Cheating Fiancee


My Cheating Fiance:

This will be short, as its my first contribution to the cuckold site. It may not be as elaborate as most of the other stories, but this story is, I assure you, absolutely true, along with the picture.

My girlfriend of several years and I had made marriage plans for January 1987. During our courtship, she always made a big deal out of the fact that she was a virgin and wanted to stay that way until marriage. I respected her wishes, and aside from some mild petting, never pressured her for sex. She did have a couple of friends who were openly sexually active, and would always enjoy hearing their stories.

In December 1986 (one month before the wedding) I developed a major case of cold feet, and told my fiance that I wanted a postponement. She was very disappointed and told me that we should take some time apart to re-think things.

We talked a lot during the next 3 or 4 months, but spent aLOT of time apart too. During this time her friends were her main avenue for emotional support. We reconciled in April of 1987 (3 months after we were supposed to marry) and set the date for June. But not without surprises.

My fiancee told me that she still wanted to marry me but there was something I needed to know. Her friends (the sexually active ones) had told her that the fastest way to get over a broken heart is to find a new sweetheart. During the few weeks we had separated, it seems that my fiancee had accepted a few dates with a fellow that liked her and (in March 1987) she had slept with him TWICE! I could marry her but I wouldn't get the virgin bride that I would have had in January. In addition, she had told her girlfriends all about it, so they all knew that my fiance had been romping around a hotel room nude with this new stud (i.e. our little secret wasn't so secret!).

I was shocked, but had decided to marry her and wasn't going to change my mind again.

We married in June of 1987. I've since gotten used to the idea of what happened, and actually enjoy the eroticism of the occasion of my blushing bride standing there in her white wedding dress and only 10 weeks after giving her virginity to a virtual stranger, and all of her girlfriends in attendance whispering and giggling.

Of course we still see the girlfriends and although none of them ever say anything about those events to me, KNOWING that they KNOW gives me a twinge of humiliation. I wonder how often they think about it, how often they think "she really fixed his little red wagon, didn't she?"

And the fellow who did the honors? I hear that from time to time he still asks mutual friends about her. No doubt he's ready to do it again should my wife ever get exasperated with me again. Thats OK as I think about it as my fiancee's little "One Woman Bachelorette Party" and he was the guest of honor. I was her groom, and he was her best man.

I know, its a silly story, but I guarantee you its absolutely true! The picture is of her now and not in '87



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