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my girl and my boss
I'm 32 and black. Most people think the myth is true but I'm here to dispell it.. I have a white gf and she kept telling me how bad she wanted to bang a black guy. When she was finally ready to fuck she took my pants down and couldn't stop laughing. I think she told her friends because they always call me l.d. (which I think stands for little dick). I also think she's cheating because I took h..
Poster: little prick | Full Story»

wife went out on a date tonight
my wife went out on a date tonight, first time ever done anything like this, its so horny, we shaved her pussy and i dressed her in underwear he requested, she's not going to fuck him tonight but we agreed she could suck his dick. Im so horny now im going to fuck her brains out when she gets back. ill keep you posted
Poster: JACK | Full Story»

Dallas, TX - Want a sugar dad for your hot wife?
Dallas, TX - Want a sugar dad for your hot wife?

Would you like a sugar dad for your hot wife to take her out on dates, entertain and spoil her?

Please send a picture of her tell me what she likes, her favorite restaurants, favorite drinks, favorite wines, favorite stores and her favorite places?

Email: watch1 @ gmail . com
Please remove the spac..
Poster: watch121 | Full Story»

Sharing pictures of my naked wife
For a little while now I have realised how much I want to see my wife with another guy. I have told her this, and whilst she seems ok with it - we never seem to get anything to happen.

As such I am limited to sending other guys pictures of my wife naked, getting more explicit each time, until they have a full close up of her wide open pussy.

Its kind of frustrating in..
Poster: wannabe cuck | Full Story»


It was late June and a hot summer evening in Erie, Pa.. My wife Eileen and I decided to go for a ride through the city on our motorcycle to cool off. While riding through town I pulled over at a bar to have a beer. It was a rough part of town and I use to stop at this bar a few years ago on my way home from work. When we walked through the door, I noticed th..
Poster: John & Eileen | Full Story»

another surprise
We met Paul through AFF, he was a travelling man working in our town for a few months, after a few E-mails, we initially met for a drink one afternoon in our local pub, all went well and when we got home my wife and i talked about paul and would we like to invite him to our house for a meet and see how things turned out. Due to work it was two weeks before Paul came for a visit.My wife was wearing..
Poster: voyuer | Full Story»

First Time
I love my boyfriend very much,but,he did tell me his sex fantasy was to have a slut girlfriend.He told me he had had an Ex that did that for him.I didn't really believe it and I used to "talk" about doing it just to get him off,but,we did split up at one point and thats when it happened.I had not had much experince,3 lovers in total so I am probably the last girl in the world to get into this.
Poster: ornella walsh | Full Story»

H@rd Rock Hotel Room.
This happened about 2 ½ years ago, no fabrication. My wife Christine was just 30 years old. She has a curvy body, 36DD breasts, brown hair, deep blue eyes and a big beautiful round ass. She is a beautiful woman and the true definition of a MILF.
We were on our annual party trip to Las Vegas with a large group of friends. Our son stayed home with the grandparents, so this was our time to ge..
Poster: Chris | Full Story»

What did I start ?
Well, I don't know what really happened. We've been married for 30 years and have fantasized once and a while my wife fucking another man.It seemed to exhite her, but nothing ever came of it.We have also played around with the fact that I would do anything to fuck her.She would then play around and say I couldn't have any more unless I licked her until she came or begged for it.
Then about..
Poster: Bob Lynn | Full Story»

Sexy Wife
Suzanne and I have been married for nine years and we have sex every day. - that is when she is home with me...Let me tell you about her. She is short - five feet three inches tall and weighs about 110 lbs. She is 34D-20-35. She has a beautiful face and nice legs. -
Suzanne is obsessed with mens cocks.. All she thinks about is having mens cocks in her.. She told me about a lot of sexua..
Poster: Fred | Full Story»

Rhondas first threesome
This is a true story.We had always talked while having sex about bringing someone else in our bed.She would get hottest when we talked about another guy.Iloved how wet she got and how hard she would cum.A college friend Rick came down to stay with us.I told her he was coming down for a threesome.She said I dont know if I can do that.She couldnt tell if I was serious or not.We teased and I told her..
Poster: David | Full Story»

Sir Fafa
Hi im back, Tash got fucked so hard last nite by my best friend, i havent seen my wife cumming like she came last nite. Sir Fafa cock really streched her cunt open and he made her cum like a real slut. When he came for the firs time inside her i could c the total satisfaction of my wife. Her pussy was dripping with he's cum. I was only allowed to watch and wank my stub, her bull did not want me cl..
Poster: willem tash | Full Story»

After ten years of marriage
My wife Jenni and I had been married for ten years and we had become stuck in a rut. We didn't go out much since we had three kids and couldn't often afford a babysitter or the cost of going out. We saved up for our tenth anniversary so we could go out for a nice dinner without the kids. After dinner I surprised her by driving to a dance club. She was really surprised because she knew that I didn'..
Poster: Brian | Full Story»

My fantacy come true
Sometimes I would have this fantacy about my asian wife having sex with a black cock, My wife and I have been married for twenty years and to add a little spice to our sex life I decided to make my fantacy come true. We are in our 40s and my wife is a beautiful filipina and I am a white man with a 7 inch penis which is above normal, but this all started when she said one time that she wants it dee..
Poster: Paul | Full Story»

Virginian HOTWIFE, Y'all cum again!
My wife likes to humiliate me in public. My wife had a shirt made up for me that says, I love my HOTWIFE, and her hot cleam-pies. She has been fucking her black co-workers. There are eight of them. Every night she would feed me cum from her pussy. She would tell me stories of who she fucked and sucked. One day they decided to see how far I would let them humiliate me. My wife dressed like a slut. ..
Poster: angelscuck | Full Story»

getting cuckold for the first time
I had been interesting in getting my wife Karen into bed with another guy, but she didn't seem interested when I first proposed it. But the more I suggested it, the more intrigued she became and eventually she was ready to try it. I wanted my buddy Larry to be the first to cuckold me. He was single, 27, a real womanizer who loved sex and was at the time having affairs with three other women, all s..
Poster: Jason Monroe | Full Story»

The kitchen
I went on at my husband for ages about our kitchen being re-done. Being 34 and he 49 I knew how to be persuasive. Finally he agreed.
So two weeks later, after Graham had left to work, away in Leeds for three days, two guys kocked at my door. "Kitchen need doing?"
I showed them in. Two, well, one rather middle aged man,about 45, called Ray and his assistant,21, and not afraid of the ..
Poster: Helen | Full Story»

Sir John
I wanted to wank off cos my small dick was so hard of seeing my wifes pussy being filled by a realman, i asked permission and was told to stand and wank with my back to my Queen and Sir John. I was told to tell them when i was about to cum. I wanked my small dick with two fingers and it was about a minute when i wanted to cum i told them and the next moment i felt a kick on my overfilled balls T..
Poster: Willem & Tash | Full Story»

Sir John
So i found my sexy wife a Bull i have to call him Sir John. He came to visit us last weekend. As it was my first experience he said that i must take notes on how to fuck my wife, it was so hot he really fucked her so hard streching her pussy and i got to wear her cum filled panties. My first creampie was delisious and when i cleaned My Queen i could taste that a realman had been inside her, they r..
Poster: Willem & Tash | Full Story»

Our first Bull
I finally got my sexy wife to make me a sissy boy and i love every moment of it. Tasha was hesitant at first but have now excepted her new role as my Queen and is enjoying it just as much if not more than i am. She set up a sissy boy contract for me, which i carry with me at all times and i read it everymorning to keep myself focussed on satisfying my wifes needs. So as a cuckhubby i found her a B..
Poster: Willem & Tash | Full Story»

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