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Cuckold Husband Pics

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From the forum - Hello. My name is Victoria, although most people call me Vics or Vicky. I am aged 42, married with 2 children, both now away at university. I live in a small market town in the west of England.

I meet my husband Stephen when we were both at university and married soon after graduation. Stephen is from the town and after finishing his law degree he joined his fatherís Solicitors practice where he is now the managing partner. The children came along soon after and we settled down to a reasonably affluent but fairly quiet life in our small town. As Stephenís career progressed he was appointed a School Governor, District Councillor and Chairman of the local golf club. All in all we became quiet a respected family within the community.

My life was pretty idyllic really. Stephen's income meant I didn't need to work so I spent my time looking after the house, raising the children, helping out at the local school, joined the WI ,played lots of tennis in the summer and went to the gym in the winter.

Then six months ago the bottom dropped out of my world. I discovered that Stephen was having an affair with one of the women that worked as a receptionist at his office. I was devastated; I really did not know what to do. I didn't have the nerve to confront him. He would probably have just denied it anyway! I decided to keep quiet and hope it would blow over and ever thing would return to normal. Then one night I had my best friends, Sue and Carol, round for drink and a chat whilst all our husbands were at some golf club dinner or other. After a couple glasses of wine I blurted out my secret. There was a moments silence as Sue and Carol looked at each other. "I'm so sorry" said Carol "we both knew that Stephen was having an affair but didn't want interfere, we didn't know whether to tell you or not."


I do not blame them, it is a bit of a dilemma after all. As we had a few more drinks it became clear that this was not the first fling that Stephen had had. Apparently, he was known around the town as 'bit of a dog' as men would say. He had even made a pass or two at Sue and Carol, without success they claim!!!. The one that really upset me though, was a fling he had with one of my daughter's friends whilst she had a summer job at his office. It seems that just about everybody in the town, except me of course, was well aware of my husbandís infidelities.

All three of us were getting fairly drunk by now and the conversation turned to what I should do. ďGet your own back. Why donít you take a lover of your own?" they said. (read more at the cuckold stories page....)


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