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Pegs newfound sexual side
The next morning.
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wife of 27 years.
When it Started
I was Deployed
My Vietnamese Wife Finally Caved In After Years
The Prelude (Part 3)

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Julie's start of an affair
Julie and I got married in February after she turned up pregnant. We were already engaged so it went right along with our plans, just a little sooner than we had expected. When we found out her condition we sort of broke things off with Dave; actually it was because I didn't have my own place anymore, we had moved in with Julie's parents and had never gotten around to letting Dave know what happen..
Poster: ward cleaver | Full Story»

1st cucked pt 1
One night about 20 yrs ago me, my buddy and my wife sat on the couch drinking, getting high and as it was hot and we had no AC we were in our boxers and my wife had on sexy panties and one of my T-shirts with no bra. My buddy has seen my wife nude before so this was not unusual. We were very buzzed and I was getting horny. I told my wife I wanted a blow job right there. She said that wouldn't be f..
Poster: Larry | Full Story»

Our favorite vacation
When I turned 40, my wife and I finally got a chance at a much-needed vacation. We had saved up and intended to make the most of the trip and enjoy it to the max. Once we got to the motel (Dallas, TX) my wife couldn't wait to get to the pool. She was happier and more energetic than I'd seen her in years, so I told her this was HER vacation and she could do whatever she wanted; right now she wan..
Poster: Zack | Full Story»

My Wife and her Student
We were in our late 20s and living in Washington State the first time my wife cuckolded me--that fist time was more of a high-risk cheating thing. I was out of state working and a storm had knocked out the electricity and phones on the side of town where my wife was staying in our apartment. We only knew one family in that town, so my wife got scared and went to them to see if she could stay the..
Poster: Stefan T | Full Story»

Buster and Sheila, pt 3
I really enjoyed our arrangement, with Sheila having a permanent husband AND an exciting lover. They really cared for each other, but I was still a bit uncomfortable with the way they were getting their thrill. I just knew that one day, they'd be discovered. Of course, you could always say it was our business, but I didn't want Sheila embarrassed in our hometown and Buster had family ties that ..
Poster: Texas Hubby | Full Story»

Buster and Sheila, pt 2
Remember the wash room I told you about, at Sheila's employer's house? A week after Sheila got out of the hospital, Buster waited for the old man to leave; he went "to town" every morning for a couple of hours to drink coffee and talk with his group of friends at a fast-food joint. Buster gave him five minutes head start, then pulled his van in the driveway. Sheila heard his light tapping at th..
Poster: Texas Hubby | Full Story»

Wife Finally Does it!
I had given up on seeing my wife with another man many years ago. We still used the fantasy during sex to turn each other on, but she just wouldn't do it for real, but she knows it's been a life-long desire of mine to share her. We were now in our fifties and happily married with seven grandchildren, but we still enjoy sex. One night changed our marriage.

My friend Gary is a litt..
Poster: Carl V | Full Story»

The Plumber Lays some Pipe!
My wife has quite a temper, and that temper can manifest itself in some outrageous ways. We had just bought some land by a river in the country; it is our "camp," a little retreat for family. We also bought a used single-wide trailer to use as the dwelling. We were out there having some work done; a plumber was hooking up drain lines and such under the house (which is about 3 feet off the groun..
Poster: Mr. Big Mouth | Full Story»

Wife Teaches me a Lesson
My story is not as unusual as some, and I don't have as much detail, because I didn't see best parts of it. When my wife and I were in our mid 20s, we lived in a little apartment and had a friend named "Tony" who came over from time to time. He was staying with us one weekend and we were watching TV with the lights off. My wife nudged me and looked toward the bedroom, so I took her hint and fol..
Poster: Bud Wiser | Full Story»

With a Little Help from my Friend
Erectile Disfunction hit me from time to time after I'd gained some weight and let my habits get sloppy. My wife, "Belinda" had gained some weight, too, and we just didn't feel sexy. It had now been a while since I was able to get hit hard enough for action, and I was sick of it. I figured it was time to buckle down and everything would come back, including my sex life. I'm on the road to reco..
Poster: Bill LD | Full Story»

