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The First Time My Girlfriend had a Threesome
The following is an actual true experience we had a few years ago. I'm Jeff and my girlfriend is Sue. Sue was 22 to the time. She's 5'7" and 125 pounds, with a great perfect ass and fantastic legs. Her breasts were a B cup and firm. I was 31, 6'1" 180 pounds. We had been going out together for about three years at the time and we often met at a different bar after work. We had a very active sex li..
Poster: Jeff | Full Story»

About 'cruising the Baltic sequel'
The letter of 27 June, 'cruising the Baltic sequel' made me think. Was so interesting that the author sort of 'continued' his experiences---so why don't other previous authors not follow suit?
Would be wonderful if other cuckolds, who MAY have been contemplating cuckoldry, finally went ahead with it, SPECIALLY when the cuckoldry, like 'cruising the Baltic', involved a cuckold pregnancy! Mus..
Poster: let's have more | Full Story»

Caught out (Part 2)
Hi folks, here is the next installment of what happened after I found out that my girl friend had enjoyed sex with another man while she was on one of her weekly nights out.
If you remember, she had got home late and after spending some time in the bathroom she had slid naked into our bed and gone off to sleep. I had then gone to the bathroom and found her knicker on the floor and they had ..
Poster: Zach Clifford | Full Story»

Looking for Someone to Seduce My Wife
I have talked with my wife multiple times about making me a cuckold and every time we talk about it, she gets very wet but just will not say yes. She keeps saying that I am all that she wants but her wet pussy says otherwise.

I am looking for someone in the Winchester Virginia area who would be interested in getting to know her, flirt with her, tell her how pretty she is, and then..
Poster: Bubba Smith | Full Story»

I had been entertaining the idea of wife sharing for a while to help spice up my marriage. I'm obviously different than most men though. I didn't want to ever know who the man was and I never wanted to meet him. Furthermore, I didn't want him to know that I knew she was having an affair, and I didn't want her to do it in our hometown. I know it's different than most, but I personally have no d..
Poster: happy21 | Full Story»

Looking for someone to seduce my "unseducable" wife
I'm looking for someone to seduce my wife and get her into bed. This is not a three-way thing. I just want nsomebody to contact her, see if you generate some interest from her and then see if you can get her into bed..
Of course, I'd want to be kept in the loop before, during and after. But she knows nothing about this and I want to keep it that way.
My wife is 56 and our sex life h..
Poster: Dave Miller | Full Story»

Well he asked for it
After 6 years of marriage my husband has become fixated with the image of me with another man while he watches.
I was at first shocked that he could think so little of me that he would suggest such a thing then I became outraged at his continued urgeings.
He insisted that he loved me and said that most men have these fantasys but I was positive that he myst be sick to suggest shch ..
Poster: Amand (Amy) | Full Story»

Reply to the Story " How Did Your Cuckolding Start?"
It was my fiance cheating on me. We had been living together for several years and our sex life had dropped right off. I wasn't bothered because I was busy with work at the time to support us both and I hadn't considered cheating until a neighbour told me she saw another guy coming over to our house. I'm not confrontational so I set up a cam in our bedroom to get proof rather than talk to her, and..
Poster: S.D. | Full Story»

How Did Your Cuckolding Start?
Anyone have a particular event or moment in their lives which sparked their cuckolding fetish ? For me it was back when I was 22 or so, I'd been seeing a girl who'd been with quite a few guys while at the time I was still fairly inexperienced . We weren't officially going out but hooked up regularly on nights out, and went on a few dates too. I was infatuated with her as she was the hottest girl I..
Poster: HayDee | Full Story»

Apartment living
I had recently started dating a woman who lives in an apartment complex. She is single with one child, who is 8 years old.

We are both white, ages 51 and 49. She uses different resources in the apartment complex to watch her boy from time to time.

