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From the forum - Im catholic married at 17 and I never had sex with anyone but John until 7 years ago and Im 33 now. Your wife does have some thing going on in her head and she is not telling you.Start simple , watch a porn tape, the best is gangbang but not a gangbang tape with a 19 yearold hottie if your wife is not a hottie, you dont want her feeling bad about herself. Have you ever tied her up? If she likes that, tie her up and blindfold her so you absolutely know she cannot see then act like there is someone else there to get her reaction (this takes careful planning).


If she will go down on you, while blind folded use something that feels like a cock but bigger then your cock and rub it on her face (example *** a sausage in a rubber) she cant smell anything but the rubber and held between your legs it will seem real to her because she is blind. At the same time move something on the other side of the room to make it seem like someone else is there, get more realistic and tell your wife your going to watch so and so guy you just made up and put a fake mustauche on and kiss your wife, it will freak her out if you do it right, you will see a real reaction on what your wife thinks or feels about being with another guy. JUST GET HER IN THE MOOD FIRST. You want her wanting sex before all this. "factoid" John did this to me and I freaked out, I loved it and was so freaked I told my girlfriend about it before John told me it was all fake.

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