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Like father like son
I had read once that cuckold tendencies are genetic, & inherited. In my case I agree. I am Indian, & fortunately my experience was not traumatic, unlike another Indian 'son' I'd read about, whose father had been cuckolded by his mother. This was a very poor family, where the father was unemployed & always high on methylated spirits & bleach. There would be rough lorry drivers visiting the house, & would fuck the wife in front of not only her useless husband, but also in front of the son, whose duty it was to "clean out" his mother's vagina with his tongue & mouth, in preparation for her next lover. This cleaning job was shared by father & son alike. All very sad, but needless to say, this son now, an adult is a "TOTAL cuckold", in his own words, preferring rough men to service his wife, & for him to then "clean them out", like he did for his mother.
Fortunately my story was less severe,& only maybe slightly traumatic. We were a middle class family in Bombay, living reasonably well. I recall there was a white guy, a much younger blond guy living in Bombay--- a "family friend & business associate" was what he was called! Tall, handsome & well built--- AND white! I had no cause to suspect anything, except one day, when dad dropped me off to play in a Cricket match, & drove off to his place of work. The match was cancelled as the Umpires didn't turn up, so I made my way home by bus. When I got home, I was surprised to see "Uncle Stuart's" (that's what I called him), car in the drive. I was surprised, as dad was at work, so why would this English guy, a business colleague of my father's, need to be there? I peeped thro' the lounge window, & was STUNNED at what I saw. Mum was dressed as usual in her sari, but Uncle Stuart was stood there, also fully dressed, but with his cock really hard proudly sticking out of his trousers. Now this was the first time I'd seen an erect adult cock, & was amazed at the incredible size. But what really hit me was that my mother was on her knees, in a sari, slowly & lovingly sucking on it. I'd heard of cocksucking, & how men LOVED having their cocks sucked, & even that women LOVED sucking cocks, as it gave their lovers SO much pleasure. But here was my Indian mother knelt before a big blond bloke, looking as if she was LOVING, just LOVING doing it. Then uncle Stuart asked (& I remember all this SO vividly), "Is it bigger than your husband's?" To which my mother laughed & said, "You KNOW it's so much bigger, but white men have such BIG cocks compared to Indian men!" She laughed, almost mockingly! This was a treble whammy for me. Not only did I then realise that my dad's cock was small, but that ALL Indain mens' cocks were also small (now almost officially confirmed via these pages), but also it suggested that my mother had sucked other cocks too, knowing so much about cock sizes. I wondered HOW many other white men she'd sucked off. I was naturally upset, but I had to admit, my cock swelled in my trousers, as I slowly wanked it watching my mother's dark & lovely head moving about on that very white cock-- & the color contrast was, even I had to admit, "easy on the eyes". In a sense I was disappointed when after a few minutes, she got off her knees, & I saw this white guy take my mother into his arms, & watched the 2 of them go off into a nice long slow french kiss! I saw tongues being sucked in this hot open mouthed snog! At this stage, I shot my load, all over the wall! They then , laughing, went off, arm in arm into the bedroom, also downstairs at the back--- I could'nt now see them, but I was "all ears". A few minutes later, I KNEW that they were now in fuck mode. The cries of pleasure from my mother as this blond guy was giving her orgasm after orgasm on that monster cock. I remember SO well her yelling out, "Fuck me, you blond bastard, fuck me--- I love it, I love it---" she was like a bitch on heat, yelling out in pure lust. Sadly, once more I got an erection, & hearing my mother's multiple orgasm, I once again shot my load! I then quietly left, as if I'd not been there.
After that I began to put "2 & 2 together". I realsied then that once a week, in the evening, my parents would visit uncle Stuart! I began wondering WHY, if he was a "business colleague" of my dad, my mother had to go along as well--- & why in the evenings? And why she had on heavy lipstick, matching painted nails, plenty of eye make up, hair all done up---even if I say so myself, like a slut1 And BOTH of them ALWAYS in a happy mood. Also I knew that my mother had a pair of incredibly high heeled shoes she NEVER wore, but were sort of hidden away. When my parents visited uncle Stuart, these shoes were taken by her in a bag! It was obvious that my dad was a cuckold, & that he got off watching his wife, my mother, being made love to by her white lover, she in her high heels! Knowing this, it was a case of "like father, like son", as I was sure that my dad was watching his wife being taken, & masturbating. So I TOO would masturbate at home, picturing the scene! I remember when they returned, my mother was so happy & contended, having been so properly fucked by her white stud! Dad too looked pleased, which plkeased me! In a way I was glad that he knew, & that he was cuckold, & my mother was NOT performing behind his back. Later I would often take her high heels into the loo, & hold them & masturbate, knowing that my mother had worn those whilst being serviced by her white lover! I knew then, even at that early age that I was cuckold-material, & that I TOO would need to get a white stud to fulfill my future wife! At times I wanted to tell my mother that I'd actually seen her sucking white cock, seen her have a good snog with her white lover, but had only HEARD her being fucked--- so could I now WATCH them doing it, as she obviously LOVED that fuck they'd enjoyed! I thought that cuckoldry was the norm, specially for Indian wives & their white lovers! ALL my wanks were based on my Indian father's cuckoldry at the hands of this English gentleman!
This was a long time back, & now I am married & a cuckold. Living in England offers a multitude of choice for white lovers--- & my lovely wife Neha is a willing partner, as I had confided in her about the "genetic issue", telling her all what had happened. She is only too happy to cuckold me. We always role play that first peeping incident, with me hidden outside, & my wife in sari, before Jason, also a blond stud, the EXACT words being used by them both--- & they then retiring into the bedroom, with me "able to hear, but no see" their really hot fucking, her coming on his cock, the way my mother did on uncle Stuart's cock so many years ago! The 2 of them are also into ALL manners of perversions, watched by me--but as this letter is long anyway, I won't detail it now--- maybe later.
I know it must be "mother's intuition", but I reckon she KNOWS that I TOO, like my dad was, a cuckold! When my wife & her are together, there is a subtle inference to that behaviour--statements made by BOTH, mother & wife like, "White men KNOW how to treat a lady!", & my mum telling my wife, "You are so lucky living in England--- so many handsome men there!" & the like. In fact Neha actually wants to tell my mother that her son is a cuckold, & accepts watching the white stud pleasuring her! I hope she DOES, so that I can then finally tell my mother as to what I saw that day when the Cricket match was cancelled!
Yes, I'm sure cuckoldry is an inherited trait--- in the genes--- "Like father, like son"!
Do any of your other readers agree, & have they had similiar experiences?
LOVE these pages!


cuckold wife

Poster: Genetic cuckoldry?