One of those resources is a single black father who is probably a little over 35. She once said that he has come on t..
Poster: El Senor Slayer | Full Story»

Husband Likes to Share Me
My husband likes to share me with his friends. I have grown to enjoy it also.
Recently he was telling me about one of his buddies that had a really large dick. His name was Dennis, and Carl asked if i was interested.
I told him that i did not think so. Dennis is not very attractive, and i had never really considered doing anything with him. Not my type so to speak.
One morning..
Poster: Carl Douglas | Full Story»

Caught Out GF - Cheated?
Me and my girlfriend, Lynda, have been living together for just over three years. We live a good life. Nice home, good income and a fantastic sex life. We do almost everything together, but we decided early on that we would each have one night a week out with our respective friends; and this account revolves around one of Lynda's nights out.
I had been in bed for some time when I heard Lynd..
Poster: Zach Clifford | Full Story»

Wife Staying Over at His Place
My Wife's [33] colleague [28] was meant to be at a family birthday tonight and she didn't think she'd be seeing him outside of work until Friday, but he left the event early and asked to come and see her.

He told her not to tell me, but she's very honest and let me know straight away. I doubt I'll be getting updates through the night, but hopefully I'll have a sex filled update tomo..
Poster: OpenHubby | Full Story»

Surprise Black Men for My Wife
I called my wife from work and told her I was woirking overtime when in fact I was going to have a few drinks with the boys. She said ok. I told her be showered and when I get home we'll have a wild sex session. At the bar after a few drinks the guys were talking about sex of course and swapping stories. At one point they asked me if my wife ever cheated on me or talked of such stuff. I told them ..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

Cuckold Relationship Getting Nearer to Reality
I used to post in forums that are long gone now about my GF (23) warming to the idea of fucking her muscular footballer-build friend (27).

Quick recap of those: She let him stay the night after a few drinks and he ended up getting naked and pinning her petite body to the mattress; then, when her satin nighty slipped, he sucked on her nipple. Fortunately, she stopped everything at an..
Poster: Kirwin | Full Story»

My Husband got Upset
A few months ago my partner introduced brought up to concept of trying some cuckold play. I wasn't too keen on it at first, but after a while I cam around to the idea. So we found a bull online and set up a meet to come around with nothing set in stone, just to take it slow and see how things go.

However it became apparent that my husband was indeed not enjoying himself so we mutual..
Poster: L.A. Girl | Full Story»

cruising the Baltic (sequel)
I refer to my letter of 20 November 2010, "Cruising the Baltic", which resulted in my wife meeting a blond Swede in Stockholm, & for Lars to then impregnate her in London, where he lived, & still lives!
Well, as I mentioned then, I was baby sitting 'our' son Stephen whilst my missus Anne was with her blond stud friend, sweetly making a brother or sister for Stephen!
Well, I'd meant t..
Poster: Baltic cuckold | Full Story»

My Wife in Charge
My wife and I have been together 5 yrs. She has a more dominant side to her and gets off on being in charge sexually. I love it, but I'm not at all submissive.

We've tried role playing a bit but only works so well. So now she's been fantasizing about bringing a more submissive man into the equation. I actually rather like the thought of her sucking and fucking a younger, more submis..
Poster: DC5 | Full Story»

My Wife Watched and was Interested and got Hers
My wife had never used a dildo but I bought her her first one and she didn't argue. Of course we weren't feeling any pain either. I had a porn movie on that was a lot of black on white women. She asked if this sort of thing was a fantasy of mine. I said " women like a big cock". She wouldn't take her eyes off the movie. I stopped the playful motions of the dildo on her clit and told her to hold it..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

I was made to do Things
When I was being cucked by my ex her bull asked for some naughty pics one night when we were hanging out. When we dated, the closest I got to naughty pics was her in a bra. She turned bright red when she got the text. I could tell where this was going. She thought it would be fun to have me take the pics on her phone. She knew it would get me worked up and drive me crazy knowing those pics were go..
Poster: personal-prn | Full Story»

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