Cuckold Husband

cuckold husband

What is it about your wife fucking another man that is such a turn on? I would have to say that part of what a cuckold husband wants when urging his wife to fuck other men is kind of like having her be unfaithful. Many people feel that a cuckold husband is simply a man that is living out his homsexual tendencies through his wife. I strongly disagree... I really get turned on just thinking about my wife being with another man. But, it cannot be just any man. Some cuckold Husbands desires always include thier wives and a black male. But not just any black man. He has to be a big man, taller than the cuckold husband, and he most definitely has to have a bigger dick.

The fact is there are about as many different theories as there are willing cuckolds and Cuckold Husbands. The definition of a 'cuckhold' is rather vague and arbitrary. The origin of the word comes from the Cuckoo bird which leaves fertilized eggs in the nest of other birds. In this case, a female bird of another species is tricked into rearing the young of a female cuckoo bird and that cuckoo's choosen mate. Clearly, this doesn't happen in the human sense and therefore the name is a bit of a misnomer.


I would have to say that a cuckold husband is a man that not only permits his wife to engage in sexual relations with others, but also persuades this type of behavior in order to gratify sexual urges... Not urges from the wife that is urged to take on other sexual partners, but urges that are within the cuckold husband that he wants the wife to perform... Any cuckold husband that urges his wife to become sexually active with other men has to have a desire within himself that can only be fullfilled by watching or hearing about his wife being with someone else...

One reason that cuckold husbands are very common in our culture today; namely that no matter how hard a husband may try, certain women can not fully orgasmically release with the husband. The husband wishes to see her satisfied sexually and after time senses that she can be fullfilled, just not by him. The reason Black men fit so nicely into this picture is because they are seen by these husbands as having something they can not compete with and also as a sex object instead of a person. So it is like the husband is giving the wife a new toy that will satisfy her.


Another reason may just be control as one wife puts it, "In my case, my husband is entirely adequate sexually, but forces me to have sex with other men because he gets off on control. And he enjoys humiliating me. And I get turned on while being humiliated. My husband is usually not a passive observer, but almost always participates. Because of his job, he is around a lot of black male atheletes and he takes particular pleasure in using me as a reward for his stars.

Lots of cuckhold husbands are not wimps in real life but enjoy being dominated or humiliated once in a while by someone else, just to experience something different. It is no sign of weakness to admit to your submissive desires. Enjoy the cuckold lifestyle!



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