I'm Telling You Before I Tell Jerry
My husband has enjoyed posting my adventures "anonymously" on here, and I read each one before he submits it to make sure he keeps it that way. He exaggerates a little, but not that much--yes, I did that stuff. I think it's a combination of growing up with ultra-strict parents and getting married at such a young age, but the older I get, my libido increases and sometimes I just kick off my inhib..
Poster: Lisa S | Full Story»

She cuckolded part 4
Finished my shfit no trace of Sam in the home try her mobile Swtuched off I sat for few hours around Mid night heard a car in the front open the door and here she was looked messed hair ,smudge lipstick her high heals was in her hands walking bare feet no trace for her stockings Jason was behind helping her up the few steps she turned and both engaged in french kiss Thanks you for a lovely da..
Poster: Paul | Full Story»

Buster and Sheila
My wife had a male friend who owned his own mobile business. He was ruggedly handsome, flirtatious, wore tight jeans that highlighted his bulge. I loved fantasizing out loud about them during sex. I told my wife that if she ever got the chance, go for it. Sheila assured me she had never had sex with him, but it sure looked like it. He would go to her place of work (she was a private sitter wh..
Poster: Texas Hubby | Full Story»

Part 03
Next morning having our morning coffee she said Sandra told me that you have arranged all what happened last night include making drunk yes or no at this point just say yes she just came over and slap my face and said to me okay you will do what I say from now on a new rule in this house hold you is my cuckold Jason and his wife will attend to my needs until I found my Bull now you f o to your jo..
Poster: Paul | Full Story»

Lisa at it again!
This last story took place just the other day. Lisa had been the very soul of innocence for quite a while, and didn't even want to talk about cuckolding. "I'm not planning any such thing, but if it happens, it just happens!" I just had a feeling she was ready to do something wild, then she topped her other adventures; at least I think so.

I had worked a night job (which I must do..
Poster: Jerry S | Full Story»

.commyexperience in turning stracit upbringing wife into a hot wife part 02
Sam was ready to phase two in turning her into a hot wife and that to go to private parties the first Dom Sub party was a great fun the big house was all lit nothing dark and masters and there subs everyone was firendly she had few to drink I was the driver the achievement that evening was that she went out without knickers had convened her to try shelooked sexy without them as her dress was a ..
Poster: Paul | Full Story»

My experience in Turing stracit upbringing wife into a hot wife 01
This not going to be one page this real happened in the duration of seven years to change her social strict upbringing into real hot wife the only thing that changed is our real names but the rest is real enjoy and to the ones are starting take notes before the story begins to all cucold husband the golden rule that applies to all wives that they can be turned into hit wives provided you understan..
Poster: Paul | Full Story»

Wife had another meeting
After a good two months, my petite wife hooked up with her bull again. A few days before Christmas they texted as usual. She had me take a few ass shots of her to send to her bull, which I did. He sent a few dick pics. That was the first time I saw his cock. About 8 inches but on the thin side.

They set up a meeting for the next day. As usual, I drove her to his complex. I gav..
Poster: joemecuck | Full Story»

Lisa Jumps the Track Again!
The next time she "jumped the track" was two years later. The house next door to us was rented by some "immigrant" laborers. Five or six of them lived in the small house, and one of the group stayed home, I guess keeping house and cooking. I left for work that morning and Lisa was still in bed. She got up late that day and was walking around the yard in the cool breeze with her housecoat and f..
Poster: Jerry S | Full Story»

Respect for Elders
This story is not so exciting as when we used my buddy to knock-up Linda, but I thought you might want to hear what Linda did not all that long ago.

An older gentleman in our neighborhood got the attention of my wife. She made little comments about how he was making repairs to his house, how he wore his hair, how she heard he was divorced and retired, etc. I paid little attention,..
Poster: Blank Shooter | Full Story»

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