but unlike some I don't have any issues with performance, and my cock is very good-sized. I don't really get off on the idea of having her or him withhold sex or orgasms from me, but I love the idea of being made to go second, and being made to behave in a certain way, with the threat that if I'm not good I won't be allowed to have any.

I'll also be expected to lick her pussy and keep her wet until he's ready for more. I said that maybe he'll tell me to freshen her up before he takes some more from her... maybe pick out some new lingerie. Maybe he'll even tell me to help get her ready before our date, picking out some clothes that he really likes.

Anyway, we're both excited to make something happen, and she's going to call David to ask him to join us -- he's obviously hot for her, so I know he'll say yes. She's going to ask him how he wants the experience to play out, so I don't know if it will have any cuckolding overtones or not, but either way I can't wait for the three of us to get together.

I mentioned that we did swing a little bit. Actually it was only one time with another couple. The picture I have attatched is of my gf sucking my cock while the husband of the couple is doing her and the wife obviously took the picture. We have several pictures from that night but this one has been my favorite. It's the one I use to fantasize about. I picture her doing this with 2 other men instead of me and me having to 'document' it by taking pictures and being forced to watch her. - Ralph